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As the leaves turn and drop, and the winds blow and blow, and the rain falls, and the clouds cover, and the frost comes, and the heat turns on, and the fake fireplace glows, and the apple cake bakes, and the chicken with wild rice soup simmers, and the mountain gets whiter, and the nights get longer, and the golden mornings become more and more rare, I try to keep my baby warm. Sweet baby girl. All warm. Sweet and soft and warm. Dear girl.


So sweet, every bit. :)

snuggly goodness :)

How lovely! Nothing like a good apple cake, hot tea and hot soup! and cozy quilts!! Glad for all the blessings you have!

As we head into another oppressive summer here, I envy you. I am in the process of putting away all my quilts, and planning for salads instead of rich, hearty food. Only six more months until winter!

Ooo, yes, loving the cold!
The chicken and rice soup looks dreamy!

That soup sounds (and looks!) delicious! What an adorable quilt too - I admire your sewing talent so much. I'm determined to learn how to make a quilt myself some day!

what wonderful quilts and awesome memories you are creating for that sweet girl! :)

*happy sigh* Such sweet images of warmth, your sweet baby girl, quilts, cozy days and soup. I miss Oregon so very much and am especially thankful for the glimpse into your days with your sweet lovely.

I love your cozy home. So much love is invested in every corner. I'm finally getting my sewing area set up after another move and am going to be quilting, sewing and making soup through the winter. Happiness from Missoula.

Beyond precious. There is nothing better than a toasty warm sweet pea to snuggle with on a chilly Fall day. Miss those days. : )

As usual your words and pictures are so beautifully right, any comment is almost superfluous! Always a delight.

Love it - the picture with the mermaid. After all his hours of work that one picture should make his heart sing.

Trying to keep warm (and dry) here too. Lovely photos Alicia, you always do autumn and winter so beautifully. CJ xx

You are doing a good job of keeping Mimi warm and cozy, well-fed and loved.. you are one of the best moms ever. We're cozy by the fire here in Corbett as the wind howls in our little forest and the snow is still there in all the shadows. Heading to Multnomah Falls Lodge for the Annual Meeting of the Friends of MF in a few hours. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

all so good. who wouldn't be cozy with a stuffed friend and a quilt?

Oh your pictures all look so snuggly and warm, and that quilt is just beautiful - such very restful colours to curl up under :)

This post is aglow in warmth~
Lovely, through and through.

Beautiful pictures, beautiful words. Although winter is the coldest time of year, the warmth from heaters and stoves and fires makes it totally worth it.

Love this cozy, warm post! There is nothing sweeter than a baby all bundled up in the cold! And you are doing a wonderful job keeping little Mimi warm and snuggly.

My favourite time of's getting summery at our end. And tucking the bunnies in...awww :)

You are the sweetest mama. This actually made me tear up a little. My middle baby is snuggled under blankets right now, sick with a cold. Poor honey bunny.

What wonderful little books "Baby Warm" will have to look at one day with the beautiful posts you do with her in mind. Such a wonderful momma you are . . .

Michaelanne says: November 17, 2014 at 05:21 PM

I love you. That's all!!!! :)

The colors and quilts and coziness... its all so lovely. I think there is a collective sigh here on this virtual page every time you post :)

I have never commented before but check in on your blog once in a while. I am probably old enough to be your granny but want to tell you that reading about your life and family reminds me of when I raised my own way back in the 1960's.I find it reassuring to see stable loving parents making a child's life so special. The world seems mad sometimes and it is good to know that there are still people who value the wholesome and simple things in life. Your little girl is blessed!

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