Honey Bunnies, Lovey Lamb, and a Spring Ring

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I just couldn't pick a favorite. Have you ever tried to do a product photo shoot with a three-year-old? It's a free-for-all. You get FIVE MINUTES. Maybe four. Then it's total chaos and stuffed animals are flung hither and yon, the phone is ringing, the dog is trying to get on the bed, the toddler is under the covers "napping" with all the stuffed animals (that she drags, alarmingly, by ears or tail out from under the dog), and then she's up and out looking for "their friend," the prototype bunny who did not make the cut, who differs significantly from the finished bunnies who did and who will just confuse people who see it who think they're getting a pattern for it but won't get a pattern for it, because there is no actual pattern for exactly that bunny. I dare you to try to explain this (even to yourself) while she's looking at you with her bunny-rabbit eyes, hugging and kissing only her prototype (new best) friend that you don't actually want to photograph before she's off, and down the stairs to get some juice. I never want to forget these days. I love it all. It's pandemonium, but I love it.

Meet the Honey Bunnies and Lovey Lamb softie crochet patterns! They are now available for your after-hours very-relaxing crocheting enjoyment.

The Honey Bunny Crocheted Softie Pattern has two color variations (greens for a boy bunny and pink/white for a girl) and is available HERE.

The Lovey Lamb Crocheted Softie Pattern is available HERE.


We also are offering yarn packs that include all the yarn you need to make one critter, along with the plastic safety eyes and nose, and a length of embroidery floss to stitch the mouth. Details about the specific yarns are included on the web pages for these packs (as well as on the pattern pages).


The yarn pack for the BOY bunny is available HERE.


The yarn pack for the GIRL bunny is available HERE.


And the yarn pack for Lovey Lamb is available HERE.

Please note that these yarn packs do not include a printed copy of the pattern. You must purchase the pattern separately and print it at home (you'll have an option to purchase it from the yarn pack pages in the web shop, as well).

Also: We will be taking orders for yarn today and then ordering quantities directly from Brown Sheep Company tomorrow (and we'll keep doing that this week, and next, etc. — so we definitely won't run out). Since this is my first crochet "kit," I really wasn't sure what the sales would be like, and I just didn't want to guess and run out, or guess and get stuck with a whole bunch of yarn in colors that weren't best sellers. This yarn, Lambs Pride Superwash sport is technically machine washable, though I personally wouldn't ever throw one of these critters into the washing machine. But you can easily spot clean them, which I thought was important for a kid's toy. This sport-weight yarn, which is manufactured in Nebraska, is not the softest yarn in the world but it is really durable and it resists pilling very well, in my experience, and I just love it. Brown Sheep Company is one of my favorite companies that I work with. I have carried one of their other yarns (Nature Spun Sport) for years, and designed all of my Little Animal Family knitwear with it, and I love that yarn, too, but it isn't a superwash. Lambs Pride Superwash Sport is almost the exact same yarn as Nature Spun Sport, as far as I can tell, except that it comes in different colors and it is (as I mentioned) washable.

So, because we will have to wait a week for the yarn to arrive, we won't be shipping these yarn packs lickety split, as we usually do. But we will ship them as fast as we can once the yarn arrives so you will have plenty of time to make everything in time for Easter! I would expect to have everything ordered today out by the end of next week.

And if you don't want to crochet a lamb, maybe you would rather cross stitch one?


Do you wonder how I have time to do these things? So do I, mamas. So do I. But I've got mouths to feed, people, and my honey bunny can eat a six-dollar container of organic blueberries faster than you can say 28-count Cashel linen by Zweigart in Smokey Pearl.

This is my Spring Ring. It's just a little counted cross stitch design that can be finished with a 4" (10cm) hoop. It's got fifteen colors and is done on 28-count Cashel linen. It will come as a kit and as a pattern.

 Kits include:

  • One 7" x 7" (18cm x 18cm) piece of 28-count Cashel linen by Zweigart in Smokey Pearl
  • Sixteen DMC 6-ply cotton embroidery floss in 24" (61cm) lengths
  • One 5” (12.5cm) square piece of wool-blend felt, for back
  • One 8½" x 11" (22cm x 28cm) piece of white chipboard for making floss holder
  • Stitching instructions and full-color cross-stitch chart

But you will need to get your own:

Note that a full-color printed copy of the pattern is included with this kits, but the hoop is not included (but is available for purchase separately here).


The Spring Ring Cross Stitch KITS are available HERE. They will be shipping at the beginning of next week.

The Spring Ring Cross Stitch PATTERN is available HERE. It is available as a digital PDF for immediate download.


