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At around four o'clock on several afternoons this week I've gone racing home from wherever I am to grab my camera and then careen back out to the east side of Mt. Tabor to try to catch the alpenglow on Mt. Hood. It's short-lived but so worth the race (I only have a 50% success rate in catching it so far). I've already got the sled, the toddler snowpants, the toddler snow mittens, the toddler snowcoat, all ready for when we actually go up there. Up there, to where the snow lives.

This week has been cold and blustery, nevertheless. To warm up, I made chicken curry and these things we always made when I was a kid, from one of my mom's Pillsbury cookbooks — we called them apple babies:

Apple Babies

Take a can of refrigerated crescent-roll dough and cut the triangles lengthwise so you have sixteen long, skinny triangles. Peel and core two apples and cut them into eight slices each. Starting at the fat end of the triangle, wrap each apple slice in dough. Put them in an 8" x 8" baking pan. Drizzle about 1/4 cup melted butter all over the tops of the babies. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar (don't skimp). Add about 1/4 cup apple cider or orange juice or whatever you have to the pan, pouring it around but not on the apples. Bake in a 350-degree (F) oven until nicely browned. Serve plain or with a bit of cream. Try not to inhale all sixteen before other residents get home.

My curry was based on this recipe, though I used the shredded meat from a roasted chicken (I've been roasting or buying one every week, then making stock), didn't add the tomatoes or tomato paste (I'm not super keen on tomatoes), and did add a diced sweet potato, a diced Yukon gold potato, a bag of peas, and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar. Oh, and I used Dean & Deluca yellow curry powder (my favorite). If left to my own devices, I would probably eat some form of chicken and rice every single day. I should have a board for that. I'm still working my way through your suggestions for soups. There are so many amazing-looking ones; the comments on that post are like their own cookbook, I'm so excited. I made this potato-leek soup (photo above) and it was delicious (thank you, commenter Amelia!). You can't imagine how much this inspiration is helping me get back into the kitchen! Thank you all!

Today it's errands and a few chores, and haircuts, and getting a new binder, and getting some magnets, and taking the hose inside for the winter. Yesterday I bought candles and fake autumn flowers for the table (toddler-proof). I got placemats (toddler-proof), and made an appointment to have the windows measured for wooden blinds. A little bit of everything, and not too much at all, just the way I like these days. Slow and cold outside, warm and wooly in.

Have a good weekend, dear friends!

***Yep, that's the water room in the toddler area at (and the view from) our science museum, OMSI; Mimi's crocheted dress pattern is here; and she's showing you her thrifted prairie-girl dress, which I absolutely love and wish I had a pattern for (it's clearly homemade).


Your sweet toddling girl could not be any cuter! Goodness, she's darling. xo

*sigh* all the pictures are perfect, and that coat is just too cute for words....but the picture that tugs my heart, that brings back a rush of memories of my own little muffs, is the paper plate turkey. *sigh* again.
of course i still have their turkeys, faded, ripped, looking forlorn, but there is always something about those turkeys that means thanksgiving to me in a special way. i think it's probably that way for you thanks for little muffs that made little paper plate turkeys all those years ago.

Everything looks yummy, especially those apple babies!

Oh I loved these photos. :)
I lived in the NE area of Portland as a little girl and have mostly memories of run-down homes, scary neighborhoods and hard times. I visited there recently and was so surprised to find out that area is very trendy-hipster now. I am still in shock...but good shock.
A friend of mine that met us in Portland for the day wanted to go to Powells from NE Alberta and I said ""as long as we don't have to go over the two-flad bridge." Silly me! I almost got stuck on the on ramp to it before I noticed. I would have hyperventilated. I adore the shorter bridge that leads to downtown as an alternative. I think that was the one in your photo. :)

I say all of that to say I really enjoy your photos of Portland. It turns a city that held some not so pleasant memories into a beautiful place!
PS. Mimi is absolutely adorable in her jacket and scarf.

Un instant, j'ai cru que votre petite était à la Cité des sciences et de l'industrie à la Villette! Quelle belle harmonie de couleurs!

Apple babies sound amazing - though in my house I suspect they'd never make it past the kitchen door! If you're into chicken and rice have you tried the peanut chicken stew that Soulemama linked to a couple of weeks ago? I thought it was amazing but the rest of my family weren't so keen!

