Sunshine Day

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Amelia and I had a rare Saturday to ourselves. I honestly can't even remember the last time Andy worked on Saturday, but it will be a regular thing now, as his schedule is slightly rearranged. I was worried we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves — a Saturday! precious Saturday! — but we managed quite nicely and actually had one of the nicest days I've had in a long time. I made Irish soda bread from our local bakery's cookbook, and an Earl Grey latte (half water, half milk, a teaspoon of sugar, the contents of two tea bags, heated in the beloved Capresso then strained — yum. Isn't there a name for this thing? I can't remember it). My dear friend Sarah had given me some Kerrygold butter. What a lovely, grown-up breakfast for Mama! Amelia wasn't impressed with any of it (except the raisins!) but I was in a state of bliss, reading a book with my breakfast on a beautiful, sunny, late-winter morning. Sweet Saturday. Later we went to the big park, then took a long walk from that park up to get frozen yogurt, then walked around some more in the stroller, talking about birds and flowers and ducks at the duck creek. Came home in the late afternoon and she took a nap while I looked at quilts on Pinterest. Quiet, wonderful, gentle, sweet little day. We missed Andy but we made the most of it, I think. Saturdays just feel different from every other day.

My mixer's lowest speed is way too high. I need to take that somewhere and have it adjusted. Flour was everywhere, even with the towel.

I finished pillow #2 (that's it, on the sofa) and it was fun. The quilt-as-you-go technique is a lot of work. I think the pillows came out cute, but I want to wash them so that they pucker up and actually look quilted; as they are the quilting isn't showing yet, so it seems a bit unnecessary. Thank you for the advice about that — I think I'll wash them without worry. I still have the third pillow to make. I got distracted, though. I suddenly found myself randomly sewing strips together, inspired by this amazing quilt. Then I remembered that I had oh, half an entire Irish Chain quilt started . . . somewhere. I found it (miracle) and hung up my completed sewn-together blocks on the window. This was all from several years ago. As I looked at it I was kind of astounded by the memory of that time, a time when I'd had time to do anything like this. But everything that I'd used then was there, in the basket, including a bunch of blocks that hadn't been pressed, and lots of strips, and more fabric, etc. So, I'm going to try to finish it. It feels like it came from another life. It feels weird to work on it, in a way. I got emotional the first day I worked on it. I felt like I was literally reconnecting with the person I was back then. I thought of myself then, sewing all of those tiny squares, pressing those seams so carefully, hope in every patch. I'm not sure why I put it away — I just don't remember. My throat is tight while I write this. I'm not sure I can find the words to say any more except thank you, thank you, God. For getting her here. For getting me here.

So now I've got Irish Chain to finish. And Pibbow 3. And the new quilt I started made out of strips (strings? what's this lingo? I know nothing). The new strippy quilt fabric is coming out of the same log-cabin strip basket that I used for Amelia's log cabin and the first two pillows, and I'm also cutting up the scraps in my big scrap basket, little by little. This is a little-by-little quilt. Whenever I have a couple of minutes, I go back and do something — press and cut some scraps, sew some strips together, press some seams. All random. I decided that this would be a family quilt, for the big king-size bed, and that the scraps from all the things I've made over the past few years are going to go into it. Violet used to sleep in this scrap basket, and now Bridget does (unless she can find a little sunspot). All of this makes me so happy and content.


Saturdays are for adventure. Adventure in the kitchen, in the studio, discovering the person we once were. It's all good.

Many more happy days to come.

(as a side note please keep raisins & grapes away from Clover Meadow as it's poison to their (dogs) kidneys - I found out the hard way)

Jackie Spinney says: March 02, 2015 at 04:40 PM

Where is your corgi? I haven't checked in in a while, but I don't see her.

I think the drink is called a London Fog. What a lovely day! Thank you for sharing it.

Alicia - Your posts and photos are always a delight! You're very much an inspiration to all of us other crafty mamas!

Saturday's are just the best, they are my favorite day! Your pillows and Irish Chain quilt are so very lovely. I know what you mean about memories coming back when working on an old project. I think that's why some of mine don't get finished haha!

I love all of your photos of Amelia-- she has got to be the most photogenic little girl ever! I don't leave comments often but always read your blog-- it's still my favorite and makes me remember the goodness of life.

wow...that quilt is something else. i hear you on "when did i ever have time for something like this?" i haven't taken on a big quilt yet, only a dolly sized one. one day.

