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Last week, those trees in the photo above were covered in blossoms. Only last week. Already, now, they are spattered in spring green, and growing leaves by the day. Spring is both fast and slow. In Oregon, sometimes spring lasts well into June. That's the perfect spring, as far as I'm concerned, one that hits with a bang in February but lasts until June. Yes, please!

I've had a stressful week, filled with lots of little and large stresses and struggles, mostly in my own mind and of my own making. Ahhhh, modern life, you challenge me. Some days, especially the lovely rainy ones, I'd like to lay on the sofa and watch Outlander all day (though, wow, it's so intense, isn't it? I think it is). I feel quite certain I could do that, maybe alternating with episodes of Kipper the dog, all day. There's no such chance, but I bet you I could. I'd knit, like, 50,000 yards of worsted weight into tiny toddler vests for my boo and feel quite satisfied in every way.

The majority of my creative energy has been put into knitting versions of this pattern until I get the one I like. I made longer shoulders, knit the wrapped stitches (after all the short rows) on the wrong side so that I could get two mirror-image halves, joined them in the back before picking up the rest of the stitches to go up the back, then cast off the neck edge and made little back shoulder straps. None of which is yet pictured here, but I'm just saying. I'll show you when I get a picture of it. It worked. I've been wanting something like this for Meems for spring. Now if I can just get her to wear it. She calls all of her sweaters and knitwear her "fuzzies." Sweet love!

The slide picture (note pine cone being hurled) and the Mt. Hood picture (taken from work — he sends me these almost every morning) are all by Andy and his iPhone. He is amazing with that thing, seriously. He is amazing, period.

***She put almost every single thing that was on the stove and on the shelves into the oven or down the sink hole.

***The teddy is mine, from when I was her age. :)


What the heck is it with men and the iPhone camera?? My husband takes the most incredible shots with his. I shoot with a Canon 6D and am pretty savvy with photography but just flat-out stink at pics with the iPhone. That slide pic is amazing! Tell Andy he has mad skills!!

Your Meems just cuter by the day! Love seeing her in "her" kitchen with her little apron on.

My Partner is the same with his I phone, he uses an app called pro camera (I think that's what it's called) and gets brilliant results his pictures have a lovely depth to them that mine just don't! I really ought to download it myself! Your pictures just make Portland look like such a lovely place to live, if I win the Euromillions tonight I might just pack up and head over the ocean! Your blog and the TV show Grimm make me pine for a place I've never even visited it looks do lush and green!

Between your photos and my recently received ten-year reunion invite to Willamette University, I am sorely missing Oregon today! There are few grays as lovely as the blue-gray of a rainstorm sky and few greens as green as a Oregon spring.

The slide picture is really cool and I'm impressed to know how it was taken. Flowers are coming off the trees already here too, I can't believe we're this far into spring already.

I bet I could too, and I don't even know what Outlander is. I'm pretty sure I've watched every episode of Kipper the Dog that there is though. It's in a league of its own. Beautiful photos of those white blossoms against the dark sky. I first started following your blog in spring, a while back now, but I always think you photograph it so beautifully. It's your season. Love the aerial shot of your living room as well, it looks so very cosy. I think that sweet little girl spends a lot of time looking out of the window at the world. CJ xx

Did she sellotape her head? I hate it when that happens!! LOL :)

At the moment it is pouring with hail and a grumble of thunder on the East side of Portland. We have a backed up drain pipe outside in the front garden my son has been slaving over [he did say yesterday he wished it would rain so he could see if he fixed the gutter...which it seems he did...now for the drain pipe... :) ] At any rate, I too especially love Andy's slide photo! Our huge cherry tree is just now getting full of blossoms, but so much earlier than the five other years we have lived here. Your knitting boggles my mind...but I think you would be proud of my latest effort. I am knitting my second baby hat and this time I think I got the ribbing done tight enough...and I picked up some stitches I dropped and can't tell where I did it. Hooray! Progress :) Wishing you peace of mind and joy! xx

The picture of the white blossoms against the storm-dark sky...!

