Prettiest Party Hats Sewing Kits and Pattern Now on Sale!

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Hi! Here are some party hats! Do you want to make them? We have a kit!

It's the PRETTIEST PARTY HATS SEWING KIT and it is now available!

This kit will help you to make the FOUR party hats shown above. It costs $36 plus shipping. The printed pattern, included in the kit, includes templates for numerals 0-9 as well as the entire lowercase alphabet, in case you want to put the birthday girl's initial on her hat, instead of her age. :) I thought what would be cute is that you could make all of them the same number and give them away at a party, or you could make one this year and save the others for next year, and next, and next, and change the number. Or you could make all of them with different initials for different people whose parties you are attending. You could also attach the circle/number patch with Velcro if you wanted, and change it out every year. Oh, the possibilities are just endless [wink]!

Approximate finished size: 7" (17.5cm)

This kit contains:

  • Stitching instructions for hats with color photos for each step
  • Illustrated embroidery tutorial
  • Printed pattern templates
  • Templates for numerals 0-9 and the entire alphabet
  • 31 pieces of wool-blend felt in various sizes and colors to complete hats
  • DMC embroidery floss
  • 2 yards elastic cording for chin straps
  • Clear sequins and clear beads
  • 4 metallic tinsel poms
  • 30 tiny black poms


You will need:



These hats are sewn entirely by hand — you do not need a sewing machine to make them. They are fairly simple, and the hardest part is stitching up the back side of the hat, but I show you how to do that so don't worry about it too much. They are so much fun to make. The flowers are very simple and come together easily, and if you just practice your blanket stitch (instructions included) beforehand you'll be fine. They're just sweet little hats. I'm really happy with them!

Here are some detail shots of the four hats:



We have made a limited number of these kits, and once they are gone, they are gone (in these exact colors, at least, because I know that this mauvey color above is already discontinued [and that was my favorite, naturally]).

We do ship overseas! To place your order, you will be required to read this information, which contains details about international shipping and customs fees you may incur when ordering outside the U.S. (If you are overseas, the shipping cost charged by Posie does not include any further charges you may incur when importing goods.) To see the shipping-only costs for your order and location, just place the items in your cart and choose your location (or enter your zip code, if you are in the U.S.) and it will tell you how much the shipping is. As usual, I have a sincere request: Please check on and update your shipping address correctly in your Paypal preferences so that there is no confusion when we go to ship. If you do need to add things to your order or change your address after you've placed the order, just email me and we'll figure it out, no worries! I just like to remind people of this ahead of time, because it's a bit easier.

There is a downloadable PDF pattern available here if you have all the supplies and just want the pattern. The pattern lists the exact color names from National Nonwovens (the brand of felt I use) as pictured in these hats.

Okay! If you have any questions, please ask them here in the comments and I will get back to everyone here. Thank you ever so much, as always, for your enthusiasm and support for the things I design. I truly appreciate every single order and kind word you give. Thank you, very, very much, most sincerely. It honestly means the world to me!


how many hats can you get from one kit?

Hi Ann,
Supplies for all four hats pictured above (the bottom two enlargements show the same hats as in the first picture, just close up) are included in the kit. Thank you! A

Thank you so much, just ordered the kit.

Completely adorable!

Congratulations on the new kit! It's so lovely and sweet :-)

Dear Alicia, I love the party hats. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Now.......any chance that you might be in the mood to design a masculine version of the hats ? I am the proud grandmother of 2 handsome little boys. Just wondering.....

Oh, they are just as charming as I had imagined they would be! I agree that more gender neutral hats would be fabulous, if the inspiration ever strikes. Of course, in our house that means thinking of different woodland creatures...

Your creativity never ceases to amazing me. Absolutely darling.

These are really lovely, Alicia! My teen has informed me that she's not too old for *these* party hats.

My daughter's birthday is not for 10 months but I had to order this. You coming out with a new kit is like Christmas for me. Thank you!

I ordered these just because. I love them!!! I don't have any birthday girls but I'm gonna make them anyway, I love your color choices, so beautiful. Your kits have sent me back in time to my teens when stitching was what I lived for. Thanks Again for sharing that wonderful talent you have.

I'd like to second the comment on the "boy" version of these party hats. I imagine what you would come up with, would be equally as charming as these!


So darn cute! I wish I had the time to make these for my niece's next birthday party! :)

So cute! Could we see what these look like when worn? It would help to understand their size. Thanks

They're fantastic Alicia, clever you. No doubt they will sell like hot cakes. CJ xx

Haven't visited here in a while...and glad I did today, browsed many posts. Your daughter is getting so big! She's gorgeous! Your pictures left me with a big grin. Enjoy the rest of the summer. :)

Absolutely adorable!
If I had grandchildren this would be the perfect kit to make for them.
Thank you for sharing your creative talent.

I LOVE these. Beautiful work as always.

Susan Henkel (Tsawwassen, BC) says: August 12, 2015 at 02:56 PM

Gosh, these are beautiful. Love the staging of the photos, too. Who got to eat the cupcake??

I'm chiming in to vote for more gender neutral/masculine versions. These are adorable and while I could get away with the colors, the flowers would probably put a kibosh on the deal! I really do love them--I might have to download the pattern but I'm afraid my imagination is not up to par with yours when it comes to adornments.

I love the hat kit, Alicia! It is so adorable - I had to buy it! Hope I can use them in the future for my granddaughters! Love the colors and design - you are so creative! I can't wait to see pictures of your daughter's birthday party later.

These are cute!! Now my wee granddaughter Hazel won't be three til May but I am thinking beyond birthday~we celebrate everything around here. Grasshoppers were the last big celebration.Cheers to you!

Lovely, just lovely! Love the colors!

ALEESH!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have to have a girrrrrrrrl!!!!!!!!! So. Darling.

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