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Amelia's portrait of me is as accurate as could be, IMHO. I'm wearing my glasses and my hair is sticking out.

My computer — and I — are in a state of semi-function. Computer is more or less working properly, loaded back up with its stuff, though everything is different — different email program, different photo transferring software, different mouse pad thing (that I hate), different Photoshop (I'm on Creative Cloud now, after using old CS3 forever), different color calibration, different lots of stuff that is making life on the computer both easier in some ways and harder in others. I'm trying to figure out how to reset my defaults to where they had been, or something. . . . It's really amazing how automatic my old processes were to me, for better or worse. This has been one of the harder transitions to new equipment for me. I'm getting old. And googly-eyed.

Also, I have a cold. I'm still just not quite up and running.

Andy's home today. I'm hauling my basket of yarn upstairs to watch House Hunters International and crochet. I'm working on my new patterns, which will also be kits. There's Honey Bunny (a pink and a blue version) and Lovey Lamb. They've been the perfect January projects — very simple, and very long (well, the lambie, at least, has been almost tediously long, which has, strangely, been also quite perfect). Kits and pattern will be ready in the spring. I'm sad that January is almost over, I really am. I was sitting on the sofa the other day, doing absolutely nothing. Amelia was completely confused. "Mom, what are you doing? Mom, are you okay? What are you doing?" Me: "I'm sitting here doing nothing." Her [bewildered]: "Why, Mom? What are you doing?" Me: "I know this is very strange for you, Amelia, as it's quite possible you've never seen me sitting down and doing nothing in your entire life, but people actually do this. I'm going to do this, and then Daddy is going to bring me some cinnamon rolls. Isn't that wonderful?" Her [uncertain]: "Yeah!"

I'm not even kidding, we literally had that conversation.

Thank you for all of your kind words on Andy's award. We were both very touched by your kindness. Thank you. Amelia and I were back up on the hill on Wednesday to see Andy be presented with another award at the OHSU Golden ROSE (Recognition for Outstanding Service Excellence) awards ceremony (another one!). This one is awarded every month to several different OHSU employees who are nominated by someone else at the hospital. Each nominator stands up and reads their nomination to the roomful of people while the nominee stands next to the podium. The stories were amazing. I wish I could remember all of the details of each of the stories, but I know I'll get them wrong, and the January recipients aren't up on the OHSU web site yet. I will link over there when they are. (Update: Here they are!) I couldn't be prouder of Andy, or to be a part of OHSU, both as a patient and an employee spouse. It's such an exceptional place.

Today, the sun is shining as bright as could be. The angle of the sun is low, and glaring — a winter sun. Everything is soaked and glinting. Keep warm out there, friends. Stay slow. Let's drag it out as long as we can.

***By the way, that's Andy's view every day at work. And that picture doesn't even capture it, really. Isn't it amazing?



You are hilarious. I'm beyond impressed, but not surprised that this was the first time that your daughter has seen you relax and do nothing. I can't wait to see the new kits you are making!

Oh I do hope you feel better! And how lovely for your hubs to get such richly deserved recognitions from a job well done. The ceremony for this one sounds like something every work place should have. It's important to say "I appreciate you, because..." To people around us all day every day. We can grow more freely when we feel like our efforts are noticed. Rock on you guys!


Good news... yes. This is why it's always a pleasure to find a fresh Posie post, because we love good news.

Re: to the portrait...
We call these, hairy potatoes. It seems that most children start this way. It's so amusing. :)

I love her picture :-) It makes you look like the sun. I very much hope you feel better soon.

There is a reason why you get so much done and I don't I think. I am way too good at relaxing and contemplating from the sofa, rather than doing all the things. It is good to do I think but I am glad you had a deserved rest and a chance to sit down.

Andy is obviously a nurse in a million, which is brilliant and lucky you being his wife. But to be fair, your own good fortune in this respect is returned to him in kind :)

Hope you chase away your cold soon.

I am sad to see January go, too! OHSU is just the greatest place. Hubby has been out for over a month now and I still gush about how wonderful that place and the people who work there are. There are times I almost miss being there, what a wonderful place it must be to work. I do NOT like learning new programs or how to use new versions of any technology, ha-ha! I look forward to your new kits and hope you are feeling better soon!

