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Oregon, there are some things you do very, very well, tulips and hazelnut fields being two of them.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm with friends; March 27, 2015. (About a month earlier than we went last year. And weirdly, I made the same pie in that post the other day, too.)


Well done, Oregon! of my favorite flowers..stunning!

It's nice to know some things will never (fingers crossed) change.

Tulips, good day with friends, delicious pie!

Praying more days like this for everyone.

Never, was there a more adorable tree hugger and her boots!
blessings, jill

How absolutely JOYEOUS!!

Spectacular images of the tulip farm, Mimi and more tulips. I *loved* the arched filbert trees.. I grew up in McMinnville which was surrounded with filbert orchards so that image thrilled me.

*H*A*P*P*Y* *E*A*S*T*E*R*!*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Annette Robinson says: April 02, 2015 at 07:54 PM

You have probably been told this before, but your little sweetie looks so much like an Eloise Wilkin illustration from an old Golden book named "We Help Mommy". I still have a copy of it from when my kiddos were little.

I love tulip time in Washington, too. It IS an early year!
I often find I am doing the same things I was doing a year ago, too. I like that cyclical familiarity when it catches my attention.
The little shrug/shawl looks perfect! The boots! Swoon!

Gorgeous tulip fields . . .
Adorable little girls . . .
Friends . . .
Amelia . . .

The tulips are beautiful! We have a similar place not too far from us in Holland, MI. Sadly, it is not time for ours to be out yet. I would say 2 weeks yet, maybe three. Thank you for you sneak peek at what we will soon be enjoying--it lifts my spirits.

Those tulip fields and pics of the little ones playing in them made my day, so sweet and beautiful. Thank you, Alicia! Happy Easter!

What fabulous landscapes and tulip fields!!! How I wish I could visit America again! But really Alicia the most marvelous of all is your little girl! Best regards from Greece.

I have seen lots of pictures from that tulip farm. I love yours with your sweet girl in them. Just beautiful. I had read on their site that they were having their festival early this year due to earlier spring. Just beautiful.

Just beautiful, Alicia!! I would love to see this in person someday!

i'm certain this is what heaven looks like.

oh my goodness! i have really enjoyed pouring over all of the beautiful spring in your last few posts! and the spring sewing of course!! so lovely :)

Tulips!!! Oh love love love!! They are my favourite!!

I have been knitting a vest for Violet too! I even thought of you when I bought it. It's Citronille's Gilet de Berger. Super fast, and just the right amount of warmth for spring.

Wow, gorgeous, just gorgeous!! I'm going to need to put this place on my list to see. So beautiful!

Lovely, lovely moments. Have. A womderful family Easter!

I know where I want to go next March! So beautiful!

Erin McSweeney says: April 04, 2015 at 01:47 PM

Oh my goodness...beautiful spring heaven you are beyond lucky to be there

Now this post just makes my heart sing! The beautiful scrumptious rows and rows of glorious color. I so love tulips!! Meems is so precious. I so love her pictures. :)

Can I ask about the sweet pink knit vest she's wearing? Pattern name please!

So beautiful and vibrant! All your photos are absolutely amazing.

Oh you went!! I want to go so much!!!

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