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Andy was on staycation last week and it was just awesome. The weather was EPIC. In the sixties and seventies and nary a cloud. Really, one of the greatest weeks ever (aside from the vague sense of unease because it was in the sixties and seventies and there was nary a cloud, and it's March . . . ). We made chicken tikka-masala (this recipe is absolutely fantastic, but do NOT add all of the salt it recommends — I don't know why they don't fix it — but we use about 1/2 teaspoon of Kosher salt in the marinade and about 1/2 teaspoon in the sauce, and also you want to double the sauce, as well). We made chicken enchiladas with tomatillo salsa from this recipe (and they are also awesome). We walked. We hiked. We went to Slappycakes. We went to the arboretum. I sewed: How cute is that dress? I made it from a vintage pattern, Butterick 9315 (the sleeves are from Simplicity 6066, also vintage). The fabric was Robert Kauffman, London Calling, #15276 (a rare instance where I know what the fabric was called — I usually don't keep good track of stuff like that though I know I should, I'm sorry). I finished my Irish Chain quilt top and brought it to a professional (such a luxury!) to have it finished. I cut out a pink Swiss-dot pinafore to go over the new dress, and planned several more spring dresses. I worked a bit on the Little-by-Little quilt (that's it, hanging on the sliding door). Andy painted the part of the house that had been fixed and planted a blueberry bush. He mulched the flower beds. Mimi played and talked and bounced and drew and hiked and napped and laughed and climbed and ran and generally delighted in everything, and delighted us beyond measure. Happy girl. Happiness here. Spring has sprung!

I am proud of my Irish Chain. I think it's the only quilt I've ever made that has had an actual plan. I've wanted one like this for many years. The finished top is about 72" x 72". I think it will go on the sofa, or over me when I'm on the sofa. The backing is peachy-pink calico, and the binding is dark gray calico. I will show it in detail once it comes back and I wash and dry it and make it all squishy and yummy.

I also finished a hexagon pillow cover top, but I forgot to take a picture of it. I'll do that. It's kinda cool.

***I'm sorry I don't have an exact pattern for the Irish Chain to point you toward, because I kind of just looked at a bunch of them and made mine up. The only reference I can find to it here on the blog is in this post, which sort of shows how I did the patchwork patches. This pattern is sort of how I did mine, though the measurements are a bit different and I used a square in the center of the B blocks, with bars on all four sides. But that pattern is very close, I think.



Gosh, your quilt is so beautiful. The geometry of it is really mesmerizing. We use the same tikka recipe and I totally agree about the salt, it's way too much as written. Glad you had such a nice week with your family.

Joy Abbott says: March 10, 2015 at 01:03 PM

Beautiful quilt x

Wow, your quilt, it's so detailed and beautiful! The toes and flowers photo is very lovely too! Laura x

LOVING your Irish Chain quilt! I made a mini one years ago for my sister's first baby. :-) Haven't quilted in a while, you're inspiring me to get back into it! And those toes… I'm starting to see those around my home, now that it's getting a bit warmer here (East Coast).

You arranged your photos so well building up to the photo of your finished quilt and I let out an audible, "Ahhhhh!"

It's so beautiful!!!!

Thank you for a generous dose of cozy on a day I really needed it. :*)

i know the weather has been delightful and uncanny for the pnw - i am in western washington! you make me love it here more because our landscape is similar to yours and your photography is luscious. i've had 4 babes who are much older than yours now -(littlest is 6) and your lovely girl makes me enjoy mine and the memories of them even more too. thank you for weaving happy beautiful stories about regular life, making it not regular at all any more. yours is one blog i always walk away from with a sense of wonder - you have a beautiful life to be sure but i always feel charmed and inspired rather than wishing and envious. thank you thank you for sharing it with us.

Your Irish Chain quilt is GORGEOUS! And as always, thank you for the beautiful photos, the one with the daffodils is so pretty and the flowers in the toes made me smile :)

She's like a little fairy.♥

Perfect flower pot/frog/toes:)
I would wear that outfit of hers in the STORAGE shot.
I have photos of our girls in matching Gingham dresses..one pink one blue..w/ white pinafores..both floor length..One Easter I think..
Your entries bring back so many wonderful memories.
I am so curious as to that cooktop?
The food all looks wonderful.
We're melting our snow here the last 2 days..snowshoeing through the slow de-hibernation~

Beauty spring-y pictures! I love her new dress and your beautiful quilt tops. You do all the things I just talk about doing.

That Irish Chain quilt - oh my. And your fabric selection is on point as usual. I do so enjoy the photos. Northern CA is unseasonably warm as well. 79 today, they predict. Ugh.
How on earth do you quilt and sew with Mimi running around? My little Claire is barely one and a half, but I find it pretty impossible to do much of anything structured when she's around - which is always. Sneaky hands finding fabric to play with. Needing to sit on Mommy's lap. Needing mommy to build a block tower...

Beautiful photos as usual! The quilt is gorgeous, the dress gave me pause (so so pretty), and the last pic made me laugh. :) Happy Spring!

Love that last photo, it made me smile. Your Irish Chain quilt is gorgeous, exactly the sort of pattern I like. Good luck with the blueberry. I've got several in pots and they're very pretty, and it's lovely to have fresh berries. Mimi will no doubt love picking them. Don't expect many to reach the kitchen though! Enjoy the rest of the week Alicia. CJ xx

Your Irish Chain quilt is gorgeous and will be a treasured heirloom. I got such a kick out of Mimi holding a flower in her toes.. that is the CUTEST image ever! I just love hearing how much happiness and joy she has brought to your home. Our little grandsons who live with us are nearing their birthdays and will be 6 and 7. They grow so fast! We're heading off to get their hair cut.. might just be a photo op. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Gorgeous quilt and I love your daughter's sweet clothes. I remember so fondly the days of floral dresses and pinafores ... and the nights of sewing them so there would be a surprise in the morning. :-)

Your photos are always so soothing. :)

Oh. That quilt. Is there a pattern for this? It's lovely. I have an idea for a quilt for my daughter's bed and I'd love to do something similar!

Lovely spring things... all~

I looove the Robert Kaufman London Calling line! I keep snatching up a yard here and there and then hoarding them for doll dresses. So charming and pretty!
Your quilt is absolutely splendid! Nice work.

PS We have three blueberry bushes. The kids adore them... and none of the berries ever make it to the kitchen. Ha! ;)

Absolutely gorgeous. I am adding an Irish Chain to my list right now. I love the dress too. It is so nice to see Spring in Portland. I am so looking forward to it here in the Northeast.

Haha love the little footsie at the end! And your quilt! Just gorgeous. Can't wait to see it when you get it back.

Beautiful Irish Chain, I too have always been enchanted with that quilt. Your pictures are a welcome burst of spring to someone living in the still frozen midwest. Oh.Mt. Hood.

Beautiful photos! I actually gasped when I saw that quilt top. It's beyond stunning!

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