April Flowers

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Oh my goodness, thank you for the sampler orders. Thank you VERY much!!! I am so happy. I truly appreciate your orders and all of your sweet words. I'm really excited about this project and this kit and I really can't wait until they start arriving in mailboxes and you get stitching. Stacy is packing and shipping like a rock star. I'm very proud of this one and I truly hope you'll be pleased! Thank you so much for your interest and your enthusiasm and your support. It means the world to me.

Answers to questions, mostly about what was represented by certain letters: Yes, J is for Jam (or Jelly, or Jar); V is for Violet (after my sweet Violet girl); P is for PIE (blueberry, in this case). AND yes, there is a PDF pattern available if you have floss and fabric of your own — it is available for immediate download here.

As far as making the design in a fabric of a different count (i.e.: one with fewer stitches per inch, presumably), yes, you can do that. Please read through my tutorial which includes a discussion of stitch count (and how it's related to the "thread count" of your fabric). Theoretically, you can work a counted cross stitch pattern on any thread count evenweave fabric you prefer, though it's important to have an understanding of how changing the thread count will change the look and the overall size of your motifs and your entire design. Most cross stitch patterns will give you the dimensions in stitches, as well as inches (or centimeters) on whatever count fabric has been used for this sample. In this case, the finished size of the design area (that's from stitch to stitch, not including any margins) on My Sweetiepie is 13.1" x 10.3" (33cm x 26cm); that's 210 stitches wide x 165 high on 32-count fabric. If you are using a different thread-count fabric, it's important that you recalculate the dimensions in inches or centimeters so you know how much fabric you will need (plus framing and handling margins). For instance, if you are using 28-thread-count fabric, that's 14 stitches per inch; divide 210 stitches by 14 to get the width of the design area in inches, and divide 165 stitches by 14 to get the height (of the design area) in inches. It works out to be 15" x almost 12". So you'll just want to make sure you understand that before you use a fabric with a different thread count.

Ahhh, the days have been busy! Four days, no naps. You know what I mean. Funny things being said. Yesterday, after dinner, I'm in kitchen loading dishwasher, Mimi's in high chair in dining room, starting to wimper.

Me: "Meemers, are you sad?"
Amelia: "Yes."
Me: "Why, honey?"
Amelia: "Because I want to go to sleep in my little crib!"

Later, we're both lying in the big bed and she's pretty much completely asleep. She suddenly pops straight up and says, loudly, as if startled, "I love APPLES?!?!?!"

I whisper, "Yes, you do." She lays back down and goes to sleep.

Easter was lovely. On Saturday there was a neighborhood Easter-egg hunt, which was very sweet. We had brunch with my family on Sunday and then spent the rest of the day gardening and going to the park. She got a watering can from the Easter bunny and watered in all the new plants. Remember my wildflower garden from the seed packs in the parkway beds last year? Well, tons of those flowers were perennials, and they're coming back. I threw a whole bunch more seeds in, too. I thought they were incredibly pretty, though the beds got pretty scrappy as the really hot weather moved in. But, what didn't. I get pretty scrappy when the really hot weather moves in. 

Today, though, it's wonderfully cold. Birds are singing. Flowers are blooming. Leaves are busting, so juicy looking you want to munch a mouthful like a little bunny. Favorite spring dinners? Any suggestions? I need cooking inspiration, yet again. Last night I made my shrimp bowls. Thinking about doing that again, with quinoa and chicken. What are you making? What's good?

***Her sweater details are here, and her dress and pinafore here. :)


I think this might be something you and the little Miss might enjoy. I know my Grandson will love it! https://www.lehmans.com/p-8312-seed-slinger.aspx

Thanks for sharing the pattern links! My babe at 3 years just gave up her passy and is sad, too :) Love your sampler. Maybe I'll try it!

Oh I'm so excited! I ordered a kit yesterday! My little boy turns one in four months and I am planning on making him a little reading cozy for his present - this sampler is perfect! Thank you for sharing this wonderful project, and for sharing so much of your passion and creativity! Mahalo!

