My Sweetiepie Sampler Kits Now Available!

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Well, good morning! Do you know your ABCs? We're learning them here, and we want to share ours with you!


My Sweetiepie ABCs Cross Stitch Sampler Kit is now ready to order here!

You can click on both of those images above to see them enlarged. :)

This counted cross stitch sampler was inspired by the delightful experience of living with two-year-old Miss Amelia Paulson while she learns, among billions of other things right now, her ABCs. It is stitched on 32-count linen (that's 16 stitches per inch) with two-plies of DMC six-ply cotton embroidery floss. Suitable for boys and girls of all ages, it is, to date, possibly my favorite thing I have ever designed.

Finished Size of Design Area: 13.1" x 10.3" (33cm x 26cm); 210 stitches wide x 165 high on 32-count fabric

My Sweetiepie ABCs Cross Stitch Sampler Kit contains:

One 20" x 18" (51cm x 46cm) piece of 32-count Zweigart Belfast linen in Stone Gray
(79) 24" (61cm) lengths of various colors of DMC 6-ply cotton embroidery floss
Stitching instructions
Illustrated stitch tutorial for special stitches
Color cross-stitch chart with symbols
One piece of chipboard for creating a floss organizer
*Frame not included.

You will need your own:

#24 tapestry needle(s) for cross stitch
Embroidery scissors
4" (10cm) embroidery hoop
Frame and framing supplies

If you are new to counted cross stitch, or need a refresher on the basics, please see my "how to do counted cross stitch" tutorial here.

This is not a hard project, and can definitely be done by beginners, but it is big! And the stitches are small! And there are a lot of colors! There are 47 colors in this sampler. But come on, that is why it is AWESOME!!! Using so many colors gives these little motifs so much depth and richness, especially relative to each other. Besides, you don't want this project to go fast. You want to sit with this and watch every episode of Outlander and then start the new season (which just started).

That said, I think one of the "hardest" parts of making this sampler will be organizing the 79 lengths of floss (in 47 colors) that you will receive in the kit. The floss will come to you in three separate hanks, with about twenty-six or -seven 24" lengths in each group. The pattern includes a list of floss colors and numbers, along with their symbols as used in the chart, organized into the three groups. I've included a piece of chipboard (thin cardboard) and the instructions for making floss organizers like mine.


To help you separate the colors, which can be a bit tricky but not really too bad (since you are given the number of lengths included and the color name, which provides a general description of the color itself) I've put some large photos of my floss, all organized, up on my web site here. This should help you figure out how to tell the colors apart, relative to each other. 

Remember, you need to separate two plies away from the six-ply embroidery floss length to work the cross stitches throughout the sampler. Special stitches, including backstitches and French knots, use one or two plies, as indicated in the instructions. If you don't know how to do these stitches, I've included illustrations and directions for working them in the pattern.

The chart you will receive is quite large, larger than the actual size of the finished piece, and it is broken into four separate one-sided pages. You can use them individually or cut them out and tape the chart together, overlapping the grayed areas. Each color has its own symbol, keyed, as I mentioned, to a list of color names and DMC's assigned floss-color number. To work the design, you follow the chart, counting stitches as you go.

It also really helps to have something dark on your lap as you stitch. The holes in the fabric that you need to stitch through are so much easier to see.


Also, as you probably know, I also carry my favorite supplies in my web shop, should you need lovely, high quality tools. For this project, we have:


Gorgeous little embroidery scissors.


Hardwicke Manor 4" hoops.


Twill tape to wrap around the inner hoop. You don't need to do this, but it's nice, and provides more tension to keep the fabric from slipping out of the hoop as you stitch.


And size #24 tapestry needles for cross stitch on linen.

All supplies will be shipped along with your kit.

We do ship overseas! To place your order, you will be required to read this information, which contains details about international shipping and customs fees you may incur when ordering outside the U.S. (If you are overseas, the shipping cost charged by Posie does not include any further charges you may incur when importing goods.) To see the shipping-only costs for your order and location, just place the items in your cart and choose your location (or enter your zip code, if you are in the U.S.) and it will tell you how much the shipping is. As usual, I have a sincere request: Please check on and update your shipping address correctly in your Paypal preferences so that there is no confusion when we go to ship. If you do need to add things to your order or change your address after you've placed the order, just email me and we'll figure it out, no worries! I just like to remind people of this ahead of time, because it's a bit easier.

What else do I need to tell you. I don't even know. Other than that I am crazy excited about this! If you do have questions, please ask them here and I will pop back in throughout the day to answer. Thank you!!! Xoxoxoxoxo, A&Co.!


