Summer Circles

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Big full moon :: Pinky-pie skies :: Finished Ramona cardigan (needs blocking and buttons) and immediately started another :: Hot hot hot and yet, knitting :: Apples on my tree, and I am so charmed :: Pool day, fountain day, pool day, fountain day (with Sarah & Charlotte) :: Warm, big, beautiful, round, scrumptious golden peach of a girl I can't stop kissing :: Trying to recreate the quiche from Maurice and failing :: Chocolate frozen custard :: Andy-made ribs and Susie-made dessert :: Party-hat pattern-writing :: Streaming Wimbledon on the computer in my studio :: Listening to this thoroughly delightful podcast from my dear and beautiful friend Rebekka :: Ready for some cloudy skies and cooler temperatures :: It's possible that last picture is in my top-ten favorites of anything I have ever taken. I'm not even sure exactly why.


Sounds like the makings of a great summer. I finished my 3rd quilt top in 2 weeks yesterday. Home is where the air conditioning is. Back on our budget, we are making meals again at home, too. I need to get myself to Jo-Ann's to get some batting and backing fabric, but that can wait. Quilt top making is more fun, and I already have the supplies. I think I may get my girl an ice cream maker for her birthday. She'll be 14, and I think she'd like it.

Lynn Marie says: July 07, 2015 at 10:11 AM

I always love the pictures of your yard for some reason, especially when the lights are lit. The party hats are absolutely adorable and I am sure the pattern will be a big hit. A day of rain here today and very humid so I am working in the basement family room where it is nice and cool.

Alicia have you seen Simplicity 1080 the Dttie Angel frock pattern? I think of you every time I see it! Your quiche may not be like Maurice but it looks delicious!

Forgot to ask what is the carafe? Iced tea or iced coffee?

All that food looks amaazing...especially the strawberries!

That is some good looking barbecue! Here's wishing cooler weather your way some time soon!

I'm thinking you love that picture because it has so much of the pink you love......that quiche looks wonderful and I may try one myself.

If the weather were mine to share... I'd send some of our sweet clouds your way.

Yum, lots of wonderful food - the quiche looks just perfect - what a great blend of ingredients.
Beautiful, beautiful sweater. You just reminded me that I have a gift certificate for knitting lessons that I must take soon! Have a lovely week.

Well, that quiche looks pretty tasty to me! And I am super psyched you are making the hats a pattern. There are two sisters with birthdays here that will adore them!

I love your sweater! Are you using Cascade eco for the second one? I also love your last photo--so pink and warm and lovely!!!

Oooh, love your knitting projects!

I can't believed you turned your oven on! I mean, sure, that looks beyond delicious......... but, man, its been hot.

It's a gorgeous picture, really gorgeous, the pastel background is so light and summery and it gives it such a lovely depth. You always capture the seasons so perfectly, your images are a complete joy. I hope it cools down a little for you soon. CJ xx

It's funny how that happens. You take a picture and it just strikes a chord with you, no way to fully explain it, you just love it! I love the cool, rosy cast to it. Really beautiful!

Summer is best enjoyed with friends in the cool of the evening.

Looking forward to your first ripe apple? Will it be eaten fresh from the tree or in a pocket pie?

Your Ramona Cardigan is so pretty - it turned out perfect. I can see different shaped buttons of the same color range all down the front - to cute!

Oh, the quiche looks yummy!

The quiche looks
Those hats..:) ♥
I told you already:)

Such lovely pictures :-)

Alicia! Thanks for the link to Rebekka's interview! I loved hearing her sweet voice and learning more about how her artistry is growing. I am glad she is your dear and beautiful friend. You are both delightful! Can you believe how HOT and DRY it is here in Portland? I went for a walk in a local park this morning and they are just watering the playing fields so the large stretch of grass around the playing fields is now dry and golden...and reminded me of the golden hills in CA! Really!

So lovely - I really like that last picture too! Oh and I thought you'd be pleased to know that I requested that my local library buy your books and I just got an email to say that they have both of them and have put them aside for me :) I am very excited! Looking forward to reading more of your patterns and ideas all the way here in Melbourne, Australia. Aren't libraries just the best? I know you agree.

Loving the Ramona sweater and the quiche - looks super tasty. I must try it. The hats are brilliant too. You are an incredible talent! And how gorgeous was that full moon?! I'm so happy we could see it as we are now living in sepia tones socked in by smoke from forest fires burning all around us. The BC coast is in desperate need for rain. Our sun is glowing red all day long poking it's head through the smoke, the air smells like campfire and everything is covered in ash. Things are improving a little but it's been pretty strange and scary.
Thanks again and again for sharing your lovely world.

I think that last photo captures some of the soft pinks and gentle greys in prints that often balance your quilts. They are so attractive, that if I am in a fabric shop, I find myself scanning the bolts to see if I can find any similar prints. Always exciting to peek in here and find a new post. Thanks!

sharon stanley says: July 07, 2015 at 04:07 PM

this post is the essence of summer. beautiful all, but that moon. oh my goodness, there is nothing like the moon and your picture is just enchanting. loving all of it!

Shelly stone says: July 07, 2015 at 04:29 PM

Inspiring as always. 😃

I don't know about this quiche you failed at - it's so hot here I'm just typing - but I made a quiche the other day, and I always use Julia Child's method. Make the crust, and bake it. Let it cool. For the egg mixture, beat up three eggs in a two-cup measure, and add enough milk/cream/half & half, whatever to bring it up to one-and-a-half cups. That's your base. Add in whatever's around. That day, I had some soft cheese flavored with chive and garlic, so I spread it on the bottom. Some sliced mushrooms were lingering, so I cooked them up with thyme and white wine flavorings; put them in. Poured the egg mix over. Sliced up a lone zucchini thinly and put them on top. Sprinkled basil on it (because it seemed like a good idea) and a little salt as an afterthought. Baked it. It was good! Use what you have, and you won't have to try so hard. :)

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