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We were going to go hiking but then instead of going straight we turned left, and found ourselves at the river. It's time to put the summer stuff in the car — an extra bathing suit, sunscreen, camp chair, shovels and cups, quilt, binoculars. It's time!

"Do you like the river?"
"Do you like the sand?"
"Do you like the birds?"
"Do you like the trees?"
"Do you like the . . . rocks?"
"Do you like throwing sand on the blanket?"
"I thought so."

Everything is draped in flowers right now. The roses droop majestically and we admire. My little raised beds in the front look scruffy and random, peppered with poppies, alyssum, yellow daisy things, white statice, other things, I have no idea what. The weather has been so unbelievably perfect. I hold my breath.

My sweater comes along! The color is extremely uninspired. The yarn is nice to work with, though I wish my cable were longer. I feel like my stitches are all squished on my cable and I don't like that. I think my other cables are in my basket of shamefully incomplete WIPs. That's like, double lame. Not only are the projects not finished, they have needles/cables sitting in them. Perhaps I should be not so lazy and do something about that. Bah.

Our friends made dinner for us at their beautiful home Saturday night. Their seven-year-old daughter answered the door when we arrived and then wordlessly came out to the porch and squatted down and threw her arms around Amelia, who threw her arms back around her. They stood like that, hugging each other, for a long minute and I almost cried. Sylvie doted on Amelia all night long, letting her play with every toy, bringing her everything she wanted, playing with her for hours. Amelia watched Sylvie and tried to do everything she was doing: eating with a fork, not throwing food at the dog, coloring on the paper and not on the table. When it was time to go home, we were all saying our goodbyes and I asked Amelia to return the baby carriage to Sylvie's room. She wheeled it down there but then didn't come back out. I went down the hall to find her and there she was, alone in Sylvie's (absolutely adorable) bedroom, fully tucked into her big-girl bed, with the covers pulled up to her chin. Serious, hopeful look on her face. God I love this kid.



those flowers! So beautiful!

How absolutely adorable. It sounds as though Amelia had a fantastic time with her 'big girl' friend.

sharon stanley says: May 18, 2015 at 11:00 AM

that story is precious. such a big girl already wanting to be bigger. the flowers and river are both lovely and that cute muff just keeps getting cuter and cuter. how can you stand that much cuteness?!

Oh, that door! The hinges and the latch! They must lead to someplace magical. And I love the color of the sweater. It's muted and subdued and looks like it's meant to be worn on a misty morning while drinking something hot. :)

She is a special gift. Thank you for sharing her with us!

that's really sweet!! I can totally see it! so glad your little one had such a great time!!! it's hard to get everything done... my knitting is really slow right now too (but I made my first sewing project and cut out squares for my goddaughter's quilt!!!). Hope you have a great week; love all the pictures!

That is the loveliest story about two sweet wee girls. Amelia's hair is gloriously auburn in the first photos.

Oh...your world is so beautiful. And what a sweet story, why can't we just keep them little for as long as we want.

The weather in Georgia is hot and steamy and wild things are growing everywhere. Enjoy your beautiful days!♥

Love that last bit where Amelia tucked herself in the Sylvie's bed. My two are the oldest in the family and never really had big ones to look up to but the have been fantastic towards all that came after them. I love those memories so much. :)

I can just imagine your flower beds. I would love to have mine look the way I think yours might. I'm glad Amelia had fun with her big-girl friend; it's so much fun to watch them learn through imitation!

What a girl!

I don't comment often, but, oh, Alicia, you made me laugh. How adorable, and how much love I "hear" in your voice. Enjoy that little one. You make me wistful for the days when my children were little, but the good thing about being a grandparent, there are more little ones to dote on and love oh-so-dearly!

Jennifer says: May 18, 2015 at 11:52 AM

Your blog is like a breath of fresh air in my hectic life. Reminds me to slow down an enjoy the beauty in this life. Thank you for sharing a piece of your world. :) Amelia's shoes...adore them!

Her hair is getting so long! Last year I had to give myself a refresher on how to make daisy chains because it just isn't summer with a little one and no flower crown - which reminds me - there's a fabulous new song by Heather Maloney called "Dandelions" about crowning someone you love with flowers - it's beautiful.

ANd here's a link to the Dandelion song:

"Serious, hopeful look on her face." I LOVE IT! I can just imagine. I think I might have wanted to stay in Sylvie's room too. I am 100% with you on the cables on UFOs in my knitting basket. I go to start a project, can't find the cables, remember they're in another unfinished project, then abandon the effort. Wait a couple weeks, repeat. Kind of counterproductive but I just can't admit defeat and frog a project just like that. We grow.

The beauty of this post... Her floral crown, blanket pulled up to her chin, sand, river, light... There's music somewhere that plays to all of this, and it makes happy that you blog.

Oh what a sweet wonderful story, you have made me smile. CJ xx

Alicia, I'm sitting here crying over your words about Amelia and her friend. So beautiful. I'm not sure why the tears . . . perhaps just moved to them. I love the views into your world.

I so enjoy how you and your family live life to the fullest. You are giving Mimi a memorable childhood. She's a lucky little girl.. and you and Andy are lucky parents. Have fun in this amazing Springtime. I know you will. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

What a sweet story :-) And goodness, your girl has beautiful hair.

Alicia - I've added "The Swan Thieves" to my book list. I'm reading "The Promise of Stardust" right now, and it's tough to get through. My eight year-old and I are reading "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane" and we're both really enjoying it. I will be sad when it's over, I think. Your Mimi is a must be having so much fun with her. xo

Lovely to be covered in mud and not care!

Beautiful, just beautiful - everything! Your photos and your words always make happy!

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