I was very struck by the gorgeous, perfect prairie dress on Amelia too. Marvelous! I thought for a second that it could have been yours as a child that now you've passed on to your own. I wish I could make one for myself- well, now I have some inspiration. Best wishes for you to continue with your coziness and curries and just-right-busyness.

I always think you are so lucky to have mountains nearby. I love the idea of being able to go "where the snow is" without having the day-to-day inconvenience of it! Amelia looks adorable, as ever. Man, that girl has a killer wardrobe. I need to make Apple Babies but first I need to find out what apple cider is. I'm pretty sure it is not like our English cider (which is alcoholic) as I keep seeing it referenced around the interwebs as a good Advent activity to do with kids! Have a wonderful weekend yourself. I have a weekend filled with teen birthday party and decorating, nuff said...wish me luck.

I'm late to the party but did anyone suggest making "Gypsy Soup?" It features sweet potatoes and chick peas and is one of our favorites. I got the recipe from Jane Brody's Good Food Book, but I think it originated from the Moosewood Restaurant. The restaurant owner also wrote cookbooks and had a tv show, but her name escapes me. Google the recipe if you're interested. It's cinnamon, paprika-y good. Make it with the green peppers-it's the best!

I love the water room pictures at the Science Museum. We used to take our girls to Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC every year and would stay and stay and stay in that room....they loved it. Thanks for sharing and reviving such a wonderful memory.

As always, love your pics, your little one, and your yummy recipes. Thanks for sharing the coziness! Gonna make some of those apple babies with my grandsons today. Love the fall! Happy Thanksgiving!

Alicia, I love your photos-all of them, but especially your daughter. I love how you dress her, reminds me of when my girls were little. I made all of their clothes with little dolls to match-it was so much fun. You are creating an "old soul" in little Mimi and it is precious.
also I made the chicken and rice soup the other day and it was delicious. I love this time of year, lots of soups and breads and early mornings knitting.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Good morning!

Here's another sweet roll recipe from growing up in the 1970's that my mom & gram made using those crescent rolls and that I think you & your beloveds may enjoy every once in a while as an alternative to "real" homemade cinnamon rolls:

Unroll all crescent roll dough, separated into triangles. Spread butter on each. Sprinkle generously with cinnamon. Place a big marshmallow on each dough triangle and wrap up the 'mallow 'til it isn't visible. Place rolls in muffin tin. Follow baking instructions on tube. Let cool for a few minutes before consuming! Can also make icing if one prefers, but it's certainly not necessary. Hope you enjoy!

And I hope you & yours have a beautiful Thanksgiving week. You have so much to treasure, and I know you realize all your blessings.

Oh my . . . the coat . . . the leggings . . . the scarf . . . oh my . . .
and then . . . the little sweet one and her smile, bare feet, playing, catching the water . . .
And Then . . .
The Mountains . . .
Oh my . . .
Simply Beautifully Wonderful . . .
Made My Day!

Oh OMSI, the best science place ever.

Just thank you. Everything is amazing and welcoming, warm and delightful. Good job on the Mt. Hood photo -- exquisite. Amelia looks like quite the scientist already! :o)

Beautiful photos as always! I LOVE Amelia's little outfit/coat. She looks like a little grown-up! I know you mentioned that you don't love tomatoes so you may not like this soup, but it is so delicious!

Mt. Hood looks beautiful, and so does the lovely view of Portland! I can't wait to visit your gorgeous city someday! Your home looks so warm and cozy, as does little Amelia.

Must make apple babies. Thanks be to Pillsbury for that idea. Thanks for your wonderful photos, too. I am so aware of the light in them, and of the light in your life with little Amelia, what a wonderful parallel.

Beautiful sunset photo's!
Tasty recipes!
Sweet & adorable fashion!
ahh, it's all so, so very good!

I'm so in love with this time of year - comfy cozy, warm & toasty! OX

MY heart always feel exactly what so many others post..Love,love your writings..Amelia all bundled up in her coat and scarf make me think of that line from a song.. "rosy red cheeks of the little children." Can't you just hear Roger singing it?

Those Apple Babies are calling my name! I also love the little coat your sweet little girl is wearing. Adorable.

I love the outfits in this post!!!! That is the teeniest, stylish lil coat I have seen. Dreamy life :)

Joy the Baker has a Roasted Cauliflower with Cumin Soup recipe that got rave reviews...

You take the BEST pictures that can help me with my mood about the upcoming holidays... I always stress and do not like the chaos with all the relatives but you manage to help me with your photos and blog. Thank you!

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