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Oh. My goodness. Has any child in the history of the free world ever blown out more candles for her third birthday? The cakes (and creme brulee, and chocolate mousse) just kept on coming. Wow. I think she thinks her birthday is a week-long national holiday. I think so too. We did so much stuff. I took so many pictures that they all got out of order, and I can hardly remember which days were what. Man, it was fun. We went to Sunday lunch at Jake's Grill with Andy's parents, who flew back to Chicago on Tuesday. Andy gave her the incredible crocheted squirrel from this pattern (his name is Marty, and he has his own birch-bark-sided house, with lights; the man is a crocheting genius) and the five crocheted acorns he spent all summer making. I gave her her quilt. We made breakfasts (both felt [cookies for breakfast] and real [pancakes]) and drove out to Multnomah Falls and its lodge for lunch. The day was silly gorgeous, the night filled with cake and candlelight. And suddenly my sweet baby is a little girl.

The house is recovering, and I've spent almost every lazy minute crocheting a blanket myself. Outside the windows the leaves fall and fall and fall, and the sky is more gray now on more days than it was a week ago. I've taken hundreds of pictures in the past week, and we've driven a zig-zagging spider web from one corner of town to the other, doing stuff. Autumn is short and so special now. It's dark after dinner, but I keep the window behind the sofa wide open in the evening, and sit with tea in the my flannel nightgown under a little comforter, and listen to the leaves rustling outside. Then I close the windows tight, and pull the blinds and close them, too, and we snuggle in.

P.S. Andy saw this post and sent me the actual selfie from the shot above:




The loveliest post ever! But then I've said that before and will no doubt say it again! It was a wonderful celebration- the best ever! Mimi has blessed so many lives and, even from far away, I am a deeply loved Grama! Thank you, Andy and Alicia, for keeping us real and present every day for Mimi. Every hug, every I love you too, every twinkle of the eye in my direction, shows how connected love can become across the miles. The photos in your blog are masterpieces, always. This particular one is just exceptional, even among your best. Thank you. I love you all beyond measure. The time shared last week is a gift that gets better with each remembering. Precious.

I love your blog. It takes me back to the days when my girls were little. I loved being home with them. I have such good memories of planning outtings and creative endeavors. I started following you on my blog, but discovered it is best to ask. Do you mind if I follow you on my blog at
Thanks, Julie

Ut - oh! Alicia you may need another painting commissioned! The many candle blowing adventures has morfed her into some sort of super adorable candle blowing wondergirl! My girl is about to turn 3 as well I would love to capture the same moment, but alas we are only mere mortals!

That squirrel! Squeeee! Any girl would love a Daddy made rodent! So, so cute- all of you.
Beauty and blessings all around! Savor these days.

Wow, a mermaid & now the cute squirrel. Andy is quite the talented crocheter (is that a word? I can't for the life of me crochet)..but, I can't see the squirrel house or acorns. Gifts from the hand and heart are the best kind.

Multnomah Falls! We were just there Saturday on our drive over from Spokane. I would love to take some of this rain back home. Our grandbaby Piper was born in Portland just a week before Amelia. I remember being there, helping our daughter and reading about the gift of Amelia in your life. My goodness, those girls are so similar. The way they dress. The kitchen. The pure joy and love. I don't comment often, but I read ALWAYS. Because now my little Piper lives in Washington DC and Grandma can't drive to see her every few weeks like I did for the first two years of her life. So I look at Portland through Amelia's eyes and think that maybe, just maybe, my Piper has the same look of happiness as Amelia and it makes this Grandma smile.

sharon stanley says: October 19, 2015 at 05:34 PM

well now you've done it. i don't even know where to begin, all the pics are so full of love and delight. goodness, she is such a little girl now in those precious outfits. i think without a doubt the pic of you and amelia is my favorite...i love that. her hair is so cute. but oh my gosh, that squirrel. who does that? it 'must have been torturous! i love marty. that sparkly cake....dreamy. her special 'day' really was a special week wasn't it?!

