Quiet Days

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Well, the doctor says the ear infection is much improved, but my ear is still clogged-feeling and I can barely hear out of it. It's not painful anymore but it is very annoying. It's a middle-ear, Eustachian tube thing, on the inside of my eardrum. They have me on a nasal spray to see if it will help clear it. Blah. I feel like I'm in a bubble. Fingers crossed that it improves. And thank you very much for your kind words!

Around the house, things are quiet, too. I've been trying to take it easy, which is really nice (and feels so strange!). The weather's been cloudy and flat and I do like it that way, especially in the spring, when everything is so green. Today it's cool and dim, and there's not a hint of a breeze — it's as still and quiet as I've ever seen it. Meems goes to playschool two mornings a week, and she's there now. Our routine is usually pick up with the stroller and take the long way through the neighborhood over to the grocery store to get some stuff for dinner, talking to cats, bugs, and flowers on the way. On Wednesday I made Indian butter shrimp and that was totally delicious. Definitely special-occasion-type stuff — very rich, perfectly spicy. I love Indian food. I'm not sure what we will make tonight? Maybe Thai salad rolls with tofu? I have fresh basil, too.

So, I finished The Swan Thieves a week or so ago. (SPOILER ALERT!!!) I kept reading it all the way to the end but I must admit that I was completely befuddled by why Robert Oliver was obsessed with Beatrice? Yesterday Amelia and I went to the mall to get some new summer clothes and shoes and I came home with this (which I got to sit and read for an hour while sitting in an armchair high above the ice-skating rink at the mall while she slept in her stroller. I've never done that before but that was pretty nice). I think I might have heard an interview with one of the authors on NPR not too long ago? I'm already on page 74 which is kind of crazy for me, because I am usually a pretty slow reader!

I'm also starting to knit this sweater. Isn't that a pretty pattern?


Beautiful photos, as ever! I love the slow pace of picking up my little guy by stroller, stopping at the park, picking lilacs, stopping at the little sausage shop/deli. That cardigan is darling, but I know that top-down raglans are usually a disaster for my curvy figure. The sleeves are usually too big? Actually, the whole thing usually ends up too big for me.

melissa s. says: May 15, 2015 at 10:45 AM

So glad you're feeling better. Ear infections are no fun.

BTW -- we have a little library with so many kid books in Amelia's age range and by the look of your neighborhood pics, I think we live pretty close to you guys! We're on Lincoln St b/tw 28 & 26th if you'd ever like to stop by for some books!

Such a pretty sweater! Can't wait to see it!

The stuffed animals tucked in with the quilt!

That cardi pattern is beautiful, and the designer works at my LYS - a very nice woman.

Your posts always feel like a nice deep exhale of breath, slowing down the rush of my day.

Quiet days are the BEST....glad you got a few of them. Thanks for the photos - they are completely calming!

I never finished The Swan Thieves because it lost my interest. I do have to say her book The Historian was brilliant, it's something I recommend to all my friends. Totally different than The Swan Thieves.

I hope you feel better soon. Glad the pain is a bit better.

Your photos are all so homey and inspiring, just beautiful.

xo, C

Sorry you're still suffering with that ear infection and I hope it completely clears up soon! Aren't the quiet days just so lovely? I bet it was a great place to read, right there above the ice rink. Also, that shrimp dish looks truly delicious!! I might have to give that one a shot this weekend!

These are the most delicious photos of quilts and pillows. I am a bad ear person and I have discovered when my ears are like all blocked up like this when flying that i get relief by sipping on a water sipper bottle, like a brand one with a sipper top. it helps with the pressure. It's worth trying. The old print of the mother and daughter is so lovely. I hope you feel better soon, xs

Troy Louise says: May 15, 2015 at 11:44 AM

Glad you are feeling better. I read the book about Huguette some time ago as I was fascinated by the story & there are connections to Nevada in it. The first half really goes quickly, but I found the second part a little slower. Hard to believe it's all true. Is that a Carl Larsson print? Love your beautiful pics. Have a great weekend.

so sorry you are still sick. :/

I found the info for supplemental help great in the link below. Hope it helps :)

I just put a hold on a Kindle copy of that book from my library. I am curious to read it because it seems like such a sad story. I do love that cardi---I see it comes in large sizes and would maybe work for Peace Fleece. I am going to do some swatching---I want to knit a couple of new cardis for myself before next Fall gets here.

Poor thing! I had the very same thing happen last year. It took 3 weeks for it to clear. I did get this little device to help me out: http://www.earpopper.com
It's worth looking into.

Sorry about the ear business... be sure and stay on top of the treatment; I lost some hearing because of a bad infection. Sounds like the weather and scenery are cooperating for your recuperation. And I am tickled to be just slightly more familiar with some of the blossoms, the light, and loveliness of Portland Outdoors... I am still feeding my soul with the good memories of my 16 hour visit!
Dinner here? Well, I must say that curry has taken my interest~
Happy Weekending, Paulsons~

I commented on my Eustachian tube dysfunction in your last post. It's frustrating!

Your post mirrors the cool grey days we're having in Corbett, OR. The little pink flower - I posted photos of the exact flower on my blog today! Did you know it's called "Stinky Bob"? Isn't that the funniest name ever? I got my photos at Multnomah Falls where I volunteered yesterday. As always, I love your photos.. cozy and sweet. I hope your ear thing goes away fast. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Quiet days are so lovely and such a treasure for children.

As someone who suffers from chronic ear problems I can so totally relate! One thing that always helps me is Similasan Ear Relief drops which you can find at most drugstores. It's all-natural/homeopathic and very soothing. Mine get so bad that they spawn Vertigo attacks and that's on my top three of least fun things to deal with. Then I have to take Meclizine for the motion sickness that comes along with it which puts me in a complete fog plus the fact that I can't hear because my ear is clogged and I'm pretty sure that I make absolutely no sense to anyone around me. Feel better!

Sorry about your ear problems. Ear aches run in our family, sadly. I love, love that sweater pattern.

sharon stanley says: May 15, 2015 at 02:05 PM

love the sweater...the book...doesn't look like me...i'm reading a fun book called FLASH about a family that get's adopted by a donkey...true story and it's a sweet read. love the woman writing it...can't remember her name..rachel ridge maybe? anyway, that sweater...oh my, swoon. must have. and all those piles of quilts. nap please. fell better!

I read "My Goodnight Book" to my daughters now 31 and 29, I always loved the illustrations in it. Feel better!

cynthia says: May 15, 2015 at 07:06 PM

tape? that is the cutest thing. meems fell asleep playing with tape. the sweater is beautiful. it is so basic and will look nice with so many outfits. that's good that your ear is getting better. there's too much going on outside to be 'stuck' inside in pain.

Gráinne says: May 15, 2015 at 07:10 PM

I had a double ear-infection a few years ago, and it felt for two or three weeks like I had my head under water. It takes a while for the inflammation to go down and for the pus to be absorbed. Hang in there!!

I was weeding last weekend and found my ducksfoot thriving in the shade.
--the leaves are shaped like duck's feet.
Beautiful photo.

ELIZABETH says: May 15, 2015 at 07:51 PM

Ear infections take time to go away. Feel better soon!! I love that sweater and have it on my
to knit list for the fall. Do you mind telling us what yarn you are knitting the sweater with? I
am on the hunt for my yarn!! I bet Meems loves her two mornings at pre-school!

I have been wanting to read Empty Mansions for awhile now--will look forward to hearing your thoughts.

I love the designs from The Brown Stitch, but since I don't often knit right now, I will just live vicariously through others!

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