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Saturday morning. Cuddles. Chat. It's still dark. We listen to the birds outside. The crow says caw. Caaaaaaw, caaaaaaaw. Amelia tells me that today is Ceiling's birthday. (Ceiling as in "the ceiling.") This is convenient, as we happen to be having a party tonight. I'm planning my dad's chili, potato-leek soup, and a chocolate cake. Our friends bring chips, salads, beer. Amelia decorates the cake (I use my cheater frosting — 2 cups of heavy cream, whipped, with 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar and a box of vanilla instant pudding mixed in; claggy but yummy) with sprinkles, pink hearts, and gold stars. She asks for candles. I forget that it's Ceiling's birthday until she asks for the candles. "How old is Ceiling?" I say. "Four." Ah. But oh, how I love three. Flowers, rain-showers, wet grass. Sunshine. Squabbles. Passion. Planting and playing. She hits her friend square in the forehead with a toy teacup and her friend pulls her hair. Kisses and tears and not sharing and then sharing. Windows open. Trees blooming. Freedom and fresh air. No more high chair, no more baby gates, no more crib. "I'm so proud of you, honey." "I'm so proud of you, Mom." Holding hands while we walk all the way to the grocery store. I pick her a bouquet of grape hyacinths and pansies and she arranges them herself in a tiny vase for her new nightstand. I turn on the fake fireplace in her little room. We can hear the raindrops hitting the window as we read, propped up with pillows in the new bed. There are soft new white sheets, a new quilt, and the softest, squishiest little eiderdown I ever did see. I feather a small, warm nest for my little bird. At the party, everyone sings "Happy Birthday" to Ceiling while Amelia points up, then blows out the candles. I pray for peace in this world.


So warming and delightful to see your spring as we still have snow and ice here in Nova Scotia. My little bird just turned 30 but can remember like it was yesterday, cuddling and reading in a nice cozy bed - thanks for bring back loving memories of peaceful times.

That looks like a magnificent place to sleep, to read, and to be a loved toddler.

TIME quickly..almost as quickly as the seasons the littles change..she is a big girl darling..and so are all your blooms.

Oh. my. That was beautiful.

Well, best wishes to Ceiling! I love that picture of Amelia holding the baby best of all. I can't get over the way she's cradling his head so protectively. So very sweet.

All those 'no more's...time goes so fast. I saw the photo of Amelia with the plant and thought how old she was looking. Her new nest looks lovely and snug. I really like the fabric at the headboard. This is a lovely post.

This is just what I needed to read today. Thank you.

Little birds grow too quickly. I remember when my girls were three like it was yesterday and now they're in high school. *sigh*
Such a lovely post Alicia, as always.

Oh, and happy birthday Ceiling. Here's to another great year.

What a beautiful post, as always. Such a sad day in the world but your posting about a simple, quiet, neighborly soup party brings a smile to my face. Yes, if only for peace in this world.

Oh my.. you must have a lot of wonderful flowering trees in your neighborhood. We ran errands in Gresham today and I saw so many flowers! I am on the hunt for a big white magnolia tree.. called Al's and they have one.. oh boy! I think it's so neat how you have such good neighbor friends. That's one thing about living out in the countryside.. we don't have close neighbor friends to do stuff with. Mimi looks like she's thrilled to be holding that baby! I bet she loves her big girl bed! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Her new bed looks so cozy and comfortable! Our little birds are now 32 and 28! Time is indeed complex. We do miss the get-together with friends. Now a days we move duo to husbands job so having regular friends is harder. Love your flower photos. If you make post cards out of these photos let me know. I want a dozen right away! :) They are beautiful!!!! Wishing you a wonderful week and a happy Easter! We do pray for peace on earth! Hugs!

What a beautiful relief from the news of the day. Thank you for this beautiful post.

Happy Birthday Ceiling!

Q: What do you call a kangaroo on the ceiling?
A: A kangaroof!

Alicia! I'm wildly in love with the picture of daughter and daddy laying on the sidewalk, talking about the sky and all things in between... the trees and the leaves and the birds and all the puffy white clouds that may be in the sky. All of that framed in the beautiful architecture of that amazing screen door. Love that little moment in time. We'll be making our spring time trip to Cannon Beach next month, and I can hardly wait! Thank you Alicia, for your beautiful blog!

Happy birthday dear Ceiling. Too cute! Lovely hoots and sentiments, as always.

I just enjoyed reading your latest blog and I feel warm inside. So nice. What is a fake fireplace in Mimis' room? Sounds interesting for my granddaughters room Happy birthday ceiling with that delicious looking cake...

This post made me feel all warm and gooey inside, thank you! A monthly soup supper sounds marvelous. And Amelia is just precious.

So much sweet happiness, you make my heart overflow with the lovely words of it, and my own memory of it. Also, I love Amelia's pretty, cozy bedroom.

So good to catch up on some of your news, Alicia. Thanks for posting. I just posted about my little grand girlies being treated to a Bunny Brunch, and appreciate Amelia's Ceiling's birthday :) and I shared photos of Mt. Hood and pink tulip tree blossoms against a bluish ski and a photo of celery soup not leek, but ... so I'm feeling in sync with some what you have been doing. Amelia's new bed looks like a perfect nest for her.
...and I too pray that we all may know peace xx

Amen and amen. Blessings. Thank you.

Blessings to you and yours Alicia. I wish you all a Happy Easter. Thank you for your wonderful post today. It was just what was needed.

lyn lindsay says: March 22, 2016 at 09:22 PM

All looks very cosy over your home, so cute ceilings birthday, love your get together with neighbours, the soup sounds yummy, love Amelias quilt, so cosy, I love scrap quilts, they have their very own beauty, never know how they will come together but voila they are finished and waiting to be used, blessings for Easter.
Lyn, Australia

Your spring rain, glorious flowers, and cozy warmth bring calm and peace to my troubled thoughts today. So much beauty. So much hope. My prayers join with yours. *hugs* :)

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