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Last week, those trees in the photo above were covered in blossoms. Only last week. Already, now, they are spattered in spring green, and growing leaves by the day. Spring is both fast and slow. In Oregon, sometimes spring lasts well into June. That's the perfect spring, as far as I'm concerned, one that hits with a bang in February but lasts until June. Yes, please!

I've had a stressful week, filled with lots of little and large stresses and struggles, mostly in my own mind and of my own making. Ahhhh, modern life, you challenge me. Some days, especially the lovely rainy ones, I'd like to lay on the sofa and watch Outlander all day (though, wow, it's so intense, isn't it? I think it is). I feel quite certain I could do that, maybe alternating with episodes of Kipper the dog, all day. There's no such chance, but I bet you I could. I'd knit, like, 50,000 yards of worsted weight into tiny toddler vests for my boo and feel quite satisfied in every way.

The majority of my creative energy has been put into knitting versions of this pattern until I get the one I like. I made longer shoulders, knit the wrapped stitches (after all the short rows) on the wrong side so that I could get two mirror-image halves, joined them in the back before picking up the rest of the stitches to go up the back, then cast off the neck edge and made little back shoulder straps. None of which is yet pictured here, but I'm just saying. I'll show you when I get a picture of it. It worked. I've been wanting something like this for Meems for spring. Now if I can just get her to wear it. She calls all of her sweaters and knitwear her "fuzzies." Sweet love!

The slide picture (note pine cone being hurled) and the Mt. Hood picture (taken from work — he sends me these almost every morning) are all by Andy and his iPhone. He is amazing with that thing, seriously. He is amazing, period.

***She put almost every single thing that was on the stove and on the shelves into the oven or down the sink hole.

***The teddy is mine, from when I was her age. :)


ha! I saw that you had favorited this vest, so I went and took a look. I got lost, very very very lost, on about page 3 of "wrap and turn" so I applaud your efforts! I'm putting one from "lovely knits for little girls" on my list in lieu of the one above :)

Modern life, indeed. I sit looking around a huge mess I've made...brought in the clothes from my twin boys, 10 years worth. Spread out all over my house. Different piles: donate, save, cut into pieces to make quilts. The washer running every minute of the day because it all needs to be washed. Of course it does. Smells like mildew; all those years in the shed.

Good grief. Who does this? On my week off, no less. Self induced stress. I sort of don't get it, but I sort of do. Tomorrow's my birthday. I was going to sit on the grass with my kids on a homemade quilt and do nothing at all, but goodness, this mess.

Your view of the world through your (and Andy's) photography bring me such joy! Thank you!

The pic of little miss with the tape had me laughing out loud. I remember my kids doing that same thing. Too funny!

Love to all and wishes for a glorious and chocolate filled Easter!

Oh, to have a couch like that to snuggle up on, on wintery days, under warm quilts by the fire. Pure bliss!

i. love. play. food. i still have my sons' food...waffles, cheeseburgers, utensils...so much fun. (they're 31 and 28 now...the boys, not the food.) i hope the tape was quick-release. :>))

Aw, cuteness in her little apron. Scotch tape is such fun! 😄 I've never seen such green, I can't even imagine it..it's so pretty! Thanks to Andy, too for super photography.

Ah, youngsters with Scotch tape--always amusing and frustrating at the same time!

Aah stressful week, I know exactely what you are talking about...I experiment the same these two last weeks! Same therapy also for me: good films, a lot of wool and photography..
I have not seen outlander altough I read here and there that it is amazing! I made a point to read it before ( it´s sooooooooo long but delighting!)
Ouch!It seems that Amelia has experimented tape in her hair!!!she is so cute with her little apron!I have to make one for my sweetie too!
Have a great day!

Maybe it's just the camera angle, but the proximity of your couch (and quilt) to the fireplace makes me anxious!
Gorgeous photos as always, your girl is getting so big!

it occurs to me that amelia looks like one of your maggie bunnies in her pretty dresses! so so cute....love the scotch tape!

Can I ask -- where did you get her sweet play table and chairs? I've been looking for one like that for a long time; for a while I saw them frequently, and now that I want one I can't seem to find it! Thank you.

Oh sweet memories of Kipper! So lovely. The Kipper alphabet book is still a favorite...

It's a fake fireplace, with a plug-in lighted log. :)

cynthia potts says: April 01, 2015 at 06:30 AM

You might like the pattern called Entrechat by Lisa Chernery to make . It's on Ravelry. One piece construction and is darling on little girls. Happy knitting!

I am enjoying your blog so much. Love seeing around Portland, your home, and your family. Thank you for posting.

Jane Miller says: April 01, 2015 at 08:56 AM

I just love you all...just sayin!

Lovely, as always. I can't get over those wild blooms on your table and retro apron on your girl :) Thanks for sharing, xo.

good evening portland,
i m looking for your bloog since few weeks now.
so pretty, so lovely,
flowers, home, mountains, family etc ...some moment with happyness and peace...very good at all we can say carpe diem or enjoy.
best regards from corinne de limoges.

Had to laugh at the tape picture...seriously children only need scotch tape and they have a great time. You're house is magical looking but I understand that stressful days come to all of us. Glad to see a blog post from you, I'm sure that helped..blogging is a great release.

That's funny, I just popped by your blog having just watched an episode of Outlander myself. I think we might be on episode no. 3 having only just discovered it on Amazin Instant. Love your photos as always. Happy Easter to you and your lovely family from the UK :) xx

I always love the photos of your dining table/dining room! It's such a cozy space always filled with fresh flowers and plants and candles... perfect! Your house is gorgeous and cozy and so inviting in every possible way. Happy Spring to you! Portland looks absolutely amazing in the Spring!

Wow - you've outdone yourself/ves with these shots. And it's hard to top you (two) for photos!

seashoreknits says: April 01, 2015 at 06:59 PM

Oh Alicia - the playtime photos with her bear at the table and the photo of the white blossoms against the grey sky .... I am dying, So beautiful - so sweet.

Ahhhhh I love your pictures and way with words. That first picture...I want to live there. I live in the desert in California--I'd loooove to pack up and live where you live. It's beautiful!

lyn lindsay says: April 02, 2015 at 12:37 AM

What lovely photos of a child at play in the land of the imagination, cooking away, feeding her bear, just gorgeous, beautiful memories for you all, Lyn, Brisbane Australia

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