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Oh. My goodness. Has any child in the history of the free world ever blown out more candles for her third birthday? The cakes (and creme brulee, and chocolate mousse) just kept on coming. Wow. I think she thinks her birthday is a week-long national holiday. I think so too. We did so much stuff. I took so many pictures that they all got out of order, and I can hardly remember which days were what. Man, it was fun. We went to Sunday lunch at Jake's Grill with Andy's parents, who flew back to Chicago on Tuesday. Andy gave her the incredible crocheted squirrel from this pattern (his name is Marty, and he has his own birch-bark-sided house, with lights; the man is a crocheting genius) and the five crocheted acorns he spent all summer making. I gave her her quilt. We made breakfasts (both felt [cookies for breakfast] and real [pancakes]) and drove out to Multnomah Falls and its lodge for lunch. The day was silly gorgeous, the night filled with cake and candlelight. And suddenly my sweet baby is a little girl.

The house is recovering, and I've spent almost every lazy minute crocheting a blanket myself. Outside the windows the leaves fall and fall and fall, and the sky is more gray now on more days than it was a week ago. I've taken hundreds of pictures in the past week, and we've driven a zig-zagging spider web from one corner of town to the other, doing stuff. Autumn is short and so special now. It's dark after dinner, but I keep the window behind the sofa wide open in the evening, and sit with tea in the my flannel nightgown under a little comforter, and listen to the leaves rustling outside. Then I close the windows tight, and pull the blinds and close them, too, and we snuggle in.

P.S. Andy saw this post and sent me the actual selfie from the shot above:




Typepad HTML EmailCracks me up everytime. :)

That picture of her blowing out the candles!!! Too adorable. She is such a lucky girl to have such loving, attentive parents. And I like seeing you in some of the pics too :)

Oh man, this was all so sweet. The last one (and the one that goes with it) made me laugh hard! As always, thank you for sharing it with us. :)

Well today I was all stressful and rushy-rushy and too busy and I am on a temporary stop at home between shuttling kids to activities. And then I came here and read this, and I declare, my whole being stopped and took a deep breath, and exhaled, and smiled. Every child should be so loved! That birthday cake is just perfectly you- color, design and everything. Can you believe your baby is a little girl now? But she will always be your baby...

I love Andy's squirrel, and I think the loopy tail he did is much nicer than the snipped ones on the Ravelry page.

PS. Also love the leaves on your stew! I need to get some leaf cutters now.

I so enjoy seeing your lovely little girl Amelia. That was my great grandmother's name.

This is off topic but I have a granddaughter and I would love to locate a little wooden kitchen like the one you have pictured. Any possibility that you would share where to get it? If I was really handy, I would make it myself...

I laughed so hard at that selfie!! That is so hilarious and quite unexpected after that most precious shot of A. blowing out her cake candles (which, btw is one of my favorite ever pics of her.) It sometimes feels just like opening a present, stopping in here. :)

Ahhh.... beautiful, beautiful pictures of your little star and her lovely grandparents and parents! She is totally blessed in the family department! So enjoy seeing Miss Amelia with her mama too, your love for her radiates, thank you for sharing your precious pictures.

I can't believe she is 3! I am the mother who says this about my own kids when they turn one year older. I say it every year and to anyone who'll listen. The grow up way too fast! She is adorable!

I don't think there are more loving and caring people out there than Andy and you. Thank you for sharing these beautiful glimpses into your life. It's such a joy!

So lovely to see a picture of dear, beautiful momma with her 3 year old girl! Don't you think every person should be as celebrated as your sweetie is?! I think a week of celebrations seems just right for her!

THAT SQUIRREL!!!! Omgsh, never have I wanted to crochet more than I want to now! That is amazing - I would love to see the whole set he made - HE is amazing!
What a wonderful set of talented parents she has! So so lucky, and a beautiful little girl.

I really think Andy and Amelia look alike. Can it be the dimples? A warm, fun-loving family you are :)

Finally I get time to read this post, I've been so busy! I like to settle down, un-interrupted, with a cup of tea and take my time going over your beautiful photos, and wow so many of them here!
Love the squirrel Andy! What a lucky girl Amelia is to have two parents that make her beautiful gifts. The inscription on the quilt made me want to cry, not sure why. I think it is knowing all the time and love that has gone into each and every stitch, what a special gift! I'm glad you all had such a lovely time.

Mindy Casey says: October 26, 2015 at 03:59 AM

So gorgeous and Autumn birthday perfect in every way. Your beautiful blog is is a major factor in inspiring me and my husband to visit Portland in two weeks. If you could recommend one thing to see, do, or eat what would it be? Thank you!

Ps- Mimi is one lucky girl!

claire jenkins says: October 26, 2015 at 03:45 PM

I never expect to see your face; it actually made me cry! My joy for you and your family is so immense and I'm so thankful for your sake for your precious girl. <3

I have loved your blog space for years, and this post is one of my favorite!! You are beautiful, and so is your family!! Thank you for sharing your sweet pictures.

This post and the next one are so brilliantly wondrously magical. It's so exquisitely sweet. I have to slowly go through the photos to be able to absorb all the love, light and blessings. THANK YOU so very much for sharing. Oregon is such a beautiful place (and I live in BC and know about beautiful places) and the Squirrel (yes capitalized) is STUNNING! So many blessings you are all to each other. This makes me happy.

Just always love coming here to visit and seeing your photos ... everything captured in such a magical way. I laughed so hard at the selfie photo! The perfect ending to a perfect birthday week for your darling girl.

Your writing and photography gets more and more rich and beautiful as the years pass. However, the selfie out-take totally wins--hands-down!!--for the funniest thing you've ever posted. Thanks for keeping it real.

I cannot take control to eat these delicious food. And your capture is awesome. Happy Birthday Amelia.

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