The way you peacefully enjoy your life is an inspiration to me.

Precious post. Precious pics. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for letting us enjoy some of the celebration, Alicia! Precious times. Marty and The Quilt are dear. It is fun to see the area through your lens, too. ....and the bird...lying down ? :)

Amelia is so adorable . . . I love her long hair, braids too!
And her smiles,
More smiles . . .

I love that you love fall as much as I do! I'm just reveling in it now, absolutely reveling in it. I'm not sweaty anymore! I can wear nice clothes! I can dry my hair! My favorite part is using blankets again, even during the day sometimes. It's like a whole new world and I can't get enough.

Beautiful, delightful, wonderful post! Her hair, the selfie, the squirel! Of course you have Miss Suzy by Miriam Young, right? ;o)
Happy Birthday again and again Amelia.
PS~would love to see the birch house with light for Marty. :o)

I've got a big smile on my face and a tear in my eye. She is a lovely little girl. You are very blessed Alicia. Many Happy Returns Amelia and thank you for sharing your special week.

lyn lindsay says: October 20, 2015 at 12:46 AM

Lovely memories for you all and wonderful memories for the future as Amelia grows, happy 3rd birthday to a sweet girl who has some wonderful wonderful experiences. I love where you live always looks so beautiful.
Hope you recover well from the lonnnng birthday celebrations.

So much love! How wonderful....

Absolutely wonderful xxxxx

Beautiful post, beautiful birthday, beautiful family. I simply cannot believe Amelia is 3! I have been reading here since way before she joined you - simply incredible. Big love xx

My dear Alicia,
I have followed your journey for many, many years.
Amelia is such a adorable, precious little girl.
I only read a few blogs these days, and yours is the one I look forward to the most.
The doll house in the first pictures looks like the exact same one my husband built for our own three daughters over 30 years ago, as now my four granddaughters play with. I've kept it all these years, and such joy it brings to my heart to see them play with the same one my own little girls played with.
Please, you must keep it forever :)
Thank you ever so much for sharing this little spot in your life, all the heartaches and incredible joy you have shared over the years.
Sincerely- Becka

Wow what a privilege it has been to watch the gorgeous Amelia
grow from a tiny baby to a very independent young Miss
I look forward to your posts as the photos are stunning & always make me smile
We are going into summer here in Australia how I wish I was in the northern hemisphere as the heat and I just don't get on
so draining

I've been feeling sentimental this week and your pictures brought tears (happy) to my eyes. You are both such good parents and your family is so filled with love. The warm glow of your home makes me want to join you for that cup of tea. Your quilt is sure to be an heirloom and Andy's squirrel a favorite for sure. (I didn't think he could out-do last years mermaid but I love that tail!!) Happy Birthday to your baby girl! P.S. My rule is- they are babies till they get on the school bus! :)

Oh my, I love these pictures! They radiate pure joy. Around here we celebrate birthdays all week long too. If it is a big birthday, sometimes we celebrate for the whole month!

Bethany Hissong says: October 20, 2015 at 05:41 AM

Happy Birthday to Amelia! I was just trying to think what was going on 3 years ago here when I got your news that she was going to be a part of your family! I'll never forget that. Such a lucky girl to have parents like you two. It also makes me tear up as I sent Caroline to college this year and I'm missing those days! Enjoy "3"... Such a wonderful year! Love you guys!

I just love your beautiful pictures! I was just there back in the summer and your pics bring back so many happy memories!! My brother, who lives outside Portland, just flew home yesterday. He was here for almost a week for my daughter's wedding- I can see from your pictures what he's going home to. Amelia is so lucky to have so many that love her. She is beautiful and will have so many happy memories as she grows up! Thanks so much for sharing- you always make me feel alittle closer to my brother!:)

I'm here in Portland visiting for my birthday. I've been reading your blog for years (and years) and always thinking "that sounds so lovely". There is a little chill in the air. The leaves are stunning. For the first time, I get to do it too! Cosy drinks, tights for my toddler and rain boots for puddle-splashing. October in Portland is amazing.

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