Your little gardener♥

The sweater is too sweet for words! The perfect pretty model she is, too! ...When I was a little girl, Mum would drag me into the fabric stores as she proceded to spend what felt like endless hours, looking around, deciding what to buy. Me, parked at the pattern books, wishing I was one of those pretty little girls modeling the pattern clothes. That's Mimi!! She's the lucky pretty little girl in the pictures!!

i was sure that the j was for a cuppa joe - it's portland, after all :) jelly is better!

food...weary of store falafel being so dry, i mooshed up 2 tins of chickpeas, cumin, smidge of flour & more and made my own. fage yogourt, dill & minced cucumber for tzatziki sauce. pitas, shredded lettuce, hummos, tzatziki & falafel. it's also time for fork-shredded chicken salad with raisins, lots of curry, green onions, mayo, black olives...you get the idea. beautiful photos, as always. thank you, alicia.

Ha! My 5-y old has taken to spontaneously declaring that she loves meat on a stick! I love your pictures, they capture the vibe around pdx perfectly.

The perfect outfit for spring, how sweet she looks. Gorgeous camellias, it looks like you all had a good Easter. CJ xx

The pink pinafore, plus the pink water can! Oh my goodness, I can hardly stand the sweetness of it all! There is something just so perfect about kids inspiring, isn't there?

Amelia has the most adorable clothes, I wish I could wear things like that!

Christine Capece says: April 09, 2015 at 12:53 PM

Oh, your comments of Ameila talking made me laugh! My little Dean, just turned 2, and is starting to say crazy things too - in the middle of the night -- "Mommy popped the big balloon." Like these are the most important things on their minds at this age! It's so precious. I love seeing your little girl grow up! I made a similar 2nd birthday cake as you, and everyone raved!! Thank you for the ideas - and Dean's present this birthday was a Mr. Basil Fox. He loves him so. Thank you Alicia - coming to your site gives me so much joy and happiness!

This cheater Shrimp Pho is really good and quick to prepare:


I like that this recipe uses wheat noodles instead of rice. I find that rice noodles get gloppy over time. Thin spaghetti makes for much more appetizing leftovers. I'll sometimes cube up some tuna fillet or tilapia and throw it in the pot with the shrimp. And it's not really spicy. I think if you left out the tablespoon of Jalapeno it would still taste great.

As always, I love your little one's dresses & pinafores.

I wish I could say it was still warm here in Melbourne, turned the heater on last night! Lovely photos Alicia, can't wait for my sampler kit to arrive. Have a lovely weekend xx

Yes, we have moments like that. Urgent toddler thoughts. I thought she was asleep, but not before exclaiming "PIE! Yum yum."

Pinafores! She looks like she stepped out of a charming Eloise Wilkin book. Darling sweetness.

The photos of her in the pink pinafore with the (pink!) watering can - oh my word!

I have been wanting to make this recipe:

as always, thank you for your lovely blog!!

That sweater on Meems.. the stuff of legends! It's so neat to watch her seeing things like Easter egg hunts for the first time. Well, that she'll remember anyway. I volunteered at the falls today and on a coffee run for my sister and I.. I walked up to the upper plaza and snapped the roaring falls before collecting the coffee and getting back to "work". This is some Spring, isn't it? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

I love reading your blog and all of your wonderful adventures with your family. As far as dinners go...I have a couple of dinners I go back to all the time.

This soup seems so simple, but it is SO delicious! We make it over and over and never get tired of it. I make it as is except I use regular sweet Italian sausage instead turkey sausage.


The other one is this authentic taco recipe. The beef is AMAZING!!!!! I make it exactly as is. However, it is spicy. So reduce the chipotle chilis for a milder version. I make a whole batch a freeze half. Its incredible and also a great recipe to make for a dinner party.


Smiling as I watch Amelia in action...the photo of her peering through the green melts my heart. You do have a gift with the camera. APPLES! Love those moments.

She just gets cuter and cuter! That dress with the pinafore - adorable. And I love that she helps in the garden with her new watering can. What a joy!

These are so sweet. What a lucky girl she is to have a mama make her so much beautiful clothing!

She looks like she walked out of a Tasha Tudor painting in that pinafore. I also adore the sweater and skirt combination.

You mean the P wasn't for pizza? :)

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