Spring Swing

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Days of spring and flowering things. Our girl is busy and buzzing like a bumblebee, flitting from blossom to blossom, up, down and all around. The air is alternately chilly and warming, and the green is fluorescent and glowing. I love the quiet, gray mornings; the sound of crows swooping and calling; the clematis clinging and crawling along the fence, magnolia petals browning. Spring is so, so pretty. I had an impulse to weave something. I drove out to the country on a beautiful afternoon and bought a Schacht School Loom (I got it from Pacific Wool and Fiber in Newburg but it's not on their web site). I followed the directions that were included with the loom and threaded the warp (I'd never done this before, but it was really easy) and then just started weaving. Randomly. Here is a nice tutorial on getting started.

I can't seem to stop weaving now. It's incredibly calming. Have you done it? I remember that I've done it twice before — once as a really little kid, making a little blue weaving for my dad's birthday on a cardboard loom. The other time was in college when I was taking a studio art survey course. I remember that there was a lot of drama going on socially at the time, and I totally remember just sitting in the weaving studio going back and forth with the yarn and thinking, "Yes, please, I'd just like to stay right here and do this, then." It was also spring, then. It feels like a good time to start new things, and I've needed that lately. I'm excited. It's been a long time since I started something new.

I did a little cross stitch design for the incredibly talented Carrie Hoge's new project, details of which are coming soon. I love those two colors, mineral blue and rose-gold, together.

The illustrations are from two of the library books we got out this week, Hondo Escapes and The Story of the Root Children. Story time, when we're tucked up in bed in our nighties and tucked under our quilts and covers and (still) wool blankets (though it is staying ever more light outside), is fast becoming my favorite part of the day. She's listening so intently now.

Sweet, sweet spring. It's almost too much to talk about, so I'll just let these pictures tell my story for the past few days.


I guess it's still early in the year, but I just have to nominate that running "action" shot for your 2016 holiday card - it's so sweet and captures her happy, busy self just right!

You are truly an incredible talent. Wow!

I may comment twice... Just a sigh, this time, as I am rendered speechless.

Jennifer B says: March 29, 2016 at 04:46 PM

I have followed your blog for a while now, and this is the second time that I've seen something vintage in your photos that is nearly identical to something in my home - the first was a pewter jug (mine was from my husband's grandfather's farm and was an award for the highest production of butterfat from his dairy cows)

The second was today with the nightstand lamp. Mine is nearly identical, with the peeling paint, the cradle (that looks identical), mine has the "Mom" sitting on a bench reading a book, and the cradle is part of a music box, and rocks. It was mine when I was a kid, and my mother lovingly stored and hauled across country several times so I'd have for my daughter. We even have the original (plastic) shade.

Of course, my daughter has no interest in anything vintage - not when she was 3 and not now at 14.

You have such a beautiful light in your photos, and whenever I see something that looks like it should have been at my house I enjoy seeing your daughter enjoy your knits, your quilts and your hand made toys and clothes. Enjoy it while you can!

Shelley Noble says: March 29, 2016 at 04:53 PM

And so wonderfully they tell it. Sigh.

I'm afraid I don't do any weaving. I think the last time I did that was those woven elastic potholders when I was a kid. ;-) Your work is beautiful. I was happy to see a picture of Clover again - I think it's been awhile! Love the photo of Amelia on the slide.

Oh my, the Root Children. Such a favorite for us when the kids were young. I check it out at the library now just for me!

What lovely pictures and such a wonderful room for your girl. I love the weaving - what a clever way to add wall art that coordinates with a quilt. I am inspired! Thought of you when I saw Tolt Yarn & Wool's upcoming woolly tattoo and weaving class. Looks like it would combine your embroidery talent with your new craft! :)

I enjoyed your Spring-y images. It looks like Mimi had fun at the Easter Egg Hunt. We had to do ours inside as it was hailing.. lol. That's neat that you took up weaving. I've done some over the years and it's a neat skill. I put your chicken in a skillet on my blog (I gave you a link/shout out) and so far several fellow bloggers have made it. Thanks for sharing that. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

The weaving is wonderful! I like how you used yarn with different textures and techniques. I'm tempted now to try weaving myself, but I have so. many. hobbies already.

Such a wonderful collection of images with a stripey, pastel theme. And I always love when Clover Meadow makes an appearance!

Weaving can be addictive like so many creative endeavors. In my life I've tried and loved many creative arts, from stained glass to knitting. I think I've loved knitting and hand building clay objects the most. I once had a business called Cloth 'n Clay. Fun times!
Miss Clover Meadow & Miss Em are the sweetest two there ever were.
Springtime and new beginnings.

alicia, you are brilliant and ultra-talented. amelia is looking older. so cute. only she would carry a nantucket-type basket for easter. ta for the picture of clovie. i've missed her. lovely post, as always.

Oh! How wonderful to see Miss Clover Meadow!

Your blog makes me happy. Story time all snuggled up together is the best. Just wait until you get to read the chapter books you loved as a kid with your precious little girl. It makes the stories even more wonderful.

sharon stanley says: March 29, 2016 at 07:25 PM

wow! now i've gotta try weaving....yours is so pretty! must.try.weaving. love the egg hunt pics. what could be better!?

What a fun age and time . . .
Loved the book illustrations . . .
Oh my, the weavings . . .
Took me back. . .
I used to do them . . .
Made my own loom . . .
Really enjoyed it . . . you've "sparked me . . .

Charlotte McFadin says: March 29, 2016 at 08:44 PM

Seeing the mention of the book about the root children reminded me of the wonderful quilt I saw at the Houston Quilt Festival one year. I found a link telling about it. I can't believe it was from 2006 and I still remember it.

While I have purchased two little lap looms, so far the only weaving I have done is to make potholders with loops on a metal peg frame :) I admire your swoopy springy weaving. We have been enjoying the bursts of sunshine in between rain showers, and all the wonderful flowers that are blooming in the southeast Portland, OR, area, too. My little granddaughters did not dash around on an egg hunt this year as Amelia did, but they dyed eggs with one of their aunties. Auntie forgot to boil the eggs first, so the girls enjoyed dying the eggs and then auntie boiled the eggs and made stuffed eggs for Easter appetizers before dinner.
Please give Clover Meadow some love pats from me xx

I do like how Amelia concentrates when she does an activity, it's good to see. :)

Gorgeous spring, you always photograph it so very beautifully. I discovered your blog in the spring, a number of years ago now I think, and was completely captivated by your images. You somehow weave magic into your pictures and your words. End of the day reading is one of my favourite things as well. Have you seen the Brambly Hedge books? I think you would both love them. All about mice in pretty little dresses and waistcoats who live in tiny cottages and gather blackberries in their baskets. It's utterly enchanting, even when you're a grown-up. CJ xx

Lovely photos as always - the two children's books are lovely! I just followed your links to see them on Amazon. How cute are the root children!!

Such beautiful, calming photos. I too have a vintage children's lamp with a Merry-go-round on it that actually moves and plays music! Thank you for sharing.

Beautiful captured moments of everyday life. I love seeing how her big girl room has come together. Your weaving is perfect! I'm so trying to resist it as I do not need ONE more hobby to be obsessed about. So I will just be obsessed about seeing what you make!

Watch out. Weaving is highly addictive. Before you know it you will need a knitter's loom, then a bigger knitter's loom, then a table loom...make room for a six shaft floor loom. Slippery slopes. The weaving groups on rav are a great place for help and inspiration.

Stunning blog post as always.

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