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Thank you ever so much for all of the kind comments about 'Night, Neighborhood and for all of the orders for the kit and pattern. Thank you, thank you. I am so thrilled that people are excited about this and can't wait to see how everyone gets on with this one. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and I think you will. I have some things to tell you about cross stitch in general and I'm going to work on a post about that soon, one that answers some questions that non-cross-stitchers might have about getting started, and some general information about stitch counts, fabrics, flosses, etc. For now, I believe all of the orders that came in last week have shipped, and we will ship everything that came in between Friday and today on Wednesday. A huge thank-you also to my intrepid assistant, Stacey. She single-handedly pulled all the floss for this kit, and packaged it, and assembled every kit itself, and processed and shipped every single order. I don't have that much time to work these days, so I concentrate solely on design and stitching and pattern writing and printing, and she does all of the hands-on work of managing our floss inventory, pulling all of the floss, all of the assembly of all of the kits, and then all the processing and shipping of orders every day. It's a pretty good system we have going, and I'm so grateful for her careful, diligent, tireless help. She'll be working on the grape harvest at the end of this summer and I won't have her help for about four months during harvest season this year (August through November), but we're hoping to get a Christmas kit happening here soon, hopefully ready by September.

I sewed a bit for Amelia yesterday, a couple of pairs of babydoll pajamas and two little swingy skirts. I will take photos and give details when I can find them all (flung, right now, all over the house). I had wanted to make her a dress for the Midsummer Festival at Oaks Park this year but I found the golden stripey one at the Hanna Andersson outlet for 40% off and it just seemed perfect. We had a nice day there, although it was a bit chilly! I'm not complaining, but it was chilly. So many hard things going on in the world; our hearts are breaking for the city of Orlando, and the LGBT community, and all people who love freedom and pursue the right to gather — and dance — in public everywhere. Have courage, have courage, spread love. My heart feels weary today. I sew and think and pray.

Sweet treats: my homemade vanilla ice cream, and a peach cobbler