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Oh, busy bees! Parties and family and friends and here, there, everywhere. We had such a nice Birthmother's Day party at our house on Saturday, went to my sister's for a nephew birthday/Mother's Day party on Sunday, and then out to my other sister's (glorious) place on the creek on Monday. I have so much to say but no time, it seems, to say it right now. I'm playing Twister, my hands and feet pointing in every possible direction as I contort and balance. I'll leave you with a delicious coconut cream pie recipe (and the cake is my old Cloudburst standby here, though I use this recipe for my chocolate cake now; make two of them for a double layer). Late spring. My goodness. Time whirls around me. Blur and wonder.


Looks like so much glorious fun! That water is incredibly clear. Weird thing to notice but there it is. LOL Amelia seems to be enjoying playing in the creek, too. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve playing in the creek near our house. Those are the things that stay with you! enjoy the never-ending whirls of time! <3

How glorious it looks down by the river. The trees are just exploding into life at the moment aren't they. It's taking my breath away every day. The cake with the roses on top looks utterly gorgeous. You always capture spring so beautifully. CJ xx

I love all the unbridled celebratory LOVE in your life. :)

AND that cake. :)

Amelia in plaid, like her dad? Super darling.
Has the state of Oregon paid you yet? Nothing inspires
travel to your beautiful state better than Posy.

Thanks for taking the time to share your lovely whirling life, Alicia! We had a cookout by the pond for Mother's Day and saw Mr. Mallard swimming fabulous looking cake like yours, but the strawberries we had were yummy :) xxxxx

That cabin in the woods looks glorious - sounds like a wonderful weekend.

Lovely pictures of a lovely day! I was reminded of wading in my grandparent's creek, our feet turning blue from the spring-fed water. Saved your beautiful cake to my Pinterest page. What would I do without that site? Happy Spring!

Do you grow community vegetables in the median on your street?!? That looks amazing!!

Can we please talk about that gorgeous cake?! SO gorgeous!! (Also--I made your Cloudburst frosting to go with the 1-2-3-4 cake you recommended a long time ago, and it was amazing. You give the best recommendations!!)

I adore seeing your guy and girls enjoying the creek.. did your sister buy a house with a creek? How utterly divine! I loved seeing your homemade coconut cream pie.. my mom was famous for all her pies. She put meringue on her coconut cream pies.. I actually prefer whipped cream and it's so much easier to make. Nice to see all your celebrations. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

She is the cutest! Oh how I miss the Pacific Northwest.

Jeannette says: May 11, 2016 at 07:27 PM

gosh, she looks like a youth now. not a baby for too long anymore.

I love, love, love that you get to celebrate birthmother's day! My littlest is five today, adopted from Ukraine on her first birthday. We have contact info and send back pictures, but I wish they could have a relationship! I live vicariously through your story of Amelia, and do the best I can with the amount I can share with them. I think that having such a wonderful relationship with her birth family will only show her that she was loved and cherished by extra people than average, and will make the grief some children go through so much less and easier. It is a gift for all of you to work together to give her that. That is a very lucky little girl.

Joke Snel says: May 11, 2016 at 10:30 PM

I love to read your blog. Your pictures turn a smile on my face every time. I have a granddaughter Amelia's age. We live in The Netherlands. Is it whipped cream you decorated the chocolatecake with?

Oh those cakes!

Joy Abbott says: May 12, 2016 at 01:21 AM

Thanks for the cake recipe, so vinegar is the key to the cake to rise wow!

Lovely photos (as always)! Makes me want to be there right now.

I would gladly pay you however much you choose to charge if you would only put together a wardrobe for me based on Amelia's wardrobe. Please and Thanks.

I'm glad you had a great time! The cake looks so beautifull (deliciuous)!

Spring at it's best:)
Alawys a treat seeing a post..One of my ave magazines..The photos and the star.

I hate to be Debbie Downer here, but since I have to go to a plastic surgeon tomorrow for a consult to have a basal skin cell carcinoma removed from my face, I'm going to remind you to PLEASE put sun screen and a hat on that beautiful, very blonde, girl of yours.

Thank you for the coconut cream pie recipe! It's my boyfriend's favorite and I've been looking for a good recipe!

Your cake with the flowers is beautiful. I live very close to Harney's warehouse and store....very fun to go and have lunch and tea there. You would love it.....

She has the BEST hair! Also I want all your baked goods for breakfast with a side of that pasta salad from last post. I miss pesto. Our toddler surprised us with a tree nut allergy though I'm sure there are alternatives I could look into... sunflower seed pesto? The sunbutter is surprisingly ok. I don't know why I'm telling you this. The internet is weird sometimes.

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