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Hello! How are you? Happy January! It's been quiet around here. I'm relieved, and I might even say thrilled. The house is disheveled and so am I. I had a birthday last week. It was lovely. We went swimming over the weekend at an indoor water park and it was awesome. We were there for three hours and Amelia didn't want to leave (and that's a first — usually she's ready to go and they have to drag me out). It felt like a little mini vacation. At night I've been crocheting a little bunny guy. It's time to get back into a regular routine (apparently) but I'm gonna try to hibernate for as long as possible. I'm just not ready to get up and at 'em yet, you know? New books, hot baths, and plenty of yarn. Thumbs up, January.

***The bunny is a pattern I am working on. I'll let you know when he's done. :)



Ohh, Alicia, beautiful cake! Happiest of birthdays and new years to you.

You bring back such happy memories for me of when my kids were small and every day was an enjoyment of the simple pleasures. Also, it's funny you said your house was disheveled because I was thinking enviously about how bright and tidy it looked!

Happy Happy Birthday Alicia!! & Happy new year! I'm so glad that January is peaceful for you. A quiet routine is so grounding. It's wonderful when our home can be our comfort and refuge.

Happy Birthday, Alicia! That braided rug in the 6th photo down--I had that exact same rug in my son's room when he was little. Hours and hours of Lego fun on that thing. We finally replaced it when he was 13 and it was worn out and too pastel for a teen boy.

He headed back for his second semester of college yesterday and I burst into tears as I hugged him goodbye.

Dear Alicia, happy new year and happy belated birthday. I just love to read your beautiful blog, thank you!

Wishing you a belated happy birthday. What a lovely little cake, and the flowers in the basket are absolutely gorgeous. Very "you". I hope you have a good week, and an excellent year too. CJ xx

Happy Birthday!
You make January look like a month to savor and enjoy!
Let's not rush this~

Happy, happy, happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Alicia! I'm so grateful for your pictures and thoughts-- thank you, and many blessings to you in this new year.

Happy Birthday! What a life filled with rich opportunities for your sweet girl! I love to see all of the places you go and all of the lovely things she is able to enjoy!

happy birthday! drag it out as long as possible

Happy happy birthday, Alicia!! I hope you have a very fun day! I love January also. It's a nice quiet month of winter with not much going on. Such a nice break from the craziness of December!

Happy birthday! Such a beautiful cake!

Happy Birthday Alicia, and thank you so much for your website, your shop and sharing your life with us. When I am stressed/tired/worried/uninspired, I come to Posy Gets Cozy!

That cake! And the wrapping paper. <3 ::all the heart eyes:: Every time I read your blog I decide I need to re-invent my life and be more like you.

That is the cutest wrapping paper!

Capricorns, unite! My birthday is this week. :) Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday. Love the bunny guy; thought he might be a tea cozy at first. I hear you about getting back into a routine; I, too, am kind of dragging my feet, but for me, a routine helps me make sure I get all the fun stuff in with the work stuff. Make the bath part of the routine.

Happy Birthday Alica! Love the blue skies. We have them in Spokane today for the first time in awhile. Love it. Pretty cake and love the bunny crochet.

Happy Happy Birthday Alicia! yummy cloudburst frosting on circle layered cakes on a pedastal cake stand with fresh flowers = divine.
Yay for a January that brings crocheting (sewing for me), books, favorite movies, thick socks and soup with cheesy biscuits.

Happy birthday! I love January. It's one of my best times of year. I get a lot more done for some reason!

Happy birthday! Beautiful cake and what precious wrapping paper!

Happy Birthday! Mine was this past weekend. Like you, I'm in quiet, contemplative mode. I love that about January. Thank you for your many, many beautiful photos, which somehow always pick up my mood and calm me down. I've noticed that my blog posts have many more photos than they used to, and I think that's because I enjoy your photo-rich posts so much.

happy birthday!

Dana in Michigan says: January 11, 2016 at 03:54 PM

Happy Birthday Alicia!

Same is happening around here. I am falling behind on everything but enjoying life and the winter. All the rest can wait.
Enjoy your hibernation.

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