Spring Joy

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Afternoon at the river, which we had (gloriously) all to ourselves, until Amelia said, "Home!" and put on her own shoes and started walking by herself across the sand back toward the car :: Dark storms and ruby-glowing dogwood trees :: Andy-made chocolate chip cookies from this recipe, and they were indeed very good (Denise's suggestion — thank you, Denise!) :: A rhubarb pie from this recipe, which is delicious (if you like goo, which I do) :: A spinach souffle from this recipe which I thought was just . . . meh (needs more spinach, less egg, in my opinion) :: A chocolate cake from this recipe (which has replaced Hershey's Deep Dark for me — this one is better, and you can let the kiddos lick the spatula because, no eggs [irony]!) and our favorite frosting :: Cake baked by me and decorated by Meems (which made Andy laugh his head off when he got home and saw it) :: An attempt to take a photo of the vest, of which I am already knitting another, as this thing is just what I've been wanting :: Going out to get a columbine plant, a dozen more eggs to bring to the Easter egg hunt tomorrow, and Thai food for lunch with my dearest, darling, sweetest, most wonderfully wonderful girl.

Wishing you all a truly joyful weekend filled with love and springtime things! Xoxoxoxo


I love your photos of the flowering tree against the dark sky, so dramatic. Your baking and cooking look delicious as always. I hope you have a wonderful Easter, Amelia is going to really enjoy it this year!

anniequilts says: April 04, 2015 at 10:32 AM

Ode to Spring

padding barefoot in the river
green everywhere
blossoms too

cookies, cakes
pastel frosting
candy decorations
done to perfection!

everything so lovely and just as it should be. hope you have a hippity-hoppity wonderful kind of easter!

She's a pro already if she's able to wield a spatula loaded with chocolate icing and keep that lovely cream polka-dot shirt spotless. Or perhaps, it's her mom who's pro. Either way, that cake rocks! She's obviously got your touch. Lovely with a style all her own. Have a most blessed Easter, all of you!

Bonnie Schulte says: April 04, 2015 at 02:56 PM

HAPPY EASTER TO YOUR FAMILY. I don't think you can even imagine (well maybe) what joy and smiles your blog and family photos bring to my life. Amazing and beautiful. I love it all!!!!

Happy Easter, Alicia! Please let us know what kind of Columbine you wind up with. It's my very favorite!!!

Happy Easter Paulson family! The cake is fab, quite restrained in the sprinkles department for a wee one ;-) I need to look up those dogwood trees. We have dogwoods in the uk but they don't have blossom. Well, the dogwoods in our garden don't ever blossom...I need to investigate. That sky though! It is my favourite kind of sky, after a clear blue and sunny one. I just can't abide grey overcast ones, I like drama in my skies.

I thought of Little House on the Prairie when I saw the first picture of Amelia, but then Hercule Poroit came to mind in the picture of her licking the bowl. Such sweet pictures of a sweet little girl.

Thank you for all the great recipes!

Hoping you all have a Very Happy Easter!

I made the chocolate cake this weekend and used raspberry vinegar. It added a nice subtle taste. Thanks for sharing the recipe! (and for all you share on your blog).

I just want to stop by and tell you how much I love your blog, your pictures. Your little one is so cute. Everything seems so peaceful.

Suzy O'Brien says: April 05, 2015 at 01:58 PM

Lovely images as always

I love that she can lick the spoon! It's worth making the cake just for that.

i made your delicious cake today -- oh my, what a treat! I went to make your frosting too when the cake was cool (mistake) -- so next time I will make the frosting first! I made a buttercream w/ almond extract as we were ready to dive in. thank you for sharing this! Happy Easter to you all too! J

Happy Easter!!!

Happy easter!

I love, love, love how adorable Amelia looks while she's getting all dirty in the sand. My mom was strictly a "little ladies don't do that kind of thing" kind of mom and it crushed my little heart to get in trouble for messing up my dresses!

Amelia is SUCH a BEAUTIFUL child! And...shes got mad decorating SKILLZ just like her Mom!!! Happy Easter to some of my most FAVORITE PEEPS:)

i cut rhubarb from the garden yesterday, but turned into a sloth and we ate huge strawberries dunked in whip cream for dessert instead :)
you photo makes me glad to have them in the fridge and maybe the hens will lay a few more eggs today for a pie.
Spring keeps peaking from behind the storm clouds in the PNW...I hope she stays longer today, I have strawberry beds to dig and plants to transplant.

Each post your pictures of Amelia never cease to bring me joy and happiness because I just imagine your joy and happiness at your life now, these past two years with your precious daughter. Such a gift! I'm sure the other readers all feel the same too!

Hi Alicia! I have been a reader for almost ten years I think--and I have been meaning to ask for sometime if you have ever take a full photo or talked about the process of building the window seat/shelves that are (I believe) in Amelia's room? I have seen glimpses here and there and have a feeling it would work in our house as well as we have a similar shaped wall and pitched roof. Would you ever be willing to do a post about that that? I think you hired a carpenter at the time--and just wondering about the process and all. (But most importantly what the whole thing looks like!) Thanks! (If you have done a post about it I must have somehow missed it. If you could point me in the right direction I would be forever grateful if that's the case.)

That cake decorating is wonderful and makes me think I need more sprinkles in my life, always more sprinkles.

I love the grey vest. Pattern? must search your blog!! :)

Beautiful photos! Do you mind sharing where on the river that spot is? Looks like part of the Clack?

paola mollo says: April 07, 2015 at 02:51 AM

wonderful moment
love your pictures
ciao Paola

Sure is beautiful in your neck of the woods. She did a lovely job on the cake!

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