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Over the river and through the woods we go to get our tree. Breakfast high on the cliff above the river, and a short drive further to the little farm. We don't chop our trees down ourselves. We just buy one of the ones that are already cut at the farm for $10 then go on the hayride around the field, twice. The hayride's the thing. Amelia squinting at the sun, pointing at the trees, wobbling on the bales, calling, "Wheeeee! Wheeeeeeeeee!" as we bump and rumble through the field. It smells good out there, fresh and green and cold. It's very cold. We drive a bit further on to see the sheep (which say, "Baaaaaaaaaaaaa! Baaaaaaa!" She does an uncanny impression). The late-afternoon sun is flaring through the moss-covered trees, which always makes me cry. The impossibly huge, impossibly white moutain gleams behind us. We wiggle back through the woods, nothing else to do. We turn up the music, take detours over hills and dales, feel old and new. My love runs into Starbucks and brings back hot chocolates. It's Sunday, and I'm Sunday driving, with a little tree in the back of the car and a little girl singing in her baby voice to herself in the back seat. I'd go around twice, if I could.

Let it begin, let it begin: The Christmas season is here. I found Milla's post (and its comments) very poignant. I think I was meant to be Finnish. I'm channeling Finnish Christmas. It's funny how Christmas makes you want things — things that have nothing to do with money. Our yard is dark with mud and muck. Bee the cat is sleeping in Amelia's sled, the one that's layered in buffalo-check polarfleece and hiding in the office until we go to the snow. My friend tells me about the ice-skating party she was invited to. There were kids, dogs, cocoa, and a bonfire. I howled with envy. Do you want to build a snowman? Yes, I do!

I cultivate a collection of candles. I make too many runs up to Pip's for cinnamon mini-doughnuts and their (quite awesome) chai (Heart of Gold) in the pouring rain. Amelia stands on her changing table in her pajamas and we look at the bright winter moon out her nursery window. The window is cold, condensation drifting like frost. "Bubbles," she says of the drops of water, and pulls her tiny finger along the glass. Goodnight tree. Goodnight stars. Goodnight moon. In the big bed, I listen to her snore softly beside me. I pull her hair out of her mouth, tuck her under the quilts, snuggle close. I say my prayers: Let me give. It's all here. Go slow, winter. Go slow.



In the first picture of Amelia, she could not look any more Finnish!

I agree, go slow winter, go slow! Precious, cozy time with my little loves. Enjoy this time of year! xoxoxo

so sweet. this post made me miss the days my children were small. the magic, the joy , the sense of contentment, knowing the precious moments are happening now. you made me feel all of it again. you sure have a way with words. thank you. and thank you for showing us a picture of you! its a beautiful mother daughter picture. merry christmas

Gosh, your words made me feel exactly the same way Carol described above. I got a little teary-eyed! It's been that kind of season though. Enjoy this time with your precious Amelia!!

What a cozy home you have. What a lucky little girl she is have a home like that.

So nice to see you in a picture, Alicia. Thanks for a lovely post. I'm so happy for you!

Enjoy this month of joy and wonder with your sweet little family. Thanks for sharing the link about Finnish Christmas. It's exactly how I want my Christmas to be. xoxo

love love love seeing you with your muff...and her expression...priceless!
what a picturesque scene you paint. trees, large white mountains, muffs on changing tables, oh what fun it is to ride....lucky lovely family.

Lovely post and so beautifully expressed! Amelia is looking older to me! Wishing you a wonderful winter! Thank you for your blog! It's one of my favorite things. <3

I read your words and could almost feel winter here in florida. just lovely! thank you- as always- for sharing.

This is an incredible time of year, isn't it? I loved hearing about your Sunday drive and seeing your sweet angel. And, I always enjoy your beautiful photos.

Oh, this is all so lovely. A child's love of Christmas is magical, but a mother's? There's something deeply blessed and beautiful about it. You talk of a Finnish Christmas, but spare a thought for those of us heading right now towards midsummer. Christmas to us is the beach, and fanning ourselves at backyard barbecues. I've lived with this all my life and still I long for a *real* Christmas, which means snow and hot chocolate and singing by the fire :-)

Gorgeous story and so lovely to see the pretty photo of you, Alicia! xxx

Look at her streaks with that ponytail..
You all look happy and content..the tree does too,.
I think my tree is festooned with more of your patterns..
The shot by the window is priceless..
Love this time of year..we have snow already..

Ah, yes. Those precious moments when I tuck my little baby beside me, she smiles with her whole face, then snuggles close as her eyes close and she drops off to sleep. So sweet and sublime.

Your book is the best! How I love to find a new post from you. I treat it like the next chapter in one of my favourite novels. I've said this before, but I'm grateful that you share your lovely words and photos with us all. I wish I could write as beautifully as you. Thank you Alicia! The photo of your husband's shadow with the tree is fantastic wintertime fun and Amelia is as sweet as ever. Nice to see a photo of you too!

Perfect. Again. You are my favorite writer. You capture it all and more. Love and blessings to you and your little family.

beautiful beautiful prose, esp. last paragraph

Yes. I feel I should be Finnish as well , but am 100% Italian decent! Beautiful photos. I love your blog and your style. Nice to see You in a photo! Happy Holidays!

I live on Mt. Hood and now I'm on a mission to find out where we can safely ice skate!!

So nice to see a photo of you, Alicia! You look beautiful and so happy holding your sweet little girl. The photo of Amelia standing by the window is so very precious. Enjoy this wonderful time of year!

What darling cozy pictures. I don't know if you are still collecting soup recipes but I tried a new one tonight and it is now a favorite. I won't make another broccoli soup recipe again and I don't even think I like broccoli soup that much. But this is really yummy

Sandy Rongish says: December 05, 2014 at 05:01 PM

You have a beautiful family, made by God! I know she is adopted, but she couldn't look more like you both! She was made for you! Love this blog, thanks for sharing your lives with us! I have received my box of goodies, can't wait to make the tree ornaments with my little girl, who is now 15!! Where did the time go? God bless you! :)

Love this post, love your words. That pic of Mimi at the top: she looks so grown up! I gasped.

So love seeing your happy face pop up. It's like Where's Waldo/Alicia:))

Guess what I'm doing tonight with my giant ready-to-pop-even-though-I'm-three-weeks-away belly? Sewing ornaments..........imagining putting them on the tree in the years to come with my boy. MY BOY!

Love you!

How nice to see a picture of your lovely face, in addition to the other dear faces! I think that the Finnish Christmas described in that (and your) blog post is wonderful, and sort of a description of how my husband and I try to celebrate the season. Especially the slightly melancholy music :) I've also resigned myself to being the crazy aunt who always sends homemade, handmade gifts to nieces and nephews. Perhaps not the most popular items under the tree, but always made with an excess of love!
Thank you as always for sharing your beautiful home, family, and season with us!

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