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Her third birthday party, filled with all of her beautiful people — birthparents,  grandparents, birthgrandparents, aunties, uncle, birthsiblings, cousins — all of us here together, all family now. In my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined how it could be, and yet it's better than anything I might've hoped for. Anything. It amazes and humbles me daily, and yet on this day every year (though this year her party was not on her actual birth day), when we are all together again, all joined in so much love for our sweet girl, being part of an open-adoptive family overwhelms me with gratitude, amazement, and pure joy. How blessed we all are that she is here! How blessed we are that we are family because of and for her! How blessed we are to have each other, every one! I would not have it any other way.

She said goodbye to her guests outside in the afternoon rain, careening up and down the driveway with the giant umbrella, then zoomed back into the house to race around a bit more. Clover Meadow, who had been on her best behavior all day, went zooming back and forth between the living room and dining room about eight times, doing laps as fast as she could. Small ones were still zooming for quite a while; the rest of us collapsed in various heaps.

Parties are so crazy — there is so much going on and they go so fast and there are so many people and it's so loud and raucous and fun. I don't take many pictures during them, though I always intend to. There was a lot more to the weekend  (I do have more pictures of that; we just got back from dropping Andy's parents off at the airport, in fact). I ran into some of my neighbors at the grocery store last week. We were all waiting in line and we started talking about our earliest childhood memories, which for everyone there started at age three. I hope hers start a few days before, and that she will remember what a magical time this weekend was. I know I'll never forget it. My sweet love. Your party was so, so nice.



What a beautiful day. Amelia, and all of you, are definitely blessed. It sounds like a perfect party for your little girl and I'm so happy for all of you.

Happy, happy birthday to your dear girl. What a lovely way to celebrate. We celebrated my little guy's second birthday this past weekend, and it was a whirl of activity -- family, friends, cupcakes, toys, hugs, everything wonderful.

Happy birthday to Amelia!! The cake looks lovely, all the beautiful decorations and all the smiles!! Happy birthday!!

Happy Happy 3rd birthday Amelia! Looks like you had a wonderful party that I'm sure you'll never forget. What a loving, beautiful day! Great job ALicia and family.

What a wonderful party - she's a very lucky little girl to be surrounded by so much love and it's that feeling that she'll remember as much as the presents and cake. You certainly throw a great party - definitely one to remember - and that quilt is a true heirloom. Happy 3rd Birthday, little one! Ax

How wonderful to see a child encased with so much love around her. She will surely blossom with so much love and encouragement from all sides!

Do you mind if I ask where you got your tablecloth? I'm afraid I have a weakness for such "little pretties"!

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* again.. I hope you don't tire of my wishes.. :-) What a perfect party, lots of family and love and goodies and pretty cake and presents.. fun times. I also began remembering at age 3.. I know she'll remember this day full of love and fun. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

She is just darling... and her party looks delightful! Love the soft colors and vintagey feel! As an adoptive mother myself I can understand how special such celebrations are.

Your post really expands the definition of chosen family and honours the connections you have made. Congratulations! It's your family anniversary!

Zoom, zoom, zoom. Great fun was had by all. 😍

Yes, Miss Em will remember this day always, because there were, pretty party hats & dresses, a big loving family, plus an oh so delicious birthday cake. How can anyone ever forget such a grand day!? 🎉🎂💕

I know it's very private but I am so curious about your open adoption experience. I just cannot imagine having her birth parents in her life (must be my insecurity, worried I would be competitive if it were me), but it is just wonderful that you are having such a great experience. How happy for everyone!

It sounds like the very best of days. Beautiful photos, how fantastic you made everything for her. So glad she had a wonderful time. CJ xx

What an incomparable blessing for you, and her, and her birth family, to have formed such a whole and loving dynamic. That all of the important people in her life are able to honor all that came together to form her and care for her and nurture her as she grows into herself shows great generosity of spirit. She is lucky indeed. Love to you and sweet Amelia! xoxo

Maria Julia says: October 13, 2015 at 02:44 PM

Beautiful Amelia! Best wishes for her three years old!

What a beautiful party and beautiful little girl. It looks like a perfect time!

P.s. Can you tell us about the cute plates?

Shelley Noble says: October 13, 2015 at 03:46 PM

Precious. Precious. Precious.

Happy Birthday to Amelia! Glad everyone had such a wonderful day!!

Sweeter than sweet♥

Sounds wonderful, all of it.
However much she remembers, or forgets, it's already a part of her: family, love, caring, thoughtful touches, mindful gestures, the beauty and affection woven into everyday.
Happy birthday~

Happy Birthday to Amelia and Happy Family Day to you all! What a beautiful, loving world Amelia is growing up in - I'm happy for all of you.

just spent the last 30 minutes going back in time and rereading the posts of Amelia's arrival. cried again. celebrated again. and gave thanks for your beautiful sharing and letting us all be aunties and uncles in our virtual way. happiest birthday to you Miss Amelia Sunshine and happy day to you both Alicia and Andy!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday!

Please, can you tell me about that faux "fireplace" seen through the doorway in the photo of the dresses? It must be the cool October nights but it looks so quaint and appealing to me!

I fondly remember my daughter's third year of life. It was a joyous time of love, snuggles, laughter and chatter. I know it will be a magical year for all of you. Happy Birthday, Amelia.

What a super party!
Thank you so very much for sharing it with all of us!

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