Cold and Clear

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So cold these past few days, and the air tinged with blue, or silver, or some color I can't quite capture. Frost color. A ballerina's skirt color, frozen drops balanced in the air as evening descends. So begins my longing for snow. Maybe this year. Maybe this year. . . .

Inside, outside, inside, outside. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we go over the river to be with family. I've been thinking so much about forests and trees and little houses and fields. I was telling Andrea about my junior-high American history teacher who didn't use the hideous overhead lighting in the room (oh, it was wonderful, wonderful, and I still remember him for it) and gave us a new hand-drawn, hand-labeled map of somewhere in New England almost every day. The maps were absolutely exquisite, the names magical. Plymouth, Concord, Dover, Wethersfield, Salisbury. Every year at this time I think of them, and would give anything to find that binder full of those lovely maps. How do we ever know what will stay with us, and why? Will Amelia remember the tune of the lullaby I sing every night as we snuggle and read under the quilts in the big bed? By the light of our tiny lamp, with the winds blowing outside, overwhelmed with gratitude I wrap around her, and quietly sing of small things.

I wish you much peace and comfort and love this holiday weekend, and throughout the season. Thank you for your generous, peaceful, and kind presence here. May your days be merry and bright, and filled with love.

Love always,
A+A+A+C+B. Xoxo

***The book pictured is The Big Book of Slumber, and it is one of our very favorites.



Oh, that thought --- How do we ever know what will stay with us, and why?
I think that so very often with my own children. All that we do with such intention, and yet what will stay with them?
Lovely pictures, as always.

Happiest Thanksgiving wishes to you A+A+A+C+B! Thank you for all of the love and inspiration you gift us with!

Happy Thanksgiving! (thanks for the beautiful photos from me- exiled from dear Oregon)

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you Alicia from a very hot part of Australia.

So thankful for your lovely photos, for your beautiful words that so easily paint pictures in our heads, for all the wonderful things you've shared here with us over these many years, for YOU. Do you know what an amazing gift you are? Once upon a time I worked in a fancy card/stationery shop, and my favorite card in the entire store had this simple message:

Thank you for you.

Thank you for you, Alicia. Thank you so much. Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving overflowing with love (and pie :).

A new post, your reflections and pictures, and now more for me to be thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving. Happy. Happy. Happy.

Thank YOU! We are heading up to (southern) Oregon on Friday. 20 degress colder than here (northern CA). My dad said to bring Reed's scooter, although it seems ice skating in the fountain is a more likely bet. Brrr. Stay warm!!!

Thanks for sharing your life and gifts with me!

I love your Thanksgiving post...thank you :). I am enjoying your photos too...the big snowy mountain...we have snow on Mt.Rainier and I wonder if we will have snow in our little town Of Steilacoom, WA also. No snow last year. And your snowberries picture...oh how I love to see snowberries. Stay warm and have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family :)

Beautiful post! Wishing you a wonderful holiday and some snow....

Of the many things in my life I'm thankful for, I'm also so very thankful for you, your family and the blog you loving share with all of us. It has brought me joy in so many ways. The sharing of your creative self, your mom days, cooking adventures, family activities and of course your insightful photographic eye.
Thank you so very much.
PS. Here's hoping wishes will make it snow for Christmas. ⛄️❄️💕

I love your photography! You so captured the grey skies and bare branches of November! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Kristen from MA says: November 25, 2015 at 03:06 PM

Another cross stitch pattern in the works, Alicia? I'd consider that a wonderful Christmas present (no pressure!). :D

Very thankful that you share your pictures and words - your life - with us. A lovely Thanksgiving to all of the Paulsons. <3

So beautiful, as always. Thank you. Also, a small request. From which book is that illustration? The artwork and poem looks so very sweet.

Warmest wishes to you and all those you hold dear,

Very Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family!

I'm interested to see what the little houses cross stitch will be. The sneak peak has me intrigued.

Just today I got out my little tree and decorated with all of the felt ornaments from your kits. It makes me so happy.

I am thankful that I found your blog and have enjoyed your magnificent images and the journal of your life and times. I hope you have a great day tomorrow. We'll have 10 of us at the table. Your friend from Corbett in the gorge. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

*H*A*P*P*Y* *T*H*A*N*K*S*G*I*V*I*N*G*!*!*

A very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well as all your American readers from a little corner of Scotland. x

Lovely post! I'm just finishing up the Purl Soho Advent Calendar, and wondering how I could get away with doing velcro. Looks great! <3 <3

I grew up in New Hampshire with many of those nice sounding names. I live in Maine now and we have towns with names like Mexico, China, Lisbon, South Paris... I wonder if other states have same named towns? I love the dress and everything you are working on. The strips are so lovely. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

What activity is your daughter doing with the pipe cleaners? Lovely blog, always enjoy reading it.

I have relatives in Wethersfield! My cousin was married in an old Congregational church in Old Wethersfield which George Washington once attended.

A Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Happy, happy Season of all Goodness and Goodwill to you also♥
Your wondering questions of the why's and what's are so familiar to me.
As a Grammie now to six (6)~! little "grands" I am seeing and hearing the answers to those decade-old-thoughts I had long ago as a (younger) Mama.
I read Tasha Tudor's book, "A Time To Keep" often to all my little dearies and I think you would love to add it to your library if you haven't already done so.
It is the perfect launch for conversations about months and seasons and traditions and why we like to remember the things we do. It has been a *joy* to hear what my sons remember about their own growing years. The children absorb everything and treasure far more than we may think.
Personally, I think this idea of what we remember has many layers of meaning for every generation.
(((hugs))) for your sweet family.

I love the memories from so long ago which shape our adult lives. They are precious! I can't wait to see what the houses become, they are beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and thank you for your beautiful posts.

Have a happy thanksgiving! Forest trees, little houses, snow..sounds good to me..we finally have some cool weather & I'm happy..and baking goodies.

Jane Miller says: November 25, 2015 at 06:09 PM

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to a lovely family. Wishing for snow also, here in North Carolina. Peace!

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