Rainy-Day Dress

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Last week, those trees in the photo above were covered in blossoms. Only last week. Already, now, they are spattered in spring green, and growing leaves by the day. Spring is both fast and slow. In Oregon, sometimes spring lasts well into June. That's the perfect spring, as far as I'm concerned, one that hits with a bang in February but lasts until June. Yes, please!

I've had a stressful week, filled with lots of little and large stresses and struggles, mostly in my own mind and of my own making. Ahhhh, modern life, you challenge me. Some days, especially the lovely rainy ones, I'd like to lay on the sofa and watch Outlander all day (though, wow, it's so intense, isn't it? I think it is). I feel quite certain I could do that, maybe alternating with episodes of Kipper the dog, all day. There's no such chance, but I bet you I could. I'd knit, like, 50,000 yards of worsted weight into tiny toddler vests for my boo and feel quite satisfied in every way.

The majority of my creative energy has been put into knitting versions of this pattern until I get the one I like. I made longer shoulders, knit the wrapped stitches (after all the short rows) on the wrong side so that I could get two mirror-image halves, joined them in the back before picking up the rest of the stitches to go up the back, then cast off the neck edge and made little back shoulder straps. None of which is yet pictured here, but I'm just saying. I'll show you when I get a picture of it. It worked. I've been wanting something like this for Meems for spring. Now if I can just get her to wear it. She calls all of her sweaters and knitwear her "fuzzies." Sweet love!

The slide picture (note pine cone being hurled) and the Mt. Hood picture (taken from work — he sends me these almost every morning) are all by Andy and his iPhone. He is amazing with that thing, seriously. He is amazing, period.

***She put almost every single thing that was on the stove and on the shelves into the oven or down the sink hole.

***The teddy is mine, from when I was her age. :)


You have no idea the extent of your inspiration. well…maybe you do. I started with your felt ornaments…moved quickly to Miss Maggie Rabbit, and her sweet little dress and knitted shawl.. then it was a knitted dress (and knitting in the round!! clapping hands) and now I have jumped into the realm of dress making for my little granddaughter who has lived with us 2 years, now. at 53 1/2, this has been a daunting task. Images of your little Mia at play, have reminded me and my husband of our Sophia…and now I see her little stove! We bought one for Phia when she first came to us. She has loved it and cooked on it and played all sorts of games with it and on it. (and crammed everything in the stove and down the sink:)
I have just added a new post and linked back here to your lovely blog and webshop (Yes! a new skill…Linking! MOre clapping:)
Blessings to you, dear dear kindred spirit, and to your Andy and your precious darling one.

linda gerig says: April 02, 2015 at 08:38 PM

have you read the outland books all eight they are all long but I just finished the last and loved them all

One word: contentment.

I need another dish pattern like I need another hole in my head, but please oh please, who made that gorgeous middy-moddy plate with the chocolate chip cookie?

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