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Thank you EVER ever ever so much for all the Cooking Things and meal-planning advice! Awesome. I haven't even had a chance to check everything out, but seriously, I am inspired and excited. Yesterday I thoroughly cleaned out the two big cabinets in the kitchen (baking supplies, cans, pasta, oils, etc.). It really wasn't as bad as I thought. It just needed some TLC, which, admittedly, not much other than this big, beautiful baby girl has gotten over the past three years. I left her in the living room to her own devices most of the day yesterday while I cleaned. Seriously, she was psyched. I think she's at the perfect age to have a little less attention. She built a dolly high-chair fort, spread out every single ponytail holder and barrette we had (oh, soooo many), dumped entire baskets of Fisher Price and Calico Critters people/cars/animals all over the room, took out all the shoes and boots in her basket, took out all the hats and scarves and mittens in her other basket, rode the neighbor's electronic fire engine, watched Charlie and Lola, ate her weight in fresh fruit, "read" her magazine, had a fit when I wouldn't give her any more bubble-tea straws, and made block towers. I made breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was exhausting, all that cooking, and cleaning up after all that cooking, but pretty cool (especially since today I have everything we need). We almost never just stay home all day, ever (well, we did take a walk up to the grocery store). But anyway, it was a good day (possibly because it was also cool and cloudy and so wonderfully gray out), and I am feeling excited. After she went to bed (passed out at 6:45, actually), I added more recipes to my Paprika app, and that thing is AWESOME. More on all of this as I get more organized. But again, thank you for the commiseration and encouragement. I really needed it! I was so overwhelmed. But even in just a couple of days I've gone from panicked to pretty excited, which is so nice (for once).

Also so nice: Being married eighteen years last Sunday to my true love. Celebrated at the river, right where we started going so many long years ago, talking talking talking, then and now, and dreaming our dreams together (then and now). Driving home through the woods, sandy baby (miracle baby) sleeping in the back seat, Joan Armatrading on the radio, sun flashing hot through the trees. All I need. It's everything.

***We didn't build them, but the rock formations pictured are called cairns. Interesting and lively (as they say) debate here about them to be found here


Mary K. in Rockport says: July 23, 2015 at 09:48 AM

Nice to see a photo of YOU!

Happy anniversary! It sounds like a perfect way to celebrate together. I'm excited about your organization too, and your baby girl who is getting bigger and more independent. It's a good thing. You'll love watching her play by herself sometimes, or letting her do it while you do other things. It feels strange at first not to be directing but it's all part of growing up. I'm glad your kitchen got some attention too. I actually love organizing cabinets and closets, what a weirdo...

Happy anniversary! Very nice pictures, looks like it was a lot of fun.

Happy Anniversary and many more glorious years to come! It sounds like the perfect way to celebrate and it's lovely to see your smiley face too!

Such beautiful parents who have been married 18 years and now share their lives with their real life doll♥
The Inukshuks look perfect there.

Isabella says: July 23, 2015 at 10:31 AM

Oh, such sweet photos. So glad you found your one true love. Forty-five years for us last week. We don't recognize those two teens who found each other and married at 18 and 20. I am so very happy for you. Life is a great ride with that one by your side!

Kristen from MA says: July 23, 2015 at 10:33 AM

Oh Alicia, every post of yours is such a treat. This time, we get the added bonus of your sweet face. :)

Happy Anniversary! <3

So nice to see you, Alicia. And happy anniversary to you and Andy. I was not lucky enough to find my true love, but even at 61 hope springs eternal. I'm still happy in the life that I have made with dogs and wonderful friends and the darling children of those dogs and friends! Those rocks! And that girl! Superlative story.

Happy Anniversary, 18 years for me too. Happy life for you as well as me, I love it. That sweet baby girl is just the cutest. Gotta a question for you, I'm loving those sneaks would you let me know the brand please.

Oh 18 years. This years is 41 for us. 4 children and 7 grandchildren presently. Love the river. My oldest daughter is in Portland. She and her son spend many happy hours there. Congratulations on the 18 yrs. and may you have many more with your beautiful girl!