I'm enjoying the sunny days after the rainy ones. I think the photo of Mimi in the drawer spot was hilarious especially when I saw her feet sticking out the back. Your soda bread looks delish. I wish I was as good at baking as you are. I like your shamrock.. I have one that I've had I think I got the tubers from my Mom who is no longer with us. I'm working on a neat ripple in this thick and thin hand-spun looking cotton called Billow from KnitPicks.. (pix on blog) - the colors amaze me. The color I'm adding now is called "Turmeric".. kind of a wonderful golden copper. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

That quilt is amazing, I can't wait to see it finished.

I read your blog all the time. We made and enjoyed your spaghetti casserole. It was very yummy. I love seeing Amelia. She is the age of my grandson. It's such a wonder watching children this age. She is such a beautiful little girl. Thank you for such beautiful photos of your home and adventures. Your posts always brighten my day.

As always,thank you for sharing. I am so happy to hear the joy and simple love in your voice. Yes, thank you. We have so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for you...and your quilty pinboard 💕

Yes, there is much to thank God for. It's beautiful that even an unfinished quilt can remind you/us of our blessings that are beyond words.

Connections... strung together, bits of past and present, for the days ahead. All of this, from butter to shamrocks, from scraps to sunlight, blends seamlessly.

Love, love, love your posts! They remind me to be mindful and enjoy all of the little things that matter the most :)

I never got anything I wanted in life - except my daughter and oh she was so wanted. The marriage didn't last, nothing else of the kind we are supposed to need arrived. But, I always had my treasure and I had her young and she has sustained me. The joy, the hope and the love I give and receive has all been because of her. I waited for lots of things that never arrived nor do I think they ever will, but I was given her early. I was lucky. A child really is the best gift of all.

I am so glad you got your heart's desire after your long hard and painful wait. She was worth waiting for wasn't she? A very special little girl, but you are special too. I am so glad you found each other.

Half milk and half tea is what they called 'cambric tea' in the Little House books. ;)

Every child should be so loved & surrounded by security, contentment, coziness. I look at your photos & am comforted although I'm far past childhood. Thank you for sharing your home & heart.

After fifteen years of homeschooling, I wouldn't recognise a Saturday from a Wednesday. Infact, half the time I don't know what day it actually is, and I always have to check to see the date. :-)

I remember a long time ago reading your weblog and wondering why you had no children since you seemed like such a mothery kind of spirit. And then I read further in your archives and discovered the story of it. My heart ached for you. So it's been such a joyful thing to read about Amelia in your life. Love is always a beautiful miracle, I think.

I get so happy when I click your blog link, on my bookmark toolbar no less, and see a new post. Love reading them, with my 2 yr old Amelia, looking at yours. You ooze contentment and that inspires me to be more that way, thank you for that xx

Yes, Kate is right, that's a London Fog. Aren't they yummy? I got my Capresso after seeing it on your blog and I just love that thing. :)

God bless you Alicia.

What a lovely Saturday! I bought a Capresso after you posted about yours and making chai tea lattes at home. I also ordered the tea from the shop you mentioned and it was oh so delicious! Can you tell me the name of the tea shop again? I would love to buy more of the one I liked so much but, for the life of me, I cannot find the name or address of the shop! Thanks for sharing these precious snippets of your days with us. Amelia is such a hoot and a darling, darling girl! Your blog is always a bright spot in my day.

This post reminded me that I have fabric set aside to make a quilt inspired by a quilt I saw on one of your posts from last summer. It reminded me of a quilt my grandma once had. You were picknicking on a beautiful quilt made of lots and lots of rows of tiny squares set on an angle. Huh, don't know where that fabric is! Still need to do it! I loved how you expressed remembering yourself while working on the quilt. Beautiful. Also, I saw on pinterest someone made a fantastic splash guard for their mixer with a frisbee - it looked rather effective. Ingenious, though I haven't tried it myself yet! Love to visit here - thank you as always!!

London Fog is the name of the tea drink with Early Grey Tea and steamed milk. Yum. If I have them made by a barrista in a coffee shop I have half the syrup. Scones. Yum. Pibbows. Its all good!

WhitneyBryce says: March 02, 2015 at 09:21 PM

I so enjoy watching Amelia grow, she is such a beautiful little girl! She is blessed to be in a house of so much love! Thank you for sharing your photographs and all of your adventures! I am currently living vicariously through you and all of your blooming flowers, in the Ohio valley we are still under snow and freezing conditions; I cannot wait for spring!

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