Thank you for listening and thank you for shopping! Tell me if you have any questions — I'll be home for the rest of the afternoon and evening! I'll be sprawled on the sofa, but I will rouse if you need me! OVER AND OUT. And happy almost-spring, loves. Xoxo

***Oh yes — forgot to mention, temporary bunny tattoos (see Amelia's hand) go out with every order. :)

***Also: The link to digital patterns that appears on the screen after you finish checking out doesn't seem to be working properly. Skip this link and look for an email that will come (immediately) to the email address you used to place your order. That email will contain a link to your patterns for you. Sorry about that. I have a query into SendOwl and will hopefully have a fix soon. Problem solved. Sorry about that!


how exciting! and lovely! I hope many many people will just LOVE your newest offerings!!! the pictures are dear and your creations always lovely!!!

Oh my stars, Alicia, what a lovely photo shoot--I couldn't stop giggling. Three is the Best Age Ever, isn't it ?~! Your crocheted critters are so cute-hope you sell a ton of the patterns. Happy Spring, Portland !~!

SO SO PRECIOUS! I couldn't pick a favourite as they are all so wonderful. Superb job as ever! You are an amazing talent and Amelia is as cute as ever!

Adorable! Wish I could crochet!

So many yummy, squeezable lovely toys.
It's hard to choose just one or two.
I think the photo shoot turned out beautifully.
Happy Pre~Spring! 🌺🌷🐝🐞

I am dying over how cute these are. Now, to learn to read a pattern. Oh, and crochet. ;)

They are all so adorable. I really love the bunnies kissing photo and the big eyes over the lamb photo. My crochet is rusty so I have just bought the cross stitch kit for now.

Dang, those are some big bunnies! Well done you- and yes, I do wonder how you have time to do these things. All I can figure is that when something is your passion, you make time. That's how it works for me, anyway, and it explains why my house is so incredibly dirty.

I love these! I want to make one of each :)
xo Kate

So incredibly cute - the cuddlies and the little girl. And I agree with you, the marvellous pandemonium of the three-year-old days is surely a special kind of heaven on earth. You capture it so beautifully in your pictures.

Ordered the Spring Ring kit! I am so excited! Thank you for being brilliant!

brown sheep company was featured in a program called 'nebraska stories'. since i live in omaha, it was nice to read what you wrote. did you say with what they are stuffed? they are brilliant.

So cute, all of them! Everything you come up with is just perfect; I have a houseful of Posie creations I've made over the years, and they're always everybody's favorites! You never disappoint :)

I LOVE them! I can't pick a favorite- I'll have to get started right away!

My favorite is the lamb. Loved all the photos of Mimi and your sweet soft toys. I can imagine it was not an easy photo shoot. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Oh gosh I've just discovered your beautiful blog and I am in love! I love those crocheted softies, especially the lamb but alas I only know how to knit not crochet!
I've off to scroll through the rest of your delightful blog! xx

These are really lovely!

What a lovely photo shoot! So nice to see the love yours and Andy's toys get from Amelia. My daughter was not really into softies but thankfully her brother was! I am hopeless at crochet but very excited by the cross stitch. This looks the perfect pattern for a beginner like me😊

Wonderful photos----it makes my day when I see you have a new blog posting up! I just can't decide which one is my favorite. I may have to order them all!

I'm hoping you're planning some stuffies that are knit? These are just adorable!

Janine Olson says: February 17, 2016 at 06:57 AM

So cute! And the patterns too :)

I was going to say your product model was awesome til I read your text and realized what a difficult thing it is to photograph a 3 yr old :-) That lamb is so cute -- I think I'm finally going to learn to crochet!! Brown Sheep yarns are great too. I really love the the little cross-stitch lamb and ordered it right away! So glad you still need to earn some money to buy organic blueberries! Yay for us!

Kristen from MA says: February 17, 2016 at 08:30 AM

Oooooh, another Posie cross stitch! I love it! I'm off to place my order...

Hooray, Alicia! Just placed my order for kits and downloaded the patterns. I'm looking forward to hooking up a bunny for my bunny-loving little boy and a sweet sheepie for my baby girl for their Easter baskets. Yay, spring -- bunnies, sheep, flowers, sunshine ... it all sounds pretty terrific from my vantage point in wintry Michigan.

Finally, the photo shoot we have been waiting for - with all the extra delightful Amelia antics. I have been waiting for this pattern. I can make really cool baby gifts now that won't take forever. This is an inspired design as evidenced by the Amelia sign of approval.

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