Summer Spirit

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Oh boy. It's good. It's so good. Here, there, and everywhere. I have almost no time to work or be on my computer these days. No childcare at all, and every day at the pool for swimming lessons, then most afternoons staying afterwards to play in the pool. This is my dream, these golden-lit days, buzzing with children and water and wildness. We're on the go, and the go is good, though I can, if allowed, beach myself in the shallow end and sit for hours, hours. Hot weather is tolerable, even preferable, when I'm covered in four or five inches of sparkling turquoise water, and I find it very hard to leave the pool. There's no need. I sit and watch toddlers negotiate who's gonna get the ball and who's gonna get the pool noodle, have water poured over my legs fifty times from a plastic cup, help my girl learn to blow bubbles and lay on her back, see her enormous smile as her dad swings her around as fast as he can in the middle depth, over and over and over (he's one of those AWESOME DADS and never tires [insert starshine emoji here]). Joy radiates from her beautiful face and I just can't stop smiling. There's no photograph of this, but I'll never forget.

At home, the house waits for us to return with our damp towels, damp suits, tubes of sunscreen, snowcone-stained shirts. Every day we get home around four or five and try to find something to eat. For Father's Day I ordered Giordano's stuffed spinach and sausage pizzas to be delivered and oh, modern living, you got this one thing right, if nothing else. (I'm finding modern living and the state of the world at large to be very challenging lately.) Overnighting four frozen pizzas is ridiculously expensive but seriously, it tasted EXACTLY like home, and what a strange miracle that is. It was worth it, and the papa was psyched, so thumbs up on that, I think.

The house stays cool and clean. It reminds me of my grandparents' house in the summertime — climate controlled and quiet, the sound of the television at night playing Hallmark mysteries or Strangest Weather on Earth (I'm obsessed — and have you seen a shelf cloud lately? A haboob? Creeping ice? I find all of this ironically relaxing). After Amelia goes to bed, I put on my white nightgown and knit, two Lil Shepherds so far (and another one still on the needles), a sweet little green one for sweet baby Mae, born one week ago, above. My Christmas cross stitch was almost finished before I dropped it to knit, too [insert wide-eyed, startled-looking emoji]. I have made no moves to dismantle the stash but I do have a plan, so that's a start (I was fascinated that so many of you were feeling the same way, honestly). Sometimes I just have an urge to do something and I do it until I get it out of my system. Currently that urge is to knit and not purl anything, and also sit in some water for long periods of time while water is poured on me (see above), so things are working nicely. I try to keep it simple.


Lori Ann says: June 27, 2016 at 11:13 AM

So lovely! Thanks once again for the gorgeous eye candy (your photos are so beautiful!) and pics of your darling daughter! Enjoy!

Sometimes you just gotta splurge on something like overnighting pizza from home!

Oh, those lazy crazy days of summer. Our modern world has many things going for it but give me the laid back, being with family, do it yourself side of life every time.
A special thank you for always being you and sharing your family, food and fun times with all of us. You're a great mom and your Andy is a great dad. Hugs & pats for Miss Em & Clover Meadow. ❤️

I know that exact cool pool feeling. And the drowsy feeling, and the sun-warmed skin at the end of the day.
I had three little swimmer girls and ways swimsuits everywhere.
I thought that pizza looked familiar....just had it Saturday with my parents to celebrate my Dad getting home after hip replacement surgery! Being in the Chicago area, we just picked it up at the restaurant!
Also, I loved reading that you are coming to Door Co. We have a family place there...on the main drag in BaileysHarbor. Best place in town for the 4th of July fireworks!

😄 I have in the past when the craving was intense to long distance order deep dish pizza from Chicago! I hear ya about certain modern conveniences like fed ex.

It sounds like you're having a wonderful early summer.. can you believe it's almost 1/3 over? It goes so fast. I was so curious as to where that pool was! We're taking our two grandsons to Bonneville Hot Springs pool tomorrow.. seriously you should try it.. they play spa-type music in the pool and it's full of minerals.. so relaxing. Have fun.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Heather Bond says: June 27, 2016 at 12:52 PM

As a beach kid I remember spending ALL DAY in the sand and salt water and then that wonderful feeling of exhaustion and happiness after coming home and taking a shower. Nothing better.

