First Snow

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Late on a foggy afternoon we drove out to the woods. Had dinner at the Skyway and spent the night at a little cabin. The next morning we went up to Timberline Lodge for breakfast and spent the day playing in the snow. Her first time. I will never, ever forget it. Man, what a great day. My dream come true.

(Other trips to Timberline are here and here. [Josh and Keels have little kids now, too, but next year I think we should all go up together again and stay at the lodge — there's just nothing like sleeping up there.] Mimi's sweater and hat are on my Ravelry page, and her mittens [when she would agree to wear them!] are on Gillian's.)


Trank you for sharing these beautiful pictures! Your girls' joy in the snow and your happy voice between the written words put a smile to my face!

So many great photos, it actually made me tear up! I LOVE the shot of her cuddling her snowman! I don't believe we have ever made a tiny snowman. If it ever snows here I will tell the kids to make some. I would dearly love to go to Timberline lodge one day. Maybe I'll make it there for one of my birthdays. I don't like skiing but the idea of beautiful views, a nice fire to curl up in front of, some good books and knitting sounds wonderful.

You truly post some stunning pictures, what I wonderful day out. You really do inspire me to do more everyday :)

Stunning photos - I have snow envy! That look of delight on your daughter's face at seeing her very own Snowman - priceless.

Patricia Walters says: January 15, 2015 at 02:53 AM

I can feel her joy with her little snowman. So lovely. Thank you for sharing those pictures.

Wow. I don't know where to look. Beautiful sweep of tree snow sky and incredibly beautiful babe too happy to contain herself!!!

I agree with the above comments of the fave picture being Amelia in her adorable sled holding that snowman. I always look forward to your postings and beautiful pictures.

I get all tingly and excited when I see the word Posie . . . In my reader . . . Nothing like a visit with you and your photos to return me to the best of All Is Well . . .
The itsy, bitsy snowman put me over the moon.

Always love stopping by your blog! I was worried about her sweet lil hands:) Quite certain that's the most adorable snowman photo I'll ever see. I always tear up looking at your photos. Every time. xoxo


The snowman shots are just hilarious!

Debbie from Illinois says: January 15, 2015 at 06:16 AM

This is all kinds of Wonderful!!!

Beautiful blog. I am a long time reader, but I don't think I have ever posted before. Your daughter is a little cherub! I was wondering what pattern you used for that light blue hat?? So cute!

Oh my gosh- these are sooo precious!! I love the pines with all that snow- just breathtaking! I just had to giggle at Mimi and her little snowman!:) I'm sure you're freezing moments like these in your mind and heart! I can't believe how fast she is growing! My brother lives in Hillsboro and I love keeping up with the weather (and beautiful scenery) through your pictures!:) Me & my Mom were there the end of October and I couldn't believe I never saw the mountain- not once! My husband & I are planning a trip this summer and I'm sure I'll see it then. Portland is such a beautiful city and who wouldn't love that scenery! Thanks so much for sharing!

Amazingly beautiful!

Love the last photo, Mimi looks like she is done for the day!

What a great birthday present for you! Happy Birthday!

Mimi looks so happy and loved - it almost breaks my heart with joy. Thank you for these pictures. So much love there.

Mimi has the cutest pink nose!

that smoked cantalope color is perfect on her. happy days. <3

Her little red nose- how precious is that ?!!

Once again I am amazed at your photography skills. Next time you are searching for a topic for your blog, please do photography hints. Like, how to frame a photo, how to make the long distance shots so detailed, how to decide how much to zoom in on a photo. And finally, do you mind if I cut and paste some examples?

Laura from Sacto says: January 15, 2015 at 10:10 AM

Amelia with her snowman baby...priceless!

What a perfect snow adventure. Those shots with the tiny snowman melt my heart...darling!

Lovely pics! We're planning on going up to Mt. Hood this weekend to do some snowshoeing. Do you have any suggestions for where to buy some wool felt in Portland? I'm having twins and need to make a second Miss Maggie! :)

what a wonderful time!!! (kids sure can be funny in what they want to wear in snow! you are such a good Mom, bundling her up as you did! :) )

Troy Louise says: January 15, 2015 at 12:09 PM

Cutest pics ever! What a wonderful time. Such priceless memories. Love her pink face that matches her adorable pink snowsuit. Thanks for sharing such a special trip with us.

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