Fields and Furrows

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Oh, the pumpkins, the pumpkins, and the little kids. The gray pumpkin morning turning to mist and drizzle (perfect). The birds, my goodness, what you hear there in the cold, country air. The sky is filled with birds, and they are enchanting. The kids run and stumble. There is all the time in the world here with our dear friends, the Montgomeries, and their darling boys — my heart bursts watching them all pick right up where they left off last year, covered in mud, searching for the world's smallest pumpkin, Amelia and Asher walking straight out into the field without a backward glance, the cow train over the rutted fields jolting every adult on it into slipping a disc, the caramel apples and sausages and kettle corn we can't resist. Faces painted. Zinnias blackening. Sunflowers folding. Cornstalks softening in the rain. Later, beer and burgers at the brewpub, and I can't wait for them to light the fireplace there. If only every weekend were this one.

Look how little they were last year, and the year before. Oh, sweet darlings.

Speaking of rainbows: At home, I begin to achieve the unthinkable, and fold my fabric stash onto comic book backer boards. During every waking free moment I have. It feels like I will never get to the end. But look how pretty! More on this soon.



Fields and furrows of fabrics... you have a gift for bringing the beauty of outside in.
Thank you for bringing us along, for your views and reflections. I hear a narrative, see the illustrations, and each new post brings the story along... it's wonderful to behold.

Your little girl has so much fun. It really does make me smile so much to see her. What happy days! Her hair has grown so much in just a year. So lovely then, just as she is now.

Oh, the sweetness!!!! Your girl is so darling with the little hug she is giving to the little boy. Your punkin' patch posts are always so much fun!! And that scarecrow..that is too cool! I'm diggin' how you are setting up your fabrics..eye candy! I never thought to do that with my flat folds. Can't wait to see what you have to show us later on this matter :)

Wonderful days, indeed! It is so lovely to spot pumpkins shining in fields here and there, and flocks of birds fluttering free and in designs...thanks for glimpses of your family and friends enjoying it all, Alicia. We are, too... and your fabric arrangement is fabulous! xxx

I see your life as very charmed. So sweet!

Perfect. I just came home from buying pumpkins at the grocery store with my kids, which was fun, but this looks like the fairy-tale version of pumpkin procurement.

Storing fabric on comic book backer boards is inspired. I had never heard of such things and am so impressed you, or anyone, knew that these existed. My heart went out to the wee darling on the haystack looking alone and needing a little friend. And then . . . a little friend arrived!! So so sweet.

I love looking at organized fabric! I did it with my quilting cottons and I've been able to maintain it easily for three years! However, the bigger chunks of fabric; the knits, the garment material, the brocade stash, the pendleton wool is still residing in boxes because they refuse to behave in folded stacks. I can't live without my fabric stash and it is so much easier to use (and inspiring!) when you can see at a glance what you have.
I bought some 'pants' hangers at bimart - five rods that swivel out that work for the slinkier garment fabrics. They hang in the closet instead of being in the dark boxes.
It's been a glorious autumn so far.

...hmmm- an organized stash- I don't know when I am going to get to that! ....I miss Oregon so much!

Your daughter looks just like an Eloise Wilkins drawing come to life!

Oh my gooooosh, your stash! I have resisted the comic book card stock thing, rather just piling my fabric in a cupboard, but you are sure making organization look good there!!! Beautiful!

(Also, your daughter is beautiful as always. Of course.)

I'm trying to figure out which pumpkin patch you found with such a perfect barn and fun rides! I loved seeing how cute Mimi was hugging the little friend. Cuteness! It was a picture perfect day with the haziness.. love. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Your blogs never fail to inspire. When I saw how you stored your fabric in your fabulous 'Stitched in Time' book, I showed the book to my husband and he made me a set of shelves for my fabrics which I love. I am inspired by your new system using comic book backing boards and I can't wait to do the same with my own stash.

lovely! glad for a special time with friends!

Pumpkin picking! We did ours last week, though I think we need to find a different (more robust, more sincere?) pumpkin patch for next year as the pickin's were a little slim.

I've heard of using comic bags/boards for storing patterns, but never fabric before- it looks like a charming little library!

I remember last yr!

Have I told you lately I love your photos?:)♥
What a the best hands.

Your photos are always so clean and fresh and full of rich, radiant life.

I love, love, LOVE your photos!!!!
This looks like another fairy land only this time
with pumpkins! Amelia is growing...she is so adorable
in all the photos and I bet a whole lot of fun to be with!
I love Fall....just my favorite time of year...

How your sweet little girl has grown. And how adorable she looks with her chum. Glad it was a perfect weekend. CJ xx

Gorgeous photos again. The face painting reminds me of when my girl was Amelia's age and wanted me to have my face painted too, I asked for a bumble bee on the end of my nose, it made a few people do a double take! Your fabric looks amazing, it will be a great job done when you have finished!

I don't know how in the world y'all pick the photos you want to frame or display. So many very good ones every time. What a wonderful problem to have!

I love your photos! Such a beautiful fall background.
The Rad Wife

So inspired. I want to go fold fabric but should probably make dinner first lol

Cat McKenzie says: October 27, 2015 at 04:27 PM

The pumpkin patch is always magical this time of year in Oregon, loving every minute of it myself, with grandchildren now instead of children and it is still so much fun. i must admit to steering away from the tractor pulling the oil can pigs, cows or whatever it is back jolting!
I am in the midst of organizing my sewing room and am just about to the tackling the fabric part and your post could not have come at a better time. I will wait to hear more about this process soon and start thinking if I have the patience for this time of organized folding.
Your photos of Amelia and the whole trip just epitomize Fall, so sweet, crisp and fleeting a season.

You're so very clever Alicia. The fabric organizing looks like a proper shop display. I love it.
These little one's become big one's almost overnight. All to soon they're driving you to the pumpkin patch (smile).
Miss Em and her friend(s) sure do have the best time together. No matter the weather being with friends is the best. Adding pumpkins, beer, burgers & a fire in the fireplace all's the better.
Hoping you all are healthy, happy & enjoying this wonderful fall weather. ((Hugs))

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