Sunshine Songbird

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She doesn't walk through the woods as much as careen. Chattering and singing, running, spinning, flinging rocks into the water. She lies down in the middle of the trail. A woman walks by and says, "She's grounding! I get it." Within seconds, she's up and running around the bend, or headed across a bridge, or doing an arabesque. The morning is so beautiful it takes my breath away. White sunlight through delicate trees. Soft carpet of faded duff. A chilly, mellow gurgle from the creek. The ravine is only barely awake, a sleepy, pale-green tangle, every slender branch just beginning to fuzz and froth. Listen, baby: Do you hear the birds? "Ooooooh, yes," she says, squatting to hear them better. "Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet."

Portland Audubon Society; Sunday morning, March 1, 2015.


moody … magical … magnificent … both visually and verbally :)

lovely! reminds me I need to get to the forest.

Sona Jacob says: March 06, 2015 at 08:51 AM


So many memories of playing in the forest at Salmon Lake at the family cabin. Such textures come through your posts. Thank you from behind my desk in my windowless office. :) Love the "grounding" comment. We all need to do that more. I think I'll go lie in the neighbors yard.

Renee lynn says: March 06, 2015 at 09:00 AM

Looks so green! 8 degrees here today and at least 2 foot of
snow still on the ground...........

oh to have spring, sunshine and a fabulous pair of galoshes!

visceral~my body reacts to the beauty of these. thank you for the gentle reminder that, while this beauty is not (here) where I am, I can still keep reaching for it.

Colleen Stockman says: March 06, 2015 at 09:28 AM

You live a thrilling life...thanks for sharing!

I love to see little Mimi in your beautiful hand knits in the dirt. I still treat hand knits as precious objects. I do let them out of the house, but only under specific conditions. ;)

oh my gawd, her cheeks are so ROSY!!! Wish I would look as cute as she does in clothes like that! :) Such beautiful scenery for you to enjoy with your sweet family. I don't think I'd ever want to leave!

You affirm something good and beautiful, Alicia.
I've been pondering the relevance of blogging, where they're headed... and why we keep them.
Then I see THIS, and again, you shine light, and lift a veil, to share the essence of what is worthwhile, why we keep moving forward. To say this is "lovely" barely expresses what you bring to blogging.

How beautiful! I love the owl!

That pair of yours is just too cute for words!

This joy and spontaneity in response to the world is what we should keep no matter how old we are. Even if we can't or don't perform the same physical actions. The wee darling is a model for us all. I do hope there's another pair of gumboots waiting for when these get too small!

WOW! Such a beautiful trail to walk on. Your pictures are so beautiful. Mr. Owl sitting majesticly on guard as people pass. The picture of your daughter looking through her legs is so adorable. You have a precious family. Oregon seems to have such lush green trails to enjoy. I am really envious. Keep on blogging and sharing your beautiful pics with everyone. You drop such a huge ray of sunshine into my life each day. Thank you so very much.

I love reading your blog and seeing the pictures of your beautiful daughter and the lovely scenery. My sons arrived in Portland yesterday to visit their cousin who move there in September. They've already posted a couple of shots taken from the plane and I can't wait to see what else they discover. Hope I can visit the area soon. Thanks for sharing!

There is little as restoring as a walk in the woods. I can hardly wait until the overwhelming snows of this winter are gone and I can get under the trees. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.


If only we all delighted in life and in nature the same way, what a difference it would make to the world. Certainly, we could not poison, frack, and destroy something we loved so much. I wish our society consulted the wisdom of children.

Thank you so much for letting us relive the joy of childhood.. the adventure of it all.. Mimi and her antics are just pure happy. You're such good parents to take her out to see nature and the world and learn her place in it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

such unbridled joy! mimi makes me feel as though there is hope for children 'today'. i never see electronics in her hands. i saw a child in a grocery cart with an ipad. *tsk* why can't some parents not involve their children in their surroundings? it's easier to plunk a screen in front of them or vice versa (i.e. disc players times two in the back of a van) than to play car games or talk to the children. so, andy and alicia, bless your little cotton socks :>) for doing things with your daughter. and andy?? where'd the cubs hat go?? (sorry about the soapbox, alicia. i'm just pleased to see mimi being so exuberant!)

Your posts give me hope that spring will come.

This post just warms my heart and makes me happy all over! I want to walk where I need galoshes!

She's such an adorable little girl and those baby leaves give me hope that spring is coming.

When I look at your photographs, I want to pack up my house and move to the PNW immediately! It's SO VERY GREEN. I say that as a Texan who moved to Maryland and loves it here because it is very green, but the PNW is green and enchanting, I think?

Also, toddler laying in the middle of the trail is the best. So so perfect. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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