Love the picture of you looking happy and relaxed in your hat. I really need to find a nice hat to keep off that hot sun too. Lovely pictures of you all enjoying yourself. Here's to the next eighteen years and hoping they will be filled with joys for you all. x

happy anniversary!....the river looks like a great time

Sweet 18 :: Happy Anniversary.
Surfer's tip: We carry talcum powder with us, because it gently knocks the sand off, by absorbing water.
And, we don't even surf, and it still works!

Oh how I love to see your beautiful self on your blog! Happy anniversary!!

That polka dot swimsuit though, oh my it's adorable.

Happy Anniversary to you and yours!
I was so curious to read the comments on your last post as I had a very similar experience...with the unorganized spices and lack of cooking want. We live in the country and other than the same little restaurant in the center of town i can't just quick fix dinner by running out. I don't feel like a bad cook, but I suppose the fact that I stand in front of the open fridge 20 times to just look for something to pop out and make itself probably isn't helping. So thank you for writing the last post. I feel a smidgen of hope. I will get the paprika app. For the sake of my family. They deserve a mother who will cook things for them. But if I could sew all day and just eat pickled herring and drink ginger ale I would.

Happy Anniversary! Looks like a really fun summer spot. I love that last photo with the rock formations in the foreground :)

Happy anniversary! Love the summer photos, especially the beautiful shots of the river. Because I'm in Portland and have never found a river spot to love, I have to ask where this is. Oxbow?

Happy Anniversary! Eighteen years wedding anniversary traditional theme is Feathers, did you know?! We're seven years married, and I like to buy a house present in the theme of the anniversary. For our Cotton anniversary, I bought cotton plant seeds to plant in the garden. For Iron, I found an old iron horseshoe (as most are now made from steel I had to search around!) And for Paper, the first anniversary, I wrote out the words to our wedding song on paper and put them in a frame with a photo from our first dance. I love thinking up a meaningful themed gift! Beautiful picture of you by the way, you look so happy and content and you have a perfect profile (I don't, so I appreciate other people's!)

I can hear the happiness bubble over in your writing.
Having confidence in yourself is priceless. (many happy smiles for you from me)

Eighteen years - belated congratulations to you both!

Miss Em is so creative just like her sweet Mum. So very nice she's at the age to occupy herself. It just keeps getting better & better.

Just in case you're interested, Pinterest has all sorts of menu planning/shopping templates - https://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=menu%20planning%20and%20shopping%20templates

Congratulations on your anniversary, it sounds like you had the perfect day. A little recipe chaos here as well. I need some organisation in my life I think. Well done on all the cooking and clearing up. CJ xx

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *A*N*N*I*V*E*R*S*A*R*Y*!*!* to you two! Andy is such a darling daddy, and you're an amazing mother. Lucky Mimi. We're on a huge cross country road trip. I've been posting blogs along the way. We're at the Lake of the Ozarks waiting for our daughter and two granddaughters to arrive. I'm sooOOOoooo excited! Enjoy your wonderful life.. I know you do. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

so glad!!! 18 years! wonderful! may God bless you both with MANY MORE years!!! lovely pictures and yes, I think they love being left to play when that age and you were clearly near by! :)

Happy Anniversary! It just keeps getting better, doesn't it?

Also, Ohmygosh, wasn't the weather yesterday fantastic?!?!?! The sky was a perfect grey! Such a glimmer of hope for those of us who wilt in the hot weather. You have been SO GOOD about the hot weather, btw. I remember that being something you wanted to work on this year and you're doing great!

Each year at the end of summer, my hubby buys me a "Fall Giftie" as a congrats on making it through another hot season. One year he sent me flowers at work and the card read simply, "Winter is Coming". grin.

Happy anniversary Alicia! Your girl Mimi is looking so grown up with her long pig tails. Yay for dreams come true :)

I was wondering if you may have a recommendation for a camera? I am saving up for one and love all the photos you take! I noticed that you recommended one in your book, but I wondered whether you still have that camera or if you've upgraded to another?

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