Such wonderful photos. I especially like the blossom against a stormy sky - what a perfect image for spring. Sorry about your stresses, I hope things improve.

Lovely Alicia, thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see your finished knit. Here in Melbourne the leaves are turning orange/yellow and I'm not looking forward to the winter.

I love your dreamy pictures. And your kitchen table, always so cute with flowers in pottery vases and a clean table! That never happens at my house! Ha! I feel like your home and space are like " Ikea: Come to Life" Which is a great compliment hopefully :) Here in Arkansas we are getting Springy like weather. Snowflakes last Friday, almost 80 degrees. Spring from Feb until June sounds like heaven. Enjoy it!

Ok can I JUST MOVE INTO YOUR FAMILY ROOM?? I promise to not take up hardly any space or eat any of your yummy food. It's getting ridiculous how many times I've thanked you for your blog, but lookee here, I'm going to do it again! Thank you for your delightful blog!!

omg, does he have a special app for his photos? my iPhone photos are so awful but maybe because they are mostly of an aging dog, way aging baby boomers (moi and the mister).

for some reason, all of the photos of mimi here are completely cracking me up! except for the one where she is being a good mama to the bear in the high chair -- that made me tear up a little.

i love "outlander." yes. it is intense. the new season starts soon!!!!

I love your blog and how warm and cozy your home looks. I am loving Outlander and am watching it at the moment. We are lucky enough to live about 30 miles from Falkland (the village used as the place where Claire and her husband start their second honeymoon.) We were there a couple of weeks ago and had morning coffee in Campbell's tearoom.

Portland is beautiful. You make me want to move there! And that last photo, with all the greenery, some flowers, and the water looks so Monet-esque! Thank you.

Almost missed the hurled pinecone! Such a great shot.

I feel you on the modern life. Sometimes I think things were easier just 60 years ago.
I love Mimis play action in the kitchen...feeding the big bear. So cute!!!

Oh how I love to see your photos.. Mimi seems so happy and is such an adventurer. We just had huge claps of thunder and bright flashes of lightning.. now it's raining. I hope the hail doesn't beat up my lilacs which are all blooming out. ::fret:: Andy has done well with his iPhone photos.. I use my all the time and it amazes me that they're almost as good as my Lumix shots. Does he have the 6? I hope you have a ...

*H*A*P*P*Y* *E*A*S*T*E*R*!*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

love your pictures so much
Makes me wish we could move out there from the East.
And your girlie is getting so big!

Miss Mimi is dearly precious in her little apron. Cooking for her dollies. You can see she gets all taped up in her activity's.

Andy's photo's are beautiful. He's a keeper.

Loving the thunderstorm today. Hoping we have more.

Christine says: March 31, 2015 at 05:01 PM

Im so glad that even if you've had a lot of stress you still share such a lovely post. Because when I'm stressed I like to look at your blog and it makes me feel better. I enjoy it when I am not stressed too of course. Those kitchen pictures are just so sweet and look like they are right out of a storybook.

love, love, love kipper and watched it a zillion times with my girl (on vhs)… she is 19 now, so somehow i would not feel right sitting in the middle of the day watching it on my own … however, it still is in the cupboard … :)

Tape in the hair! :-)

My Outlander dvd hold just came in at the library today and now I am so excited to watch it (I've read the first 3 books in the series). I was a little wary that I would be disappointed, but now I'm sure it will be just what I need tonight as I am feeling under the weather. Andy did an awesome job at capturing that action shot on the slide. It's a great feeling when you look down at your screen and see that you captured something special. Although I will say that all of your pictures seem to hold something special.

Oh man that slide picture!!! Bravo Andy :) LOVE. Amelia's room looks so fun and cozy, and it sure looks like she is having a lot of fun in it. I think Outlander is quite intense as well. Did you see the wedding from the first season? Isn't that dress stunning?! My daughter and I found the costumers blog and we were immersed in it, and enjoying how that dress was put together. Anyway, Happy spring and Easter you you and your sweet family!!

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