Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year, dear friends! I hope all is well with you, and that you had a wonderful bunch of holidays. Ours were truly wonderful. It's been so nice to just chill out and I really have. I got sick over new year's and spent a few days on the couch. For the past several afternoons even my little darling has slept next to me under her quilts while I've watched movies and drunk tea and knit and knit and knit. Favorite new movie: Music and Lyrics with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. I loved it. Light and frothy and funny (the scene where she "confronts" what's-his-face in the restaurant? I coughed so hard! That was hysterical!) and still moving (I love the amusement park scene, so sweet). Also watched About a Boy which is one of my faves. Going through a later–Hugh Grant thing. Watched the beginning of Mickey Blue Eyes, where Jeanne Triplehorn and Hugh Grant are running through the streets of New York, trying to make their dinner reservation. He is a few yards ahead of her and she is laughing and laughing and you don't really know why she's laughing but you assume she's just having fun, and she finally stops and doubles over and says something like, "Stop! No more, seriously! Just run normal!" And he looks all faux-wounded and Hugh Grant–ish and he's like, "Run normal? This is my normal run." And she goes, "Oh! I'm sorry! I've never seen you run and I thought you were doing a funny run!"

:))))) Ha!

Someone was very excited about her new play kitchen! Oh yes, I was, and I even let Amelia play with it because I am just cool like that, people!!!

The other night I was lying next to Amelia before putting her to bed and I thought of about ten resolutions I wanted to make for 2015. Even as I was thinking of them I was trying to think of ways not to forget what they were, because it was dark in the room and I didn't have paper or pencil or phone or anything to write them down. And sure enough, the only two I can remember now (besides the private ones) are "Try not to be such a jerk about the hot weather in the summer" and "Try not to be such a jerk in general." I wish I could remember the others because I think there were some good ones in there but I guess these are a good place to start.


Oooh, Music and Lyrics is one of my faves, too!!! My sister and I laugh so hard about so many scenes from that movie. We were huge Wham! fans when we were younger and couldn't help thinking of that while we watched it. Next, is it at all sad that I am totally coveting Amelia's blue colander and coffeepot? LOL I would love to have dinnerware in that color. Lastly, your resolution about you trying "not to be such a jerk in general". I cannot even imagine that. At all. I'm sure you have your moments, we all do, but I just can't see you generally being a jerk!!

Nancy McKenna says: January 05, 2015 at 10:32 AM

Happy New Year! I missed your blog.

happy new year! beautiful posts, always! i look forward to them weekly.

Oh my golly gosh! I love the play kitchen. Seriously, step away from the play kitchen now!

Jane Miller says: January 05, 2015 at 10:50 AM

You are the sweetest thing and so funny! You are not a jerk!

That white dress! And her face in the mirror. Beautiful.
I love the glow of a Northern Christmas. It's lovely to have a summery one, but the light here is so bright, and in my new town so white...it only gets dark after 8. And candles never seem to work so well. Waiting for winter, I know I'm going to love it then,

Funny movie, yes! Silly, but dearly sentimental and honest in frothy, fun ways.
Happy New Year. My Christmas feels more complete, now I have seen Mimi with her kitchen... children and their toys can make the holidays so dear, and she looks particularly darling cooking and puttering about. I cannot settle on a resolution, but I too could be less jerky about heat, and all the seasons that are not OctNovemDecember. I sighed wistfully this morning, "I am looking forward to fall." ohdear.

Hello Alicia! I'm so glad you had such a lovely holiday time. I love how Mimi has re-decorated your home.. lol.. her little kitchen is awesome.. seems like she loves the mirror in there. She's a very lucky little girl to have you and Andy as her parents. I did a post yesterday and mentioned how you inspired me with your blog. I added your link, I hope that's okay. Your hoody you knitted is fabulous! Lucky Mims! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Awww...that is all so sweet. Happy New Year! I love your resolutions.

"Try not to be such a jerk in general." Seriously?!?! Like others above, I can't imagine. You are lovely, I just know you are. Mimi's play kitchen is wonderful. Looks like you had a fab holiday. I especially love the shot of your cozy house with the moon above it. Happy New Year!

Kristen from MA says: January 05, 2015 at 11:04 AM

Hey now Alicia, not liking hot weather doesn't make you a jerk!

I said I was looking forward to seeing Andy's whale, and I am not disappointed. Must. Have. Whale. Link to pattern, please?

Happy New Year, sweet Paulsons!

Happy New Year dear Alicia! I just adore your photographs. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your beautiful life.

I live in Florida. There is no way humanly possible for me to NOT be a jerk about the hot weather in summer. No.way.what.so.ever. Good luck with that resolution.

lovely pictures! so dear and lovely and cute! blessed new year to you and your family!

Happy New Year to you all! :-)

Love, love, love Amelias play kitchen, it is adorable!

So pleased you all had such a lovely Christmas, apart from being poorly, but even being poorly you sound like you had a lovely time.

I can not imagine you ever been a jerk! I don't make resolutions because I always forget to keep them!

Oh, love the crocheted whale! :-) x

Oh I missed you all!! Happy New Year. And btw, there is no way that you can ever be a "jerk". You send love out to us all with every post. Thank you.

I just checked out Amazon for Music and Lyrics, and laughed out loud at the first review. Will have to rent soon as it sadly is not on Netflix just now. Can't believe I've never seen this, but then again, I just discovered Love Actually last year (I KNOW!!) so sometimes I'm a little slow. Love Mimi's kitchen and soooo want the big girl version of the colander and coffee pot ... Great colors! She definitely appears to be having a blast. Happy New Year to all!

Beth Wilson says: January 05, 2015 at 11:38 AM

Hi there,
I have SO enjoyed reading about your Wonderful life for years and look very forward to new posts. I have children ( grown ), Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren, love to knit, sew, LOVE Home.
Thank you with all my heart for sharing such Beauty.
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL .... 2 and 4 legged ( I adore animals !! )
Hugs from Virginia

Oh - I totally missed adding "try not to be a jerk about the hot weather" to my list.
Good job thinking 8 months in advance!

Lovely, cozy photos! Happy New Year to you!! And there is no way possible that you could be a jerk even if you tried really, really hard. You are the sweetest, Alicia!

Ok, two things, I love her in that Santa Hat!!!!! And Do you know what an inspiration you are to the rest of us? And oops, 3 things, if you didn't complain once in awhile we wouldn't think you were real :D

Oh wonderful pictures!!! I love the sweater!!!!! And love the pictures of Amelia with her kitchen!!!!
Happy New Year to You!!!!


Michaelanne says: January 05, 2015 at 12:06 PM

Oh my goodness!!!! Your pictures are just SO wonderful!!! I think my fave is her sweet little face....determined, concentrating..I LOVE that she poured her tea in the colander:) and then DRANK it!! What a tiny little love:) She is glowing with happiness...and that is just SO AWESOME! If only...every child...EVERYWHERE could have love like this..what a world it would be! Happy New Year to the most UNJERKIEST person ever:))) Love this little space...always makes me smile!

I should make the same resolution about summer heat, but I'd never keep it. Already here it's too hot to rest comfortably in the evening, and knowing its only going to get hotter over the coming months makes it so much worse.

Yes, Music and Lyrics! Unexpectedly great pairing of Drew and Hugh. I usually don't enjoy her movies, but he somehow balances her out. I could watch him in most anything! I love Mimi's play kitchen... I've wanted one of those wooden ones for so long but didn't want to pay for it... three kids later, I wish I had made the investment in the beginning. Hours of great play in store for Mimi this year! Ah, the sounds of a little one in a play kitchen, softly stirring, tapping, mumbling - love it.

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