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We alternate between pool and air conditioning. The air feels, as they say, like a blanket. I know exactly which kind of fluffy wool blanket, too. Soft and thick and pale gray and vaguely fuzzy. Water, water everywhere. My yard absolutely feels like August, not June. It's dry, and there are things blowing around, dry things. There are plums already falling, and smashing, and smearing the front sidewalk and the stairs. There is brown grass and brown plants. But we have apples, for the first time, in the backyard. The Cox's Orange Pippin tree we planted I don't know how many years ago — it has apples the size of billiard balls on it, and that's a first. Usually they all fall to the ground when they're the size of golf balls. I don't know why in either case. The climbing hydrangea on the garage wall, once lush and so green it didn't look really, looks like it's hanging on for dear life now. Sigh. This is too hot.

Strangely, with the heat, over the weekend we had clouds. Don't let them fool you; it was still hot as a gray blanket. At the pool our girl is so happy, and so are we. We might have been there four or five times this week. I think I was born to be a pool bum. I think I was actually born to be a ski bum, believe it or not, but oh, right now, I love the pool so. Not that there's much bumming with a two-year-old (well, there is for Mama when Daddy's there). When he's there, I sit in the shallow water and never want to leave. My tolerance for pool time has always been high.

Back in the studio, I have an idea. Usually I have a lot of ideas and no time to work. Yesterday I had all day to work, and a bunch of party hats burst forth. So weird how that happens. I was going to do something else, actually. But then, these came out. I try to go with it. I'm thinking kit, actually. No ribbons on the hat, but elastic instead. Off to find the right kind. And poms to top.


I find it difficult to think when the temps rise so high. Too hot to move or do anything! Those party hats are super cute! They're making me wish I had someone little enough to wear them. Don't think my 16 y.o. son would go for that. ;)

At least somewhere there is warmth and sunshine. We have had a gray permacloud hanging over Indiana for the whole month of June. And the RAIN!!!!! Today is so cool I had to put a sweatshirt on! I am hoping for some beautiful sunny days before summer is over. ☺

I love the party hats!
You are so creative..

And she is so precious..little water girl!

We are feeling the crazy heat up the coast from you- a warm gray fuzzy blanket indeed. My little town has no outdoor pool but we are blessed to live with the ocean at our side and lakes galore. There is always a cool place to go for a dip in Powell River and that is what my family and I do every day.
LOVE the party hats! SO very sweet. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful life Alicia. Cheers to more time sitting in the shallow water with smiles all around.

Yesterday it was thundery and lightening-y in Tacoma, so the pool was off limits, wahhh! At least it was only in the 80s. In a normal year I'd never type that sentence.

Is that a swim suit or just a top and matching bottom? I LOVE it and I want one in an adult size for me :)

I'm so sorry! I check the weather there since my grandmother and aunt moved to Oregon... usually it makes me sigh wistfully and wish I were there. Not this week! Those high temps are shocking! Of course you still manage to find a silver lining... in spite of the heat, you have found so much beauty to share. Enjoy your craft room success, AC, and those cool pool visits.

It seems to be hotter in Northern California earlier than usual too. Plus it is soo dry due to the drought. Pictures of Amelia with Andy are priceless! Your pictures are always so delightful! Loving those party hats - can't wait to see how you fasten them on. They will look so cute on kids and adults!

We spent 9 months in TN with the heat and dear heavens the humidity. I swear Alicia, humidity can kill people. In TN there were thunderstorms twice a week during the summer that made matters worse.

We're so happy to be back in OR. Now if it would only rain like it used to so we can be green and cool again. Come on Fall & darn we pray for Winter snow, too?

I've been hearing about your heat. It seems pretty extreme, record-breaking even, I think. Your comparison to a blanket is apt. I know exactly what you mean. Down here in New Mexico, it's hot, but not abnormally so, and fairly wet. I've heard that your climate and ours have flip-flopped this year because of El Nino. I'm not complaining. I'm so glad you're finding relief at the pool. Enjoy those days when you can just sit.

Laura in Sacto says: June 29, 2015 at 11:42 AM

I love those party hats! We are having a heatwave too. This week it is predicted to be between 107 to 109 degrees. It it horrific.
I live in the Sacramento Valley of California and we are dried up like popcorn. It is just so gross. I have been sewing new curtains, I am not sure I have the energy to even go to my community pool.

