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My dear Meems in her lopapeysa. Special guest appearance by the incomparable Mt. Hood.

I forgot to say thank you most sincerely to all of our veterans and military servicepeople and your families for your tremendous sacrifices to protect and defend our cherished freedoms. Your efforts and trials do not go unnoticed. We are so grateful for you. Thank you.


Susie Sears Taylor says: November 11, 2014 at 12:16 PM

Perfect day! Your pictures are beautiful but, like my photos, the photographer is never photographed. :(

What a beautiful girl in a beautiful sweater---she is getting big enough to mug for the camera---so dear.

Beautiful pictures and Amelia's sweater is absolutely gorgeous! Perfect colors for her -- she is picture perfect! I think if I had knitted a sweater like that I'd want to frame it and never want it to get dirty! I'm glad you're not like that -- Amelia wears her clothes in any element -- you are both such excellent parents!

I love your pictures of Mt. Hood, they are always so beautiful. Also, the color coordination in these photos is fantastic. I love how you see certain colors in seasons that you wouldn't typically equate with the season. In this series, it's the pink. I wouldn't normally look for pink in Nature in Autumn, and yet I subtly see it in a lot of these pictures punctuated by Amelia's sweet sweater.

you. are. a. wonderful. mother.

'nuf said


Does anyone else hear "The Happy Wanderer," playing?
"I love to wander by the stream
That dances in the sun,
So joyously it calls to me,
"Come! Join my happy song!"


Out in her world she's a like a melody, a poem, a song ready to be sung!

Oh, that child! That blessed and bless'd precious girl.

Oh... I kept picturing her a Heidi... As always, thank you for sharing this treasure of a child and her very special parents.

What lovely photos. Her jumper is gorgeous. I would love to be able to knit something like this for my niece but she has a built in furnace and it's all you can do to get her to put anything long sleeved on let alone something warm and wooly.

On a slightly more somber note the girls in the Rainbows group which I help run, aged 5 to 7 took part in a Remembrance Sunday procession on Sunday afternoon along with all the other youth groups in the town where I live. They did us proud. They are never too young to start learning about the many sacrifices our service men and women and their families have and continue to make.

Such stunning beauty. It reminds me of the countryside here in New Zealand.

Thanks for sharing your outing! Great job on the sweater. She looks adorable.

"Amen," to you message to our service men and women and vets.

Enjoyed all your beautiful photos!....Good, good medicine visiting your pretty blog!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger, I have been trying to remember the words to that song for many years! Thank you so much! (I know I could have gone to Google for all things, but I was never near the computer when the urge hit me!)

Mt Hood is stunning, absolutely stunning. And I especially love the photo of the holding hands. So sweet. And the jumper is brilliant. CJ xx

That sweater is AMAZING!!! I just wish she could wear it forever. Hope you're carefully storing all of these beautiful garments for future grandchildren!!

Positively adorable!!

Beautiful! And the scenery is nice, too :)

Is she cute peeking or what?
I wish I could look that cute dressed in horizontal leggings and an Icelandic woolley!

Your photos are so lovely - it really makes me day to log on and have a look at your blog. Thanks!

You somehow manage to capture your girl in the best poses. I love the photo where it looks like she's marching alone with with her finger pointed straight out in front of her. Enjoy every moment of this beautiful journey.

Your beautiful photos remind me of the first time I saw Mt.Hood. I was on a university class field trip headed to Portland & Washougal from Northern Idaho and there she was in the distance...a fairy tale mountain...perfectly pointed and snow-capped. As a prairie girl I was quite enchanted and still am.

I now live within view of Mt Rainier (when she chooses to be seen) and it is my volcano of choice, but Mt. Hood remains that perfect fairy tale mountain in my mind. Thank you, Alicia.

Oh, Alicia the sweater is beautiful as is the little one who wears it.
You did a fantastic job - it fits perfectly!

As always your photos are so inviting.
Keep warm Paulson's, it's going to be a cold one this week.

now for sure there is nothing cuter on earth. gorgeous sweater on your precious darling girl. LOVE the photo shoot.

love your message for veterans too, bless your heart.

Looks like someone found her shadow?

Every single solitary picture of your adorable is pure delight to me . . .

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