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Her third birthday party, filled with all of her beautiful people — birthparents,  grandparents, birthgrandparents, aunties, uncle, birthsiblings, cousins — all of us here together, all family now. In my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined how it could be, and yet it's better than anything I might've hoped for. Anything. It amazes and humbles me daily, and yet on this day every year (though this year her party was not on her actual birth day), when we are all together again, all joined in so much love for our sweet girl, being part of an open-adoptive family overwhelms me with gratitude, amazement, and pure joy. How blessed we all are that she is here! How blessed we are that we are family because of and for her! How blessed we are to have each other, every one! I would not have it any other way.

She said goodbye to her guests outside in the afternoon rain, careening up and down the driveway with the giant umbrella, then zoomed back into the house to race around a bit more. Clover Meadow, who had been on her best behavior all day, went zooming back and forth between the living room and dining room about eight times, doing laps as fast as she could. Small ones were still zooming for quite a while; the rest of us collapsed in various heaps.

Parties are so crazy — there is so much going on and they go so fast and there are so many people and it's so loud and raucous and fun. I don't take many pictures during them, though I always intend to. There was a lot more to the weekend  (I do have more pictures of that; we just got back from dropping Andy's parents off at the airport, in fact). I ran into some of my neighbors at the grocery store last week. We were all waiting in line and we started talking about our earliest childhood memories, which for everyone there started at age three. I hope hers start a few days before, and that she will remember what a magical time this weekend was. I know I'll never forget it. My sweet love. Your party was so, so nice.



Happy birthday Amelia! What a lucky girl to have such a loving blended family. Double the blessings.

I love the fans hanging from the ceiling! May I ask where you got them?

Alicia - You and Andy are making such beautiful memories for Amelia. Lucky lucky girl! Happy bday to all.

How special and sweet. The umbrella is too cute. Happy birthday to your darling girl.

My own sweet son turns 3 in less than two months. He is already planning the festivities.

It does not get any sweeter than this. What a beautiful, special day you created for your girl. Bathed in love and beauty. We should all be so lucky to be surrounded by open hearts and this much gratitude. I only know you recently on this blog but you pack a punch with spreading positivity across the miles. You are appreciated!

So beautiful. Everyone together, because they love her. Unheard of in my life.

Oh, my sweet girl! Happy sweet 3rd birthday! Miss you so much!! How big you have gotten.

I usually have an easy winner for a favorite picture of each post but this one is so hard to choose. I love love that picture of her in the rain with the umbrella. And the one of the coordinated dresses touches something deep in my mommy heart. Darling. I am so glad it was nice a party.

claire jenkins says: October 14, 2015 at 07:05 PM

Why must you always make me tear up? I still swell with so much joy and SO SO SO MUCH thankfulness for your blessing that is Amelia!! We as your readers are so fortunate that you've shared so much with us over the years. <3 Happy birthday to the cutest little thing.

Happy Birthday Amelia! from another Amelia! I did not know I was really an Amelia until the 1st day of kindergarten and I've had an identity crisis since then. Alicia, the pictures you did not take will forever be snapshots you store in your memories. The best trip to Colorado was the one I forgot to take my camera.

Oh, lovely! Being three is THE BEST.
Happiest of birthdays to you, sweet Amelia! xoxo

It's so generous and brave of you to participate in an open adoption. I can't imagine what it's like, but you're what I'd want to BE like in that situation. Congratulations and happy birthday!

I can't wait to hear what your sweet Amelia thought of her lovely mama-made quilt!

Well, that was just a beautiful, dear post..and about the zillionth one of yours that filled my eyes with tears. So wonderful, the way the families merged into one. That made my day to know that. xx

Laura from beautiful West Michigan says: October 15, 2015 at 11:29 AM

Love all the pictures! I especially love the ones of her looking at herself in the cabinet, sneaking a lick of frosting and her fairy wings! Oh, three is such a wonderful age!

What a sweet 3rd birthday party! Such a beautiful little girl and blessing Amelia is!!!

Happy Birthday to the lovely girl! She is indeed so lucky! I too am very curious about her adoption story as you have hinted to such a wonderful experience with her birth family but as someone considering adoption I would love to know more. I hope one day you can share a bit more with us as we watch her grow up!

You and Andy and little A have an amazing open-hearted life. Everytime I read a post like this I pray that every person who has ever struggled with adopting or giving a child to another home can read this and be buoyed by your story.

I'm so happy for you all (and really hungry for a piece of that cake)!


So much love! You are all blessed. Thank you for sharing your joy.

I must say I love this blog. For many reasons. I love the family life, the creative arts, knitting, sewing, watching Amelia grow, into a delightful child. Two of my siblings adopted children and this adoption experience is quite different and interesting to be a part of through this blog. Thank you for sharing such private moments. It teaches us in so many ways. Love comes in many firms.

LOVE the photo of her looking at a reflection of herself in the door her party dress and hat. So sweet! Good job, mom.

Oneweirdword says: October 16, 2015 at 04:44 PM

My brother's birth mother is currently looking after his five year old daughter while his baby daughter is in hospital seven hours away, for leukaemia. We don't know what we'd do without her right now. It's good to have lots of people in your life who love you! I'm happy for you and your big loving bunch of family.

3 years already! wow . . time flies! simply adorable! thank you for sharing your blog . . . best wishes!

Birthday wishes to the birthday girl! What a wonderful memory and so sweet that everyone is included for her special day! You all are very lucky indeed!

Paola Mollo says: October 17, 2015 at 05:35 AM

Happy birthday Sweet Amelia
beautiful day

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