T-Day and Tree Day

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My sister was hosting Thanksgiving, but her whole family came down with the flu last week (ugh, poor dears) so we had a little dinner at our place. Amelia dragged her chair around the table so she wound up sitting next to each of her guests at some point throughout the afternoon. I love her. The weather has been so perfect — very clear, and just cold enough to feel like winter. I love the weekend after Thanksgiving. We always go and get our tree right away. I do so like to get things going early so I can relax and go do fun stuff. Tree is up, house is more-or-less decorated, stockings are hung. Parties need to be scheduled, but shopping is done. Wrapping and shipping is not. Cards need to be ordered. Amelia keeps saying, "Mom, is it Christmastime yet? Mom, is this Christmastime?" Oh, December! With a three-year-old, things are magical (and vaguely bonkers), already. I love this season and all it brings. So many gifts. So many beautiful, sparkling little things.

Last year at the tree farm, and the year before.


Oh Alicia...what beautiful memories you are creating :0) Your little one is growing so rapidly. When they are this age, the wonder of Christmas is so precious! Thank you for sharing such lovely photos with us... blessings to your day... mari

I swear, just in the last 6 months, Amelia has changed so much from a kidlet to a proper little girl! It's bonkers how fast they change.

Lovely tree! Maybe I'll go ahead and do mine this weekend too. It is nice to have it up and lit when it is so dark out.

Everything in the world is better with a three year old, isn't it? Such a beautiful, magical age. Your photos are lovely, as always. I hope your sister's family are feeling better.

Oh, your baby has become a girl!

Heather Pool says: December 01, 2015 at 10:52 AM

That first photo today looks like something right out of a Carl Larsson painting! Thank you for sharing so much of the good in life.

You sure did find a wonderful place to get your tree! LOVED all the images! Amelia is really growing fast now.. she's half as tall as dad! The horse photo with Mimi is magic. We have our tree up but a lot more decorating to do.. need to get the North Pole Village on the piano! Have fun.. I know you will.

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


All good things! Such is the season. Looking forward to seeing the tree once it is all dolled up. No pressure, but I am sure you won't disappoint.

Such a beautiful weekend. I want to say enjoy it because they grow up so quickly, but the truth is every holiday is beautiful no matter how old they are! Every age has its own joys.

Her hair!!! So long, golden and beautiful! And your tree is picture perfect as are you. Thanks for sharing again and Happy December to you and yours.

Alicia are your dinner plates vintage or a still in print pattern? I love those big flowers! Happy Thanksgiving! And your shopping is done? I haven't even made a list yet!

Is it Christmas?
You certainly have put me in the mood!
What beautiful moments you've enjoyed.

She's not a baby anymore! Such a lovely little girl and I can see how you revel in every experience with her. Lovely photos.

i thought the same susan,Amelia is growing into a gorgous little girl,and ive, enjoyed seeing her grow ,your very organised Alicia ,your house looks lovely by the way xx

Such a lovely Christmassy post. Treasure each moment of the season with your little one, they grow up way too fast!

Alicia! that one of you and Amelia snuggling and that one of Andy and Amelia should be framed with one of her by herself in the middel!! so precious!

yes, you can tell her it's Christmastime--which is the ENTIRE month of December! i know at this age how she has no sense of time, but perhaps your Advent calendar will help...a little! she won't always be at this stage. if you blink, she'll be in kindergarten. it all goes SO fast.

thanks for posting! i love peeking in on your world. you're welcome to bop over to mine to nose around too.

Your pictures remind me of the girl in Year after Year (Garth Williams, ill.)...thanks for sharing. :)

I smile when you include yourself in a pic once in a while. Your presence seen adds to the joy here....I almost heard her giggling while being chased by Andy. So sweet!...Love the fashion blogger bun, too!

Kristen from MA says: December 01, 2015 at 01:48 PM

When I look at Amelia, I don't see "baby" anymore. She's fully in "kid" mode now. Where does the time go?

magical and darling, all in one.
blessed life and rightfully so...

That child is so precious. She is really looking like a three-year-old now. I just love watching her grow. She has such a joyful spirit about her that mirrors the joy and beauty that always surrounds her.

so lovely!!! I love your holiday posts. I have to go back and find what the recipe you linked for sugar cookies because that is what I have been using and love them. Hopefully I pinned them but I don't know if I am that organized.

I love that little girl:)
Her hair..her smile..just everything♥

What a wardrobe that girl has! I'd wear every single thing she owns. I have four little boys....and I have actually forgotten that I once had the notion of dressing them in nothing that I wouldn't put on my own body. I love the decency it gives to tiny clothing...before, of course, they manifest their own divergent and strong interests in style.

Lacy Province says: December 01, 2015 at 02:40 PM

Love photo's 27tree21 Miss Em running from her Papa & 27tree29 where they're walking hand in hand with their prized Christmas tree. Each would make a wonderful Christmas card.
Hope you're enjoying our December weather. It really feels like winter, but I'm praying for a good layer of beautiful white snow.
The tree you picked is perfect for showing family ornaments to there advantage. And I might add the only tree I've ever loved.
All the best to you, Andy & Miss Em. 🎄🎁

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