Winterwoods Sampler (Again)

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Thank you so much for all of your generous comments on the new sampler! Since my post I've been getting emails about and orders for the Winterwoods ABCs Sampler Kit so I just wanted to pop in really quick and show that to you again here in case you want to try it out. I designed this kit in 2012. It is very dear to my heart. You can read my original post about it here or order it here. I know that many people  who had never cross-stitched before have made this, which makes me ridiculously happy. This is a good winter project. I love it.


***Also, in answer to some questions from the last post: The muffins were made from this recipe, and the Mammagetti is an old family recipe that came from my mom's mother. I think that's my sister's handwriting on the card. My mom said that when she was little she would often have ice-skating birthday parties and then everyone would come back to her house for Mammagetti. It is kind of a strange recipe — I made it for the first time last week in about ten years. There is an absolute ton of vegetables in this thing, so use a huge pot. My mom says that you really do HAVE to add the cheese. It totally changes it. And you really do have to cook it that long, I guess. As far as the cheese container size goes, I think the one I added was 8 oz. Obviously, you can substitute fresh grated Parmesan or your own favorite spaghetti sauce for the Ragu, but this was the way we always made it in our family. It's a nostalgia thing. I love this but, ironically, my sister doesn't (anymore). I serve it over thin spaghetti with a big blob of ricotta and a big glass of milk. Sunday-night winter dinner. Yummy stuff.

****Oh yeah — thank you for reminding me, Cynthia (and thank you for your kind words) — the line in the recipe that says "fill to almost with water" [sic]. My mom says to add 2 cups of water. Sorry about that!!!


Your sampler is just a little marvel, congratulations!

This sampler is so much fun! I ordered it last year and it was the first cross-stitch project I have ever successfully completed. You really put together the best kits and patterns!!

I made this sampler kit while recovering from surgery (on my left foot of all things!) It was the first cross stitch I had ever done and it really saved my sanity throughout my lengthy rehab. The materials in the kit are wonderful, and your cross stitch and framing tutorials made the project a total pleasure to complete. I have gone on to make many other cross stitch items, and even got a good friend hooked on this craft-all thanks to you!
Now, the recipe has me intrigued-the only part I did not get was the line, "fill to almost with water." Fill to almost what? Would love a clarification-thanks!

Lovely piece! First class materials and instructions.

I started this sampler a couple weeks ago and I just love it. Your blog is such a big influence on my life. I also have a sour cream apple pie in the oven as I type to take my in-laws. I am working on the second sleeve of daughter's fimma today too. I hope that doesn't sound creepy. You just have such wonderful style.

I made it and it was a complete joy to do. It hangs in my little girls bedroom against a duck egg blue wall and it looks beautiful. Thank you! Love to you and yours. Bx xxx

Your Mammagetti recipe reminded me of this: which I copied down a few days ago. Seems very similar and sounds equally delicious! Going to make it for dinner tonite!

I'm working on the Winterwoods Sampler right now and loving it! I purchased the kit from you a couple of years back and am so glad I finally started it. Thank you for a wonderful pattern!

I love that sampler, its so pretty.

lisa in texas says: January 24, 2015 at 07:31 PM

I stitched the Winterwoods Sampler and love it !! It was such a fun stitch. I made it into a pillow to put out in the winter and backed it with plaid felt wool. Looking forward to your next one!!!
Love all the pictures of you and your family. Follow your blog regularly. Your little girl is precious and I find myself chuckling and smiling when I hear what she is up to.

lucy in london says: January 25, 2015 at 02:03 AM

Lovely post as alaways. I loved the ambiguity of the Mammagetti family recipe. Good to be free and easy sometimes.

....absolutely charming!

Yes, the sampler. It is on my fireplace mantle now next to my little felt deer, a rock, a wood carved picture of a ship that a great-uncle made, and a blue ceramic thingy filled with vintage bingo cards and a porcupine quill from South Africa, which was sent to me by one of my students. It is a simple, blue/wood look for January. This sampler usually hangs in my sewing room. I think I only just had it framed last year.

So its like this: You buy the sampler and it arrives in your mailbox (a thrill). You work on it (another thrill). You finish it (thrill!). You put it away for a while until you finally get it framed (super thrill!). Then you get a glimpse of it every so often (and you are thrilled). I'd say that's a pretty good return on investment.

This sampler is so beautiful, I just love it. Thank you for all of the beautiful pictures, i look forward to them.

Perfectly charming..and your vignette is spot on with it!

Love the sampler, so cute! But about the Mammaghetti, I was wondering, if you don't have a grinder would using a food processor work just as well? And what is the veggie juice used for? Put back in the sauce?

I'm making my third Winterwoods for my first niece, due Feb 10! I still haven't framed the original for myself...gotta figure that out.

theveryflowers says: January 25, 2015 at 01:05 PM

I'm so sorry to ask another question about the Mammagetti, and I'm fine with wingin' it an' all that, but I'm dying to know precisely what the Kraft cheese means...All I can picture in my mind is the sliced American cheese. Is that what it is? I would just love to replicate this as-is on my first try!
Thanks, Alicia!

THEVERYFLOWERS: I would imagine that means the Kraft grated "Parmesan cheese" in the green can. I'm pretty sure that's it, since she said you could maybe substitute real Parmesan cheese for the stuff in the can.

Tried your mammagetti yesterday. Left out the cloves, used prego. It seems healthy.

I loved Winterwoods so much. I am thinking I need to order a craft light so I can cross stitch again. It almost never happens for me during the day and at night my eyes can't handle it anymore. I need to finish Midsummer Sprigs (definitely need more light for the black!) and then host another stitch along for your new one when it is ready!

This is super-nice and comforting even to look at - I'm tempted to try it for a first-time cross-stitch project.

One question: what is the 'O' in the sampler? Tree rings in a cut log?

Hi Alicia,
I DO love that Winterwoods Sampler! I did purchase it already, and I am sorry to say I didn't finish it yet. This post is a reminder to pull it back out and get to work on it! :) Your alphabet sampler for your little girl is very sweet. What a wonderful gift! I am sure she will have many hours of pleasure viewing it as she grows.
We just returned from visiting our daughter & her family in Georgia. It was so good to see the little grandsons again! :)
Happy Monday to you!

I ordered the kit, completed it and gave it away - such a pretty piece! I may have to sew it up again - for myself!(Am I slightly bitter that the recipient didn't say thank you when I know she appreciates cross stitch? Perhaps just a touch. ;)

Have always admired this cross stitch kit, but I am concerned about the tiny squares... My eye sight is not like it used to be. Any suggestions? Could I use a larger count of linen? I'm not a fan of Aida cloth but and linen is much nicer, but any input would be so appreciated! Thank you!

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