T-Day and Tree Day

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My sister was hosting Thanksgiving, but her whole family came down with the flu last week (ugh, poor dears) so we had a little dinner at our place. Amelia dragged her chair around the table so she wound up sitting next to each of her guests at some point throughout the afternoon. I love her. The weather has been so perfect — very clear, and just cold enough to feel like winter. I love the weekend after Thanksgiving. We always go and get our tree right away. I do so like to get things going early so I can relax and go do fun stuff. Tree is up, house is more-or-less decorated, stockings are hung. Parties need to be scheduled, but shopping is done. Wrapping and shipping is not. Cards need to be ordered. Amelia keeps saying, "Mom, is it Christmastime yet? Mom, is this Christmastime?" Oh, December! With a three-year-old, things are magical (and vaguely bonkers), already. I love this season and all it brings. So many gifts. So many beautiful, sparkling little things.

Last year at the tree farm, and the year before.


Oh, 3 years old is ✨Magic!✨That is really the start of them understanding holidays and it makes it so, so, FUN! You are going to LOVE Christmas morning even more than ever this year!!

As always, your beautiful words and photos are such a treat in my day. Thank you for taking the time to share your world with us. You utterly inspire me and change the way I see my own world. ❤️

Truly beautiful and magical, as always. I love to come here and just breathe it in, the simplicity and value you put into everything. Such a lovely girl and I had to laugh at the "vaguely bonkers." My 3yo remains oblivious at this point, but my 4yo is completely bonkers, lol.
Thank you for sharing.

Oh lovely mum and daughter photo...One to frame. Happy bright crisp Holiday.

Oh, Alicia, what magic! The weather looked beautiful when you got your tree. It was SO cold here when we went to the tree farm, I could hardly stand it, no sunshine and very windy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Thanksgiving and the beginning of your Christmastime.

oh my ~ all of these photos! ~ most especially the one of you+amelia and those in which she's holding onto andy's thumb ~ precious.

merry, merry christmastime!

Wow! She already possesses one of the most important qualities of an ideal hostess - visiting with each guest! How impressive that is - :D. Wonderful.

I love Christmastime too! I so enjoy following along with your sweet family. Amelia is growing up so fast! What an idyllic childhood she's having. It's fun to visit with you and enjoy your traditions. Thank you for letting us all tag along. Jonni @ Jasper's Cottage

Hi Alicia! I love the photo of Amelia trying on the "Christmas stockings"... awesome! Hope you had a chance to pick up your package at the post office. It should be a fun little count down. Happy holidays!
Kind regards,

Bree Bree O'Bree says: December 01, 2015 at 11:00 PM

Gosh! I think this my favourite ever post of yours! (I think I have said this before and probably will say it again). I love love Amelia's dinner dress. Those sleeves are wonderful and paired with a turtleneck, perfect. My favourite photos are you and your little, eagle and cat head cuddle :)

oooh, the pictures with the cat! Such a sweet pair! And the one with the horse... thank you for sharing these, for the little girl in all of us. thank you thank you thank you.

your tree is beautiful! I love Amelia's dress, it's awesome. In that first photo, I think I spy some artwork on the back of the chair? I love it ... my friend and I were saying that our dining tables and coffee tables have dings and marks, and each one tells a story. The children outgrow that phase and it's pretty funny in retrospect, to remember what caused the damage! :-D

Oh wow, what a difference a year (or two) makes! You have a young lady on your hands now and what glorious locks she has! I remember my daughter's hair at the same age just didn't seem like it would stop growing! Gorgeous photos as always!

Fanastic photos from a fantastic family - thank you so much for sharing with us all!:-)

What a lovely post! I enjoy the "girl" things in your life - as I have a 13 year old boy (nothing wrong with boys but the fabrics and fashions of little girls are so yummy!!!) And every age is magical with these kids at the holidays - I just love it. Now our son does all the lights on outside and inside trees! Yeah! Enjoy the holiday season!

Love seeing the snuggles with mom and dad . . .
The changes from this year to last to 2013 . . .
Love her sweet face, beautiful hair, wellies, leggings, discoveries . . .
Reading your joys . . .
Happy "is it Christmastime yet" days . . .

Love the first picture in the post with Em at the Thanksgiving table. She looks so "grown up" all of the sudden! Enjoy the holiday season with your family and thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

just when I think she cant get any cuter..bam! there it is! that 1st picture is just the sweetest! and her lovin' the cat in the barn! I really think that you should make a coffee table book with your writings and your pictures...in your spare time of course!! :)

My morning is complete when I see a post on your blog. What a dear sweet little girl and how lucky she is to have you and Andy nurturing and loving her! You are the dearest sweetest parents in the world.......have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy each and every moment!

ps. have you ever considered making Amelia a book? Something inexpensive (shutterfly??) that she coulod look at...A Very Happy Amelia Year....kids love to see pictures of themselves and I made one for my son that we still look at 30 years later.....pre on line bookmaking..cut and glued but still loved! just a thought!

Y'all three are so beautiful in so many ways. Love checking your blog and IG feed. Thank you for sharing your world with me. Julie

Her hair is so long and pretty! My daughter is only 2 and I am just waiting for it to grow longer. Beautiful tree too. :)

sharon stanley says: December 02, 2015 at 08:13 AM

oh my goodness alicia, amelia is getting taller by the minute! all pics so precious and filled with memories you will enjoy for a lifetime. this pic of her trying to wear the stockings is priceless!!! kids are so funny.

I adore the photo of you snuggling into her neck, and the ones with the kitty. Be still my heart!

We've got all our decorations up, the trick is keeping the little one from taking them all back down!

What a beautiful day! We always get our tree the day after Thanksgiving and it is so lovely.

Beautiful pictures! It definitely puts me in the Christmas spirit! Does anyone know what kind of tree that is?!! That is what I want and picture every time we go to a tree farm but I never see anything like that. All I ever see are huge perfectly triangle bushy trees. The hunt will continue!

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