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Saturday morning. Cuddles. Chat. It's still dark. We listen to the birds outside. The crow says caw. Caaaaaaw, caaaaaaaw. Amelia tells me that today is Ceiling's birthday. (Ceiling as in "the ceiling.") This is convenient, as we happen to be having a party tonight. I'm planning my dad's chili, potato-leek soup, and a chocolate cake. Our friends bring chips, salads, beer. Amelia decorates the cake (I use my cheater frosting — 2 cups of heavy cream, whipped, with 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar and a box of vanilla instant pudding mixed in; claggy but yummy) with sprinkles, pink hearts, and gold stars. She asks for candles. I forget that it's Ceiling's birthday until she asks for the candles. "How old is Ceiling?" I say. "Four." Ah. But oh, how I love three. Flowers, rain-showers, wet grass. Sunshine. Squabbles. Passion. Planting and playing. She hits her friend square in the forehead with a toy teacup and her friend pulls her hair. Kisses and tears and not sharing and then sharing. Windows open. Trees blooming. Freedom and fresh air. No more high chair, no more baby gates, no more crib. "I'm so proud of you, honey." "I'm so proud of you, Mom." Holding hands while we walk all the way to the grocery store. I pick her a bouquet of grape hyacinths and pansies and she arranges them herself in a tiny vase for her new nightstand. I turn on the fake fireplace in her little room. We can hear the raindrops hitting the window as we read, propped up with pillows in the new bed. There are soft new white sheets, a new quilt, and the softest, squishiest little eiderdown I ever did see. I feather a small, warm nest for my little bird. At the party, everyone sings "Happy Birthday" to Ceiling while Amelia points up, then blows out the candles. I pray for peace in this world.


glittermom says: March 23, 2016 at 06:12 PM

How I loved your pictures today! Here in Wisconsin we are having a BLIZZARD, My daffodils are up and will be buried. School is cancelled for tomorrow. I am going to go up into my workroom and finish my spring cleaning and culling and sorting, and watch a silly movie while I do it. And think of green days ahead. Thank you for sharing your world with us. And isn't it bittersweet when they get their BIG girl beds????
My daughter turned 20 on Sunday and I can still vividly remember the day we took the crib down.

I love this. What a wonderful nest you made you little one :)

My dear lovely lady, I adore your posts and always wait for them to cheer my day. Thank you for sharing and life seem simple once again for this mature lady. You are living a well lived life.

So lovely. We must all make our corner of the world as peaceful as we can. Praying for peace with you.

Oh my, spring really has sprung hasn't it! No so here in the south of England. Don't you wish you could just bottle 'essence of 3 yo', so much fun. I love her new bed, her room is so cosy.

Oh I love reading your posts. You bring such magic to these years (I also have a three-year-old). Thank you!

Happy birthday, Ceiling (and happy spring to all your family)!!! xoxoxox

Hi, so were's Clover this days? Haven't seen that fuuury face around here much :)

Hugs and kisses

Where did you get that bed? It's wonderful! Her room looks so cozy and restful. Well done!

I get a kick out of seeing how many times Amelia is just a blur in pictures. Happy Birthday, Ceiling!

if i am ever a mom, you are the kind of mom i would want to be.

Laura from beautiful West Michigan says: March 24, 2016 at 11:05 AM

Three IS the best! No, wait, 2 was the best! No, wait, 7 was the best! Aw, heck, they're ALL the best, aren't they? Happy birthday, Ceiling!

Sweet bed
Warm cuddle quilts
Cozy nights

What a beautiful post, both your writing and always-lovely photos. Marvelous!

Dearest Alicia: As someone else posted "what a beautiful relief from the day's news". I am so grateful for this lovely nest you feathered for your girl and in your home. For Ceiling's birthday. You remind me of the respite that is hearth and home. The simple calm of raindrops on the window, cuddled up in bed. Gazing up at the trees, the peace of the simple things of life. Of being present. Thank you.

I am sadly a infrequent commentator, but oh how I love reading your posts! Hope Ceiling had a good day and a lovely party. The cake looks delicious.

As always your photos are breathtaking..the beauty and peace of Spring flowers, reminders of hope. The saying "life's simple pleasures are the best" ..yes, they are & they are all around us. Your daughter snuggled in her bed is just like your Christmas ornament. :)

What a wonderful post. That room, your words, your darling sweet girl. xo

Beautiful, glorious, ressurecting spring.

Oh, how sweet...she is adorable!!!!

Jennifer Coxsey says: March 26, 2016 at 03:04 PM

Visiting your blog is like taking a mini vacation. A fresh brewed cup of tea, and I lose myself in your photos and words. I have to say your home and little Amelia remind me of a Carl Larsson painting! What a lovely life you have created! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for my dose of cozy vibes :) I love her little room.

Such beauty in your words and images. Thank you.

Christine says: March 29, 2016 at 12:39 PM

Claggy but yummy sounds extra good right now. I've been on a pudding kick so pudding in the frosting sounds great. I love her bed so much. And I am very delighted that my daughter has the same lamp as your daughter. It is on her dresser. What I really love about my daughter going into a big girl bed is that she can easily sneak into my bed during the night. I really do love that.

I just wanted to say how truely beautiful your posts are - they bring me so much joy xxBrenda

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