Well done again Andy. And again, nurses are the best, totally phenomenal. Are those olives? And a camellia flower! I have fat buds on mine, it won't be long now. We're having a strangely warm winter here in England, nature is quite confused. Daffodils were blooming on Christmas Eve. There won't be any left for spring. Love the fat crochet animal, he looks very cuddly. And the photo of the cat in that pool of light is absolute perfection. What an exquisite place your blog is. Wishing you and yours a good weekend. CJ xx

I enjoyed your images today. I hope you show that Camellia when in full bloom! Amelia's hair is getting so long and pretty! I love your rotund amigurami animals! They looks like cute pillows of love. I'm off to the pool.. enjoy your day. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

sharon stanley says: January 29, 2016 at 01:23 PM

i'd know you anywhere by that portrait! so sweet. that andy...quite the guy. i know you are prouder than a peacock! january sweet january...this time last week the farm was under a blanket of 18+ inches of blowing cold snow which was lovely to watch especially since we did not lose power. aside from bringing my mom home to her little apt here after breaking her hip on tuesday! whew....what a storm. but what a snow we had...drifts everywhere, black cows that looked like white bumps on the bill...so odd but so cool. kudos to andy and kudos to YOU for training him right!

I laughed so hard at you and Amelia's conversation. They (children) see us bustling about like little ants so much of the time that it seems so strange to them to see us still! And I couldn't agree more about January. It's my new favorite month of the year. Once February hits it's off to the races around here and I wish the January respite would last just a wee bit longer! Congratulations to Andy!

"i'm getting old. and googly-eyed." love it.
and that critter (bunny?)-? holy mackerel. i want one sooo bad. are you old enough to have played with weeble-wobbles? - other than our fisher-price castle, farm and A-frame, they were my sisters' and my favorite toys while growing up; what i wouldn't give to still have 'em! . . . and our collections of wee glass critters we referred to as "china animals" . . . and our piles of trading cards. trading cards! oh my! . . . by (fellow chicagoland childhood) chance did you play with any/all of those, too? best of times.... and one final thing - - does amelia yet have elsa beskow's picture books? fondest of my momma times were reading those aloud to the sweet-smelling perfect weight of my whole heart sitting on my lap, soaking up every word and illustration.....charmingest books that make you just want to climb on in 'em.
happiest days to you and yours ~

Always so wonderful to get a new post from you. I had to chuckle because I have definitely had conversations like that with my children, on those exceedingly rare occasions that I am doing nothing, or doing lying down for no real reason, or heaven forbid, taking a nap. They can't even recognize that it's me. I think children need models of rest, they need to know it's okay to do nothing, because our entire society does a bang-up job of telling them to go-go-go all the time.

Is that a little mermaid in her bathtub? So beautiful ...precious 🐬🐚🐬🐚🐬🐚

I sometimes fear my child won't know reading is good and fun because he never sees me sit and read my own books for pleasure. Just his.

Aww, sorry you are not feeling well! I too was sick, and it was probably one of the worst flues I have EVER HAD!

House Hunters is such a good "not feeling well" kind of watch. Especially the international one. My kids always make fun of me : ) But they'll still snuggle up and join me on occasion. The dangerous part is I watch it on Netflix and so sometimes on a low day I'll manage way to many episodes.

Feel better!


congratulations, again, andy. my few hospital experiences were made so much better because of the nurses. when i miscarried (one of many), i was all alone and a nurse sat next to me much of the night stroking my arm. (my husband never saw the note i had left for him to come to the hospital.) alicia, will you be creating a stitchery from amelia's drawing? it would look cute on a quilt binding. i hope you are well soon, but enjoy the last few days of january by relaxing.

Your husband does have a great view at work! The cat sure looks sweet, we have two cats and they shed a lot this time of the year.
Lovely photos!

Great collection of photos, as always. You never cease to amaze me. I love how you change perspective and angles in your line up. Wide view, then close up. And then you throw in those that make me pause and catch my breath. Like her wet hair in the tub. Oh, melt my heart. A true Mommy photo.
Thank you for sharing.

Well...reading about dear Andy's award made me all teary eyed. What a gift he is! Our little girl had unexpected heart surgery at OHSU this summer (thank you Dr. Burch and ALL the nurses and staff!!!!) We were overwhelmed with the kind, attentive and professional care.

Just so thankful for people like him -- who make healing possible!! He's a hero every day.

Congratulations to Andy again! With that view I'm amazed you get any nursing done😁. I loved Amelia's portrait of you Alicia. It reminded me of some pictures my kids drew on cloth that I was going to embroider, you know, from your book! I never got around to it, my goodness I am hopeless. The photo of Amelia in the bath is beautiful, her hair colour😍 It's just like a pre-raphaelite painting! I guess I'd better learn to crochet asap. The new patterns look perfect for a new baby due in the spring. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Wow, that conversation with Amelia speaks volumes for your work ethic! Times while I go give mine a brushing off...

As a Rose I must congratulate you on yours Andy. :) Fabulous.

Ah, yes, the importance of doing nothing. Enjoy every minute!

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