Summer Circles

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Big full moon :: Pinky-pie skies :: Finished Ramona cardigan (needs blocking and buttons) and immediately started another :: Hot hot hot and yet, knitting :: Apples on my tree, and I am so charmed :: Pool day, fountain day, pool day, fountain day (with Sarah & Charlotte) :: Warm, big, beautiful, round, scrumptious golden peach of a girl I can't stop kissing :: Trying to recreate the quiche from Maurice and failing :: Chocolate frozen custard :: Andy-made ribs and Susie-made dessert :: Party-hat pattern-writing :: Streaming Wimbledon on the computer in my studio :: Listening to this thoroughly delightful podcast from my dear and beautiful friend Rebekka :: Ready for some cloudy skies and cooler temperatures :: It's possible that last picture is in my top-ten favorites of anything I have ever taken. I'm not even sure exactly why.


You are an amazing knitting diva. I can't believe how much you get done! It is a joy to watch how much you knit. And it is inspiring.

The fifth to last is my favorite photo! Had to pin it on my pinterest "heartstrings" board :)

What a great outdoor space you have there. I immediately noticed it because I need inspiration on what to do with mine. Such yummy goings on in your corner of the world!

Absolutely lovely picture of the moon! I have been trying to take a photo like that for years but with little success ;) If you look closely you can clearly see the rabbit ears and body that is celebrated in Japanese culture. So great!

Now I want to make a quiche.

I wish I could see more of your dress and apron. They are beautiful. Your sweater is so lovely too as is everything you knit. The party hats are gorgeous!!! I just bought the same ice cream maker as you and I decided that I was only going to ice cream I made this summer. I didn't know how easy it was to make and I have used it twice since Saturday.

Have always loved that sheep picture you did in the photo close-up.
Who is the artist of the barn/sheep pic. you have hanging above the dining room side-board/console? I've noticed it before, and really like it.

(It may have not been 'Maurice's" but your quiche looks dee-lish.)

Jennifer says: July 08, 2015 at 09:09 AM

Beautiful pictures...
Adorable birthday hats!
On the "tea" picture can I ask what you are wearing? I love it! :)

Penny J Holliday says: July 08, 2015 at 09:23 AM

Oh Alicia, You start my day so nicely! Just love your pictures & thoughts! Thank you so much for sharing!

First of all, those party hats are darling. Secondly, I love your quiche from here. (And since we can't taste it, you have no worries!) Such a good idea for dinner. I am sorely lacking in innovation for dinner.

Kathy Wimsatt says: July 08, 2015 at 05:17 PM

That photo of the moon is simply gorgeous! I'm so envious - I've always tried to capture it but nothing close to the perfection of this! Thanks so much for sharing with us all!


Go ahead and put that rolling pin in the fridge, it really helps in the summer.

Almost missed the pictures of Miss Mimes. Love the one with the bokeh! So pretty!

I absolutely adore your photo's, your talents, your beautiful home and life! You are truly blessed!

I thank you Alicia for sharing what you do with us. I adore your blog and your photos. A sweet reminder of what the world should be and always a calming moment for me when I view your work. Thank you, thank you and know that you are promoting smiles in the world. (-:

Your yard is just so stunning. I'm from PA and now live in West Texas- your yard reminds me of home and looks like the garden of Eden compared to what my poor yard can do! I'm thrilled that you're making a pattern for the hats- my daughter is turning 4 in September and those are right up her alley!

I love those party hats so much I wish I still had a small child who might wear one! I might have to find a party girl to give a set to.

Wow I cant wait to bake my very own pie. I love cook out pictures.

I know that your focus is not on sharing recipes, but I must say that the recipes that you do post are fantastic. I don't often make stuff I see online, but that ice cream is delicious. I made it last night. Yum. A few months ago, you left a link to a broccoli/pasta/pine nut recipe and it was also one of the best things I've made. If you ever want company while you cook or want me to cook for you, let me know as I also live in the area.

My family and I stayed at my cousin's cabin about the Columbia Gorge recently - we drove by the exit for Timberline! Maybe next summer. Until then, I have watched your progress enough to purchase the yarn and pattern. Hopefully I will be casting on for it this Fall. As always, everything you do is inspiring. Thanks for the lovely posts.

Your party lights and your party hats make me feel so happy, I get a little dizzy. How can you capsulize summer so well in a photo? Thank you for the delicious dose of sweetness that I get when I click on your blog. Here's to cooler PDX weather for a little while at least.

Awesome Wilco print!!

That last picture is like a Van Gogh.

Hi Alicia,
I love the Irish chain quilt in your photos. I've noticed it a little while a previous post. Did you make it? Can I ask were you got the pattern from if so. Thanks so much

We were on vacation, and this is the MOST behind on your blog I have been in YEARS!!!! Its awesome! 3 posts in a row!!! haha! I am like...scroll on...BINGO! Another post:) Big smiles:)) Your big beautiful golden peach of a girl is scrumptious! Thank you for all these gifts on my first day home from the beach...its freezing here, but your pictures and words have warmed my heart:)

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