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Meems and me to Smith Berry Barn, Hillsboro, Oregon; July 8, 2015.

Yes, that's string cheese in the candle holder, "just like Mommy's."

Her dress, made here, exactly five years ago. Never, never, never give up.


Alicia, your daughter is so beautiful -- right now I'm looking at that profile shot after the berry bucket in particular. It's always a pleasure to see your posts in my blogfeed... such lovely photography of such lovely people/things :)

Berry picking is the best -as long as you don't mind the majority go in tummies and not in buckets. We did our strawberry picking last weekend and will go for raspberries in a few weeks. I do miss boysenberries though, we had a huge group of vines in my backyard growing up that my dad would make into pies, but they don't seem to be out here in Maine.

The dress is beautiful. Like your Wilco Poster too. We have (a different) one on our living room wall.

Every image here made me feel your awe and affection for your daughter... Sweet and silly, still, wandering, discovering. Your dream coming true. What a beautiful day. Then your words, simply, honestly conveying the time and hope, and effort that goes into the making of s beautiful day. Lovely.

Sweet hair, sweet dress and the sweetest face! All so lovely. A perfect day.

You are a good example of never never never giving up. I love that Amelia is smiling when she's near the animals. :- )

Your posts have been making me extra teary lately :). Love Smith Berry Barn--nothing like picking berries with toddlers! And love that you found the hope inside you to sew those little dresses for the precious girl you had yet to meet!

How wonderful that you now have a beautiful daughter to wear the dress you made all that time ago. She looks so sweet in it, too. Happy days x

I think I will braid my hair exactly like that today! She is wonderful. You are wonderful. And BERRIES!!

Troy Louise says: July 10, 2015 at 12:45 PM

Ahh! So sweet. Love her braids & little necklace and that you let her get dirty. So heartwarming. Happy weekend.

Too sweet, as always! We recently made jam from wild black raspberries here - it's such a delightful taste of summer, don't you think? :)

The closeups of her baby hands are so precious. Hold tight to these days. She'll soon be more little girl than baby girl.

what special pictures! love the progression and beauty! and how very special about that dress ... so happy for you!!!

Susan Henkel (Tsawwassen, BC) says: July 10, 2015 at 01:42 PM

Oh my, talk about a special dress. Hand-crafted with hope and tons of love to come.

Love how the pics tell a story (thanks for the heads up on the string cheese - lol) ... especially that last one ... off to do something else ... priceless.

But scarfing back those berries ... full head tilt ... so funny.

I see some more painted portrait possibilities here. Hmm, I like the alliteration, too :).

I can feel the summer heat coming off your pictures. I love Amelia's hairstyle :-)

Cheese should always be eaten from a candlestick. Wonderful. CJ xx

Oh, and that dress, and all the years of hope, sorrow, joy behind it. I am so happy for your family. <3

Funny reading the comment about the dress on the blog post 5 years ago - the one that says the sleeves are too wide, for an actual child to wear. Well before I read that, I was thinking about Amelia's dress 'wow, everyone needs a loose flowing dress like that in the heat, wish I had one'. So I don't think you got it wrong after all! Such cute pictures & cute hairstyle - very practical too. Glad she enjoyed those berries!

Many people would not have done as you did, stitching up those dresses, waiting for your baby, they would have waited tentatively until she was here until those dresses were made. But you were just endorsing the fact that you knew, really deep down that your beloved daughter would be arriving soon. And she really did, didn't she?

Yum berries! Miss M loves them as much as I do. Can never have to many berries. If you should ever run out of candles you can always use string cheese as a stand in.

Her little blue dress is lovely - perfect for a hot summers day - not tight or binding, just perfect. And her golden necklace adorable.

Looking forward to cooler days & nights.

Lovely photos! And, I love your daughter's hair do!

That final sentence brings tears to my eyes.

Believing in miracles is perhaps the first step to living in miracles.

Blessings and joy to you, a hundred-fold.

Oh what a beautiful day out, even in the heat! It must be so lovely to see a dress that was part of a dream being properly worn and run around in :)

AAACK! That dress slays me. Just slays me. The dress, the sweet braided, fastened up hair, oh it's just the picture of adorability.

It's always a delight to look at your photos and read the posts. Thank you for sharing :)

It's all just so lovely. And your are so right... Never give up!!

I remember when you sewed that dress. . .and the universe finally sent the perfect little girl into your life to wear it. Such a very happy ending.

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