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It was my birthday on Wednesday and it was one of the best days I've ever had. Super quiet, nothing special, and yet everything was. Andy had the day off. We got breakfast at Besaw's (my favorite) and then ordered pizza and salad for dinner so no one had to fuss. Amelia napped on the sofa between the two of us for most of the afternoon. We played the Music and Lyrics soundtrack all day and Andy made me a birthday cake — apparently, the first cake he's ever baked all by himself. I asked him how he came up with the inspiration for his design and he said, "I looked at it, and I thought, 'There's nothing on there,' and then I saw those [blueberries] in there [fridge]."

Ahhhh! Brilliant! :)

The cake was delicious. I got lots of lovely cards and calls and texts and presents. It was just the absolute perfect day. And in two days we're going to Mt. Hood. I'm so excited. :)


A happy belated birthday Alicia! It does indeed sound like the most perfect of birthdays. With a blueberry smile to boot. All the best for 2015 while I'm at it ;)

Belated best wishes for your birthday and your year ahead including some very happy mountain time!

Happy belated birthday to you!!! I'm quite impressed with Andy's looks like a snowman.

Sounds like a fabulous birthday! Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Jan McCann says: January 09, 2015 at 12:52 PM

That bridge, in the fog. Perfect.

Happy birthday dear!Many happy returns!AriadnefromGreece!

A very happr birthday Alicia. Your posts are always beautiful!

Sending a billion happy wishes for a billion more happy birthdays just like this one!!!

Can there be anything more precious then a sleeping child. Especially when that sweet child is Miss Mimi.

Your dear Andy is a pure treasure. I've one just like him - for the last 45 years.

Have a great time at the mountain. Take loads of photo's.

Shelley Noble says: January 09, 2015 at 01:17 PM

Happy Birthday, Alicia! Savor every moment. I know you will.

Happy Birthday Alicia! Love Andy's design approach. He's awesome.

Happy birthday Alicia, I'm glad you had such a lovely day, it really does sound quite perfect. Lots of delicious looking food in this post. Wishing you all a good weekend. CJ xx

Ah! Those really are the best birthdays. :) Happy birthday and a happy new year to you. ♥

Jan Duston says: January 09, 2015 at 02:25 PM

Happy Birthday dearest Alicia!!!

Happy Birthday. I'm glad the day satisfied in so many ways. Here's to a new year for you!

Lovely pictures as always! Happy birthday!:)

Happy Birthday Alicia!!!

Very glad to hear that you enjoyed your birthday - and I'm sure you'll continue the celebrations this weekend...

You deserve only the best!

Happy Birthday! I remember days like that, so ordinary that they are hardly worth mentioning, but also so sweet. I remember one year my husband coming home early to take me and my then toddler daughter out for dinner on Valentines Day. What I remember most about it was just an idle statement, "I wanted to take my girls out for Valentine's Day." Sweet.

Happy Birthday, dear Alicia. It sounds like you had the perfect day, which is exactly what you deserved!
Love the cake. xoxo

Happy birthday, Alicia!!!

Happy Bithday, Alicia! Sounds like a great way to celebrate. According to those candles, I turned the same age as you a few weeks ago. But my birthday was very loud & busy, celebrated at a local Christmas attraction that was crazy jam-packed, and left me feeling exhausted and stressed. I thought, "next year, I'm going low-key." (Same age, but you're obviously far wiser.) Bring back lots of mountain and snow pics for us! :)

Happy Birthday to my favorite blogger. Love the cake Andy made for you. Very sweet. Hope you all have a wonderful time up at Mt. Hood. We love it up there, it's so very beautiful. xox

Happy Birthday, Blueberry girl!

Happy Birthday! Your pictures look so Spring-y! They are making me so happy and hopeful!

Oh my! Happy Birthday to a special mama, crafter and all around creative genius! Wishing you many more such days!

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