I'm wishing I had a pool nearby.

Maybe we should all just hand our stash to the person on our right?

Happy, Happy Summer!

Nothing says I love you more than incredible pizza flown in just for you for Father's Day.
Loving the summer days in the pool too. Love the happy, contented feeling that a day outdoors brings.

How gorgeous your garden is looking. And afternoons at the pool sound blissful. I know exactly what you mean about the state of the world at the moment. Things are incredibly grim here in the UK at the moment, I'm absolutely devastated by the way things have gone. The future looks incredibly bleak. As you say, it's all very challenging. CJ xx

Oh the Sellwood Pool siren song! The story of my son's summers from 2 year old Goldfish to 14 year old Jr Lifeguard. Every day. All summer. SnoCones and annual pictures in front of the "growing tree" just out the front doors. That right there, those sweet, hot, saturated days-that is my eternal treasure.

So nice to read and to look at! Lovely days!

What a magical time is summer! It's winter here and freezing, but I have so much to look forward to. Thank you for the beautiful post!

Sounds like bliss to me - your pool is just beautiful - and so big! We only have little splash pads around here but they're heaven on a really hot day!

Ariana W says: June 27, 2016 at 03:54 PM

Oh Amelia is so blessed to have parents like you who love and adore her. And what a blessing to be able to spend the day at the pool (no one at home all day equals a clean house to come home to!). These summer days are spectacular.

Sweet summer joys. We are about to arrive at a farmhouse in the middle of the loveliest Wisconsin green, and suddenly I realized: We need to bake Alicia's brownies! Don't mind me... I'm just searching your archives, but then I need to pause to see all you're enjoying, too.

Hallmark mysteries? What's this? For reals? We binge Hallmark on weekends, but I have not seen this mystery business before. Going to check that out.

Summer = swimming + snowcones + no schedule + tv + crafts + boredom + books. It's glorious. I saw some ad about not letting your kids get mush brain over summer and I thought that was just about the silliest thing I'd ever seen. Summer is FOR MUSH BRAIN. Period.

HOLY GOODNESS! You are RIGHT! Not that I didn't believe you. I've only watched one Hallmark Channel. THERE ARE TWO...2!!! Thanks.

Visiting your blog is like a vacation. A good vacation, where I don't have to pack, make meal plans, drive for hours. Thank you.

You're creating memories for the future! That pizza looks marvelous!Love the photo of you holding your little girl. Hard to believe my girl is now on her thirties and son right behind in age. They do grow fast! The beauty of Summer was well captured on your lovely photos!

Love that you got the pizza pies! We recently spent the big bucks to order frozen trays from my hub's hometown- Old Forge, PA. They make a unique Sicilian style there, and everyone in his Italian family talks about it on and on. It was pretty darn good. But gosh, I should order one from Chicago sometime, like the ones I remember. :) Can't wait to see your holiday x-stitch!

Oh I do miss swimming! Growing up in Durban, South Africa, we had pools in our back gardens. And if you didn't you had a friend that did!! Our fingers would be crinkled from being in far too long and it was a chore for our parents to entice us out for meals. I remember sitting on the top step of the pool eating hot chip rolls and then not being allowed off that top step for half an hour lest we drown. Oh the memories, thank you lovely lady for the memory jog xx

Sounds and looks like summer,beautiful summer. I miss Oregon in summer, one of my absolute favourite places. And what a treat, that pizza. Great memory making.

I've been playing catch-up on blog reading. Every post here is delicious, comforting and quite heavenly. Thank you for continuing to share your world with us, Alicia. It's a little vacation to come stare at all these wonderful photos and read your thoughts. xoxo

Audrey Bretz says: June 28, 2016 at 05:09 AM

Please, please, please write a book with all of your posts in it. I would be the first one in line to buy it.

Love the pictures with Amelia sitting on the basket and her fury friend is sleeping close to her. So cute!!

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