How lovely, your daughter makes such a pretty water baby! Thank goodness for the pool when the weather is hot.

What gorgeous summer photos. The fourth one is lovely, those sweet bunches and the pretty summer dress. Wonderful. Cox's Orange Pippin is a really tricky apple to grow. It's one of the most delicious apples there is, but not the easiest at all. So well done on getting some fruit on there this year. I'd like to be at the pool on a hot day as well. There's a little (English) heatwave headed this way too. CJ xx

Here in Virginia we call it "air you can wear." Ugh. We are currently enjoying a respite after a few weeks of ugh. Hope you get your respite soon.

The hats are gorgeous, I just imagine lots of smiling toddlers in them :-) Pool time sounds great right now, getting hotter here in the UK too. x

Thanks for the delights you have managed to capture in your photos in spite of the heat. On the east side of Portland I was amazed yesterday afternoon to sit out on the front porch and enjoy the warmth which was tempered by a tiny shower of rain. [I'm beginning to forget what Portland rain looks and feels like!] My granddaughters have been enjoying running through the sprinkler showers and sliding and splashing around in two little wading pools. We live in a bit of a valley which combined with a lot of trees blocks our view of sunsets, but we have noticed some beautiful pink tinges to the sky in the last week for the parts of the sky we can see at sunset. I love seeing the joy you have captured in the expressions on Andy's and Mimi's faces in the last two posts. :) Your pretty party hats will definitely add to your life celebrations! xx

Susan Henkel (Tsawwassen, BC) says: June 29, 2015 at 01:30 PM

We are breaking heat temperatures up here in BC. Living by the ocean, we do get some breezes, though. My husband and I have been saying the exact same thing about the grasses and plants ... that in June it looked like August already. Our little grafted apple tree (has five varieties) must have 50-ish apples on it. First year ever! Noticed a few fell off last month but so far so good. Hoping they can hang on!!

Love your photos as usual. Such a treat to come visit you. I feel cooler just seeing the pool pics. Cute hats, too! We don't have any little ones to wear them but I can imagine they will be very popular as a kit.

Hope you're at the pool today!

Growing up in Califronia without air conditioning, my favorite ways to spend a hot day were pool, movie theatre, or backyard sprinkler. I just to wish for summer rainstorms, thinking it would be like a giant sprinkler to run in. Imagine my surprise upon living in the midwest and then east coast when I learned that summer storms are often cold, and/or accompany gale force winds!

Cox's Orange Pippin is such a wonderful apple! It's totally normal for apple (and quince) trees to shed some of their fruits in the summer - it's called the "June drop" (I think). This is so the tree only has a couple of fruits (or even just one, depending on the size of the tree) per branch, and can focus on making fewer but better apples.

I believe it takes about 5 years for apple trees to start producing, so maybe that's why your tree dropped *all* of its apples until this year.

Would you please tell us where you got Amelia's adorable swimsuit?

Have you thought about velcroing the circles with the birthday year onto the party hats? You could then add more years to the kits and then the hats would last for more than one year!

Love your blog, ideas, and beautiful photos!

One of the torments of our summer is the pile of great black clouds which rolls in on the muggiest days, and you think it's finally going to rain - some relief at last! - but those clouds are just damp heat, and turn the world into a sauna. We live by the sea and when the afternoon breezes come in they are hot too. Ugh. I do not like summer!

It may be hot and dry, but the pool seems to have made someone other than you ecstatically happy! Love the photos today! Where is the yard sale? It looks like a whole lot of fun. :)
Sheree xo

Gráinne says: June 29, 2015 at 03:42 PM

So, we're visiting my sister and her family in Portland this week-- bad timing! It's a relatively balmy 82 at home. (Insert cringing emoji here.) I should add, though, that this heat didn't stop me from going to a yarn shop (Twisted) and buying wool. And to Powell's. And George Rogers Park, where our 26-month-old got over his fear of going into the water because it was just so darned hot. :)

Last (Aussie) summer I learned about ice-cream made on bananas, it's so refreshing in full-on heat because it's not laden with fat and you can dress it up with all sorts of fruit, nuts etc. If you have bananas and a blender you can make it.


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