I've been anxiously waiting! I didn't even read the post, I went right right away to place my order. It's lovely! I'm a big fan. Thank you.

i know as soon as you tell me I will see it but . . . what is the letter "V" design?

Well now. Just because I have not finished the other three samplers of yours does not mean I will not order this beauty;-) Thanks so much for sharing your gifts.
blessings, jill

V is for Violet😉. I PROMISED myself one of these kits as soon as available. Had a long day and was so delighted to see it ready for order. Now I can merrily stalk my mailbox. Love it so, cannot wait to stitch! Many thanks. Have a wonderful week!

Incredible Croatia work on stuff. Good habbit and great time pass of mine.

Rosalind Parnell says: April 08, 2015 at 01:58 AM

Hi Alicia! What a pleasure to log on to your blog, and see that your cross stitch is ready for shipping. I live in Cambridge, England, and I have been stung by British customs before when ordering from the US. Your rabbit cost me as much in tax as the kit itself. Sooooo....I was wondering if there will be a PDF chart to buy soon? I have so many DMC threads, and others besides, plus linen, so all I really need is the chart. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the chart will be on sale soon.

It is a beautiful sunny spring morning here, and I have to say that looking at what you all have been up to just made it sunnier. I am a great fan, and love watching Amelia, as she grows up. I have two grandchildren born in August and September 2012, (just three weeks apart), so you can imagine how much your experiences with Amelia resonate with me. I always feel a rise in my mood after reading your latest entries. Do keep taking your pictures and writing your news.

Be are going to be inundated with orders for your sampler!

Have a great day!

Not got the eyesight for cross stitch. I can either look at the chart or the stitches and see them clearly enough but not both. That's the trouble with being long and short sighted now I am an old lady. Prefer freestyle embroidery though so perhaps not too much of a problem.

I don't really have time to do this now but I know if I don't order it this morning it will be sold out when I decide to come back! I love this sampler! Oh well, you can never have too many projects waiting in the wings.....right? I love the house.

Fran Healy says: April 08, 2015 at 09:27 AM

What are J and V?

Fran Healy says: April 08, 2015 at 09:29 AM

What are J and V?

Yay! So excited! I just ordered mine, too! I'm more than half-finished with my Winterwoods, so it will probably arrive just in time! ;-) And I just wanted to say that the online shop is so pretty!

jam (jar) and violet, fran.

I wish I can get one; I love embroidery. At the moment, I will just drool and admire from afar! Alicia, you seem to possess magic in your hands. Complimenti :)

thank you, Ashley :)

It's been almost 5 years since I stitched last time. I have to make time for this! Just ordered mine, can't wait to get to it.

I haven't done much counted cross stitch since it was ALL the rage back in the 90's but I am going to start again with this one! I have a grand-baby due late August who will need this in his or her room. Thanks so much for the tip on wrapping the bottom hoop with twill tape. I didn't know this! It is lovely and thank you for designing it so that we can all enjoy one of our own.

I am so excited the Sweetpie sampler is ready to buy! I just bought mine and can't wait to start making it for my granddaughters. I may have to make one for myself too! Your designs are so lovely. They warm my heart when I look at them. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us as well as your lovely pictures on your blog. It's one of the highlights of my day!

Soooo cute!! My first granddaughter is expected in June, I need to stitch this for her room! Love that you offer it as a PDF since I already have a huge amount of DMC floss.

I just received this kit! It is beautiful and easy for me to find a quick stopping point and at the same time, feel as if I've accomplished something (a little letter…so sweet!) I am so looking forward to this project!

Alicia, I have never commented here but have long admired you and the gift you have for making home a lovely place to be. As the mother of five small children I sometimes just move on auto pilot doing nothing that is not necessary, but when I come here you remind me of the value of small things and the beauty and comfort they bring. I hope that makes sense in some way.

I also wanted to say that your sampler is amazing. I have never cross stitched, but I ordered your ABC kit when I read about several great-grandmothers in our family line who left beautiful samplers with the sweetest saying generation after generation...that they each made at age eight. I want to help my oldest do one now that she is almost eight so I needed to learn how to do it myself. I love that I could order everything I needed from your shop (as going into a craft shop with my five is a little intense). I have had to read your online support article about cross stitch at least five times...but with your floss pictures and other helps I started yesterday and it is so fun! You really did think of everything I needed to know so that moving through the process feels like a pleasure, not the frustration I thought it might be. Sorry for the long comment, but I am very impressed and excited about what my results might be! Thank you for sharing your talent with me!

I recently ordered the ABC kit.
I'm so impressed. The fabric is beautiful and soft. This is so easy to stitch and fun to complete each motif.
This is a very well thought out and adorable kit!

I just found your designs through Ginny Sheller! I am in love! Will you carry this kit again? I love it!

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