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Oh. My goodness. Has any child in the history of the free world ever blown out more candles for her third birthday? The cakes (and creme brulee, and chocolate mousse) just kept on coming. Wow. I think she thinks her birthday is a week-long national holiday. I think so too. We did so much stuff. I took so many pictures that they all got out of order, and I can hardly remember which days were what. Man, it was fun. We went to Sunday lunch at Jake's Grill with Andy's parents, who flew back to Chicago on Tuesday. Andy gave her the incredible crocheted squirrel from this pattern (his name is Marty, and he has his own birch-bark-sided house, with lights; the man is a crocheting genius) and the five crocheted acorns he spent all summer making. I gave her her quilt. We made breakfasts (both felt [cookies for breakfast] and real [pancakes]) and drove out to Multnomah Falls and its lodge for lunch. The day was silly gorgeous, the night filled with cake and candlelight. And suddenly my sweet baby is a little girl.

The house is recovering, and I've spent almost every lazy minute crocheting a blanket myself. Outside the windows the leaves fall and fall and fall, and the sky is more gray now on more days than it was a week ago. I've taken hundreds of pictures in the past week, and we've driven a zig-zagging spider web from one corner of town to the other, doing stuff. Autumn is short and so special now. It's dark after dinner, but I keep the window behind the sofa wide open in the evening, and sit with tea in the my flannel nightgown under a little comforter, and listen to the leaves rustling outside. Then I close the windows tight, and pull the blinds and close them, too, and we snuggle in.

P.S. Andy saw this post and sent me the actual selfie from the shot above:




Our days are getting cold now too after very warm first days of fall. I'm starting to crochet again after many years and would love to know what blanket you are crocheting - please share the pattern if you can.

Love seeing all the birthday celebrations. Our daughter is 29 and far away and so miss those special birthdays together - especially the fun cakes and parties. Enjoy.

All of the pics are beautiful but that last one is entirely too precious. I love the blowing/kissy lips. CUTE! I'm very impressed that Andy made her squirrel. I'm pretty envious that your hubby is crafty right along with you! :)

So much birthday fun, what a sweet girl she is!
I love the pictures and all the festivities!

Happy days and yay to autumn, finally!


Everyone in our house has a 'birthday week'. It only comes once a year and celebrating your life really should take more than just one day...don't you agree?!

As always you've captured the memories beautifully, with such love. That's what really shows through all the photos. Your love. Love of nature, great food, creations of fabric and yarn, but most of all family.

Keep the good vibes coming!! Thank you as always for sharing your's, Andy's and Amelia's little part of the world with us.

Blessing all around!! xo

ps. The expressions on Amelia's face are simply priceless...

Oh how precious! My boy is just a few days younger than your Amelia. Love the picture of the two of you. Look how she loves her mama!

She is beyond a doubt..loved♥
Love the mommy daughter shot:)
And with her nana and grandad..and wow I can't believe Andy's squirrel..truly..and well the quilt:)
The shot of her going up the goodness that's adorb.
I think Andy needs a selfie stick:) For he and A..

One day I hope you post a little movie of her..

what a special time! so glad! such meaningful gifts! so happy for you!

These pictures! They just make my heart happy. How wonderful. Many years and many blessings to your lovely family. I am so glad you all found each other.
God bless you,

I forgot to mention how much I love that the squirrel has a necklace just like Grand Dad's. Perfect!

What a wonderful celebration for Miss Amelia! And what wonderful, loving parents she has been blessed with. Such a sweet family.

Absolutely magical.

I was going to say that the picture of them taking a selfie was one of my favourites, it's lovely! Also the one of her on the steps and the ones on the stairs. But really, all of them are most enchanting. There's a lot of magic when you're three I think. And it spills over onto the people around you. So glad she had such a wonderful birthday. CJ xx

Oh thank you for the reminders. I need to get the fall cookie cutters out. I need to go to the falls. I have only been to nearby trails but not there, kind of odd. And your first photo could very well be one of my own daughter, 20 years ago. How can that be. I love that you love being a mom and share it with the world. And Three is so very fun. It deserves to be celebrated big.

Yes, laughing! This whole post is such a merry and dear reel of images and laughter... celebratory, affirming, goofing and playing peels of laughter. Happy Birthdays should always be honored for at least a week, and as splendidly as possible. What a gorgeous success you've made of all of it!

I love Marty and beyond impressed at your husband's skill and heart. Amelia is beyond adorable, as always... I am already plotting a match marriage from afar.

I can't imagine any child having a more magical, love-filled 3rd birthday. She is a lucky little girl and you are very blessed parents. Can't wait to watch her next year unfold.

Oh, Alicia, how lovely to see you! What a lucky little girlie and mommy and daddy (all the mommies and daddies) and doggies and kitties! Thank you for being!

You guys are great! Seriously! Lovely to see a shot of you and her. It all just looks and sounds so perfect. I'm so grateful you share with us all. Thanks Alicia.

I think you should her birthday celebrate all month! What fun!

You guys are seriously the bees knees. I absolutely adore this blog and the ways you share your life with your readers. It really is a gift. Hi Andy ( I read a few posts back that you read ALL The comments :)) You are great at crocheting! You remind me of my hubby, always coming up with handmade things to gift to loved ones. Never stop doing that! And Alicia, I LOVED the pic of you and Amelia. That needs to show up on your ledge. :) Happy Monday.

What a beautiful week you have had! I cannot pick a favorite picture for fear it may be the wrong one. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Auntie Allyn says: October 19, 2015 at 03:26 PM

Those DRESSES! Those BRAIDS! Such loveliness! Looking at the photos and reading your text always makes me smile. Thanks so much for sharing.

If anything makes me really learn to crochet, it's the squirrel. I want it's yarn looped tail.

Enchanting, all of it! Happy Birthday to your sweet little one.

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos ... she is old enough now to remember her birthdays, and what amazing memories she will have of turning 3!! You are such clever parents, her presents are fabulous. What is the token Marty the Squirrel is wearing round his neck? Only it looks similar to what Andy's Dad is wearing?

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