Cold and Clear

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So cold these past few days, and the air tinged with blue, or silver, or some color I can't quite capture. Frost color. A ballerina's skirt color, frozen drops balanced in the air as evening descends. So begins my longing for snow. Maybe this year. Maybe this year. . . .

Inside, outside, inside, outside. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we go over the river to be with family. I've been thinking so much about forests and trees and little houses and fields. I was telling Andrea about my junior-high American history teacher who didn't use the hideous overhead lighting in the room (oh, it was wonderful, wonderful, and I still remember him for it) and gave us a new hand-drawn, hand-labeled map of somewhere in New England almost every day. The maps were absolutely exquisite, the names magical. Plymouth, Concord, Dover, Wethersfield, Salisbury. Every year at this time I think of them, and would give anything to find that binder full of those lovely maps. How do we ever know what will stay with us, and why? Will Amelia remember the tune of the lullaby I sing every night as we snuggle and read under the quilts in the big bed? By the light of our tiny lamp, with the winds blowing outside, overwhelmed with gratitude I wrap around her, and quietly sing of small things.

I wish you much peace and comfort and love this holiday weekend, and throughout the season. Thank you for your generous, peaceful, and kind presence here. May your days be merry and bright, and filled with love.

Love always,
A+A+A+C+B. Xoxo

***The book pictured is The Big Book of Slumber, and it is one of our very favorites.



Not only have I been posting photos of snowy Mt. Hood, but today I got so excited as I was driving through Sandy. There were several cars driving toward me from the mountain and they had SNOW and ice on them, Alicia :) I am hoping for some snow down here near the foot of Mt. Hood, too. Thanks for posting, and Happy Thanksgiving! xx

This is such a beautiful post, pictures and words and all. Blessings to you for your holiday.

sharon stanley says: November 25, 2015 at 07:40 PM

oh happy thanksgiving to you and yours dear alicia. what joy you bring to us, your readers, your followers. you brighten days and that's no small thing. grateful.

A blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours.

I am so, so glad you posted today. We are so far from home, and though it's only for a few days, I am dreadfully homesick for the valley. The way you captured the light, the trees, the sky - all those photos say "sweet Oregon home" to me. Ten thousand thank yous.

Beautiful, how we need to make, capture and treasure precious memories with our dearest. x

oh yes she will surely remember! I would like us french people to have that celebration of thanksgiving too, i feel i have so many things to say thank you for this year...

What lovely memories you have of your teacher, it sounds as if he put a lot of effort in. I'm all in favour of turning off those horrible strip lights. Have a wonderful day Alicia. CJ xx

Irene Mota de Campos says: November 26, 2015 at 03:00 AM

As always I loved your post. You write so well!! Thank you for the cross stitch chart.
What are you going to do with the lovely flowery bands?
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

As you know, we can't choose or predict what little things will stay with us. That's the magic! I'm thankful for your blog which I've read for years; it brings me beauty and tears and inspiration and remembrance of an area that was very important to my young years (my mom was born and grew up in Hillsboro, not so far away). And watching Amelia grow is special! Thank you for sharing the gift of you.

Kirstie Irving says: November 26, 2015 at 05:00 AM

And heartfelt thanks to you, too.....I don't think you fully realise how much pleasure reading your blog brings. The generosity that you show, allowing us to share special moments with you and your family....priceless. Wishing you laughter, love and warmth......topped off with a sprinkling of snow! X

Oh, what a lovely person you are. I read your blog every day and I am always filled with the wonder you comment on and your all abiding love for your family. Also your gratitude that you have Amelia, and what a little love she is. You too have a cosy Winter and may you receive all the treats that you deserve. I am not so sure about snow, my daughter is longing for it as, like you, she has a little girl. All I ever think of is all the mess and the traffic in England coming to a ruddy standstill. Love Andie xxx

Such a wonder . . .
What will Amelia remember from her young days . . .
I would think warmth, cuddles, patience and creativity will play out in her memory . . .
Happy Thanksgiving beautiful family!

Wishing the same peace and comfort and love to you all. (Snow too) Happy Thanksgiving. I'm sure Amelia will remember the tune and the words of the grown up Hannah does and I remember my mother and auntie singing the same one gently to me...

So beautiful! Love your photography! And the material! And the dress! And Everything! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you, Alicia, for singing to us of the small things, too.

One of my fondest best happiest times of the day every day was being curled up with the kids in our big bed for story time every night. The winds could blow and we were cozy together.

From Canada I will you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Your posts are always a gift to me, all the beauty. I love the photo of the dress hanging quiet on the wall. Happy Thanksgiving from Yakima where the golden sun is just peeking into the windows and the turkey is in the sink and the pie is in the fridge and I am so glad I took a couple minutes to read your post first.

How wonderful to have been able to put pen to paper with a map! I smiled when I read your post as I work in Dover, MA and live in the town next door, Sherborn, so so beautiful here - I continue to pinch myself as I drive through these towns and this part of MA. I look forward to seeing your part of the country as well - through your beautiful photographs and then reading your posts - thank you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your beautiful family.

Love you so much!!

I live in New England (north-central MA), and the beautiful town names somehow fit the landscape, the numerous old houses, and the town greens: Hollis, Ipswich, Newbury, Topsfield. I have always greatly desired to visit the amazing beauty of the Pacific Northwest (someday), but there is no where I'd rather live than New England. It is so, so beautiful, and living here looks exactly like those images in calendars.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family. Xoxo, Megan

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from London.

You are an exquisite light in this world!

How beautifull your pictures are of the leaveless trees. I love them.
I wish you and your familiy a happy and peacefull Thanksgiving

M. Michael Payne says: November 26, 2015 at 12:46 PM

I remember before I was old enough for school, sitting and sewing buttons on a string. How large the needle was and all the buttons. I remember 1st grade, Mrs. Scott's classroom, after Christmas and my grandmother, who lived in Denver, sent me a pair of mittens that were hand puppets. A squirrel and a skunk and after we went back to school after New Years I put on a puppet show with my new mittens, behind the A-frame chalk board and got all the kids laughing. It is amazing the things that stick in your mind, the things you remember but I would bet Mimi will remember the light under the covers, and the colors in her favorite blanket, and the dog and the cat, and...but it'll be things you forgot, bet'cha. LOL Have a great weekend. Love, Grandma Payne

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