Winter Ways

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December days. The weather is dim, wet, the sky very low and filled with purple. Afternoons out, nights in, mornings dark with candlelit showers. Early Sunday morning I found myself driving out to Powell Butte where I sat in the morning-bright, cold-blowing wind and looked at the mountain. The sun rose, glowing white behind the thin layer of clouds. I had hot coffee, and one of those jacket-hoods with fake fur, a zipper that went up to my nose, and drawstrings, which I tightened. It was glorious.

Deep breath, in and out. The tree is trimmed, the lights are up, the parties are scheduled, the gifts have been shipped. There are cards to write and cookies to bake, but those are the things I look forward to. I'm still knitting the pink sideways coat. That thing is taking forever, and honestly, I'm not trying too hard to finish it. Andy's crocheting a great big whale, which is super rad. For the past few months, we've been putting together things for a tiny play kitchen for Mimi for Christmas. I'm quite sure I've already spent many more hours with it and and enjoyed it as much as she ever will (so. much. fun.) but I can hardly wait to play with it with her. The flannel sheets are on the bed, and I fall asleep before I can even open my book. I got a few chores done, and I feel like things are trickling now, and that's how I like it. That's how I like winter here. Slow, dark, and simple, molasses in a chocolate-ginger cookie. Because our girl's on a tolting run, most of the time. A beautiful whirlwind I counter-balance with hot tea and lots of sitting with my feet up at the end of the day.

I'm in search of a candlelight Christmas concert. Would you know of any pretty ones?

***I just read this post of Heather's — it's so lovely. She has such an honest, beautiful way with words, and motherhood, and everything.


Look at your girl go!

Threezcharming says: December 11, 2014 at 02:45 PM

Hello and Merry Christmas from Chicago! No snow yet, we'll be very warm this weekend, but festive! We love how you love them - daughter, hubby, puppy, friends, mountain, all Blessings! Your photographs are gorgeous, and your patterns and food too! Thank you very much, and have a wonderful holiday season!

I wish my days were molasses slow but at the moment they are the complete opposite. That's what I get for having kids with December birthdays ;-) I love love LOVE the Santa Lucia crown! I finally (after years of trying) got all the stuff together (in one place) to make your little Santa Lucia dolls but I just know it isn't going to happen this year either. Time is running through my fingers like water! We did however spend a very pleasant afternoon making your bead and pom pom garland. This is something else that has been on my Christmas to-do list for years- yay!

You have a lovely way with words as well, Alicia! I love the way you paint the story of your life there in Portland...and the wonderful photos that accompany the store. After spending five years in Roseburg, I remember those winter days quite well. Enjoy these precious days that will be precious years all too soon...

How about putting together a favorite Christmas movie list for us all, I'd love to discover some new favorites this year!

This has nothing to do with your post, but have you ever used Crayons to color in things you embroider? I saw it on the net---in the sample, the person embroidered pairs on a dish towel. She colored them in first with regular Crayons, ironed them, and then embroidered an outline around them and added little faces. (You know, like vintage dishtowel designs---they were little dancing pairs and had "We're quite a pair" embroidered under them.) Did you have good luck with it if you tried it? Were they washable?

I love seeing your joy for motherhood in your photos. My girls (I have 3) are just a hop older than your little sweet. They are 13, 11, and 9. I know its not for everyone, but we home school our girls. I love that I get to keep enjoying them every day - like you are enjoying your girlie - even while they are bigger. Its fun seeing that love through someone else's eyes. Merriest of Christmases!

I love your tables of food, your dog, your house, the lighting, the quilts, the blurry pics of that busy little girl. Luscious!

Oh, Miss Clover Meadow. Hello sweet girl.

Love all of the photos.
The small light up white stars hanging in the window caught my eye.
Do you remember where they are from?

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