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This season, it goes too fast. I want to draw out every day and wrap these moments around me like a spiral of sparkling lights. Christmas in Dairyville, walks to our neighborhood bakery, and having latkes with our neighbor, Amelia's official bubbe. I want to stay and chat but I need to rush off to a toddler holiday pageant. Have a wonderful weekend, be well, and enjoy all of it. Every little thing. Xoxo

***A few answers to recent questions: Our star lights in the window in the previous post are from Ikea; the chocolate-ginger-molasses cookie recipe I used is here (I thought they needed more sugar); the sugar cookie recipe is here (it's a great recipe); I got all of the sprinkles from Whole Foods. Mimi's nightgown pattern is vintage, McCall's 3798 from 1973. My dishes are all various patterns of Denby; the cups and saucers in the previous post are the Sherwood pattern. The snowflake mobile is many years old, from Pottery Barn Kids. Yes, Mimi's sweater is the recently completed Bloomsbury Kids. And no, she's not getting that pony for Christmas :( [cue crying from Mommy — wah!].


It's always so nice to see you peeking out from somewhere, Alicia! Beautiful pictures and words. You enjoy the weekend, too!

simply beautiful enjoy every moment

Such lovely days with your precious daughter. Where did you get the snowflake mobile?

So glad you could pop in between dashes!
Your blog is a lovely part of the merry and bright that I enjoy... All year!


How I thank God for you and the joy of your life and blog, Alicia! So many smiles you bring into my life.....Love the photos!

I am assuming you knit that sweater Amelia is wearing with the "leaf" arms, if you did could you direct me to the pattern? Thank you!

oh dear...that family pic is the BEST ever! so sweet. you must take all of those you can. this is the enchanted season and i wish you the very best it has to offer...oh, that's already have it! merry merry!

I hope that Santa is bringing that precious darling girl of yours a pony! LOL

Thank you for sharing your photos. I can feel the excitement of the upcoming days in them. Beautiful! Happy Holidays!

These last few days are always so utterly wonderful aren't they. So glad you are enjoying them so much. CJ xx

All the Christmas trees are so sparkly and lovely! Mimi looks adorable in that jumper. Wishing you call a wonderful Christmas! :)

Merry Christmas to you and your family. You give so much joy and inspiration to others through your blog all year may it be returned to you heaven-fold at this wonderful time of year. I'll be thinking of you all while I stitch those ornaments of yours! Joy and love to you all.

Your photos are so evocative of the particular beauty of your family, activities and surroundings. Best wishes for a continuously joyous season and heartfelt gratitude for your presence here. Merry Christmas!

So much rich, gorgeous redgold light in these pictures. Best wishes to your lovely family for the holiday season.

I recently found your blog and have been pouring into your posts ever since. I love your style of writing and very sweet and cozy home! I would love to come for a hot mug of tea/coffee and talk about what we're reading or cooking lately. Be blessed and Merry Christmas! :)

Meilleurs Voeux du Québec!
I will never tire of seeing her or your photos..
A treat every time♥
I have those star lights from Ikea but they are on a hoop:)

Kristen from MA says: December 19, 2014 at 02:31 PM

Happy Holidays sweet Paulsons. <3

Just look at her with her sweet little braids. I'm glad you're enjoying the days leading up to Christmas. It is truly a special time of year. A very Merry Christmas to the 3 of you!

Oh, Alicia---I just got home from the mall and the supermarket. It was crazy and I was crabby. I think I'm going to put my flannel jammies on and stay home and knit socks/mittens until at least March. I have two old McCalls granny gown patterns that are Lanz of Salberg designs---one in my size and one in my mom's. I

I have made them so many times they are falling apart. I wish McCalls would reprint them. They are pretty much just like Amelia's.

I love the image of Amelia sitting on the floor with the (older) kids. I know it's been said many times before, but it is amazing to see how much she's grown and how she changes so quickly. Christmas with a small child is glorious.

Thank you for leading me to the Bloomsbury patter, I hoped there was a women's version! I think I will make mine like Mimis which is a looser fit than the pattern maker intended. Amelia has become a style icon to me!

Just one more question...the vineyard evergreen cookie cutters. Do you remember where they are from? THANKS

Darned auto-correct. That should read bunny and evergreen!

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