First Snow

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Late on a foggy afternoon we drove out to the woods. Had dinner at the Skyway and spent the night at a little cabin. The next morning we went up to Timberline Lodge for breakfast and spent the day playing in the snow. Her first time. I will never, ever forget it. Man, what a great day. My dream come true.

(Other trips to Timberline are here and here. [Josh and Keels have little kids now, too, but next year I think we should all go up together again and stay at the lodge — there's just nothing like sleeping up there.] Mimi's sweater and hat are on my Ravelry page, and her mittens [when she would agree to wear them!] are on Gillian's.)


this must be a heavenly spot...she is just the cutest in her little sleigh CARRYING her snowman!!! priceless.

That hat! That little woolen gumdrop hat.

Wow, that snow is gorgeous! Makes everything look like it was generously dusted in powdered sugar!! And your little snow bunny....what a cutie! She just looks so excited about that snowman. So sweet!

What beautiful pictures! We are so blessed to live in Portland where we are close to this beautiful mountain and the gorgeous ocean and everything in between! Amelia is just the cutest little girl! She seems to absolutely love everything about nature -- carrying her little snowman is a priceless picture. And her sweater and hat are so lovely -- just right for your little snow angel.

I'm glad you all had such fun, it looks like the perfect trip. Mt Hood is always so beautiful in your pictures, it's nice to see it close up. I love that Meems carried her little snowman with her on her toboggan. So sweet. CJ xx

So magical seeing them experience the snow for the first time :) xxx

Beautiful pictures; looks like so much fun!

Thank You, Thank You, ThankYou...C

Pics with the little snowman are so so great!! Especially love the shot with the bird in the tree,too. Very cool. Mimi...well, it's a given that her adorableness steals every post! Love her.

Could these be my fave shots yet of Miss A?
Her pink cheeks and nose..
I love them all.. andall your pics are as grand as ever.

i know what your mean about the mittens! We were just in Sunriver, it was seven below zero, and good luck getting Little Man to wear the mittens I knit for him. "All done." Oh well-- he did wear the hat(s). And knitting for a toddler may be turning me into s process knitter-- so what if he doesn't wear it? I had a chance to make something tiny and adorable. :)

What a magical trip. Enjoy every minute of it!!!

All wonderful photos, Alicia, but I too especially love Mimi and her snowman! There are such wonderful views on and around Mt. Hood, and my youngest son drove up the mountain the night before last so that he could view the comet that is currently visible. Did you see it? He was excited to see the comet, but said that the clarity of all the stars from there was awesome. Did you all sing "Do You Want to Make a Snowman?" :-) xx

Were we ALL that proud of our very first snowman? I hope so. Your photos are lovely and evocative.

The sweater is beautiful. Snow is so magical, I never get tired of watching my kids play in it.

Kristen from MA says: January 14, 2015 at 02:49 PM

Meems is looking decidedly less babyish and more kid like. Where does the time go?

(You slipped a picture of yourself in there Alicia! You should do that more often. You're lovely. :)

You're killin' me with those photos. Does it get ANY better? I don't think so.
I love the little snow friend. Those are some great, great photos. You are going to treasure those the rest of your life.

Okay, I know the time will come when I will cease to want to be your child (despite already being older than you), but that time is not now.
Is her stuffed animal in the first photo wearing a patchwork skirt? At first I thought she was, but upon a second look, it looks to be her toy. Like I said, feel free to adopt me.

So amazing. What an enchanting life you have. :-)

Oh your pictures! It was like being there too with that most gorgeous little girl. Bless you all.

That first photo of your daughter in the sled, clutching her little snowman? Kills me dead. Oh my God. Everything about it: I just love it.

Also - just dying to fly all the way from England right now to see that mountain for myself. Looks like it has real personality!

Time, and time again, you raise my expectations for what is *beautiful.*
I am so glad that you blog, Alicia. Thank you.

Like everyone else, Amelia and the snowman - SO SO PRECIOUS!!! I think you should frame one the first shot. It is the sweetest capture! What a super couple days!

Oh, thank you for sharing these snow pictures! It looks like an absolutely perfect day. True blue skies and lots of white snow and a big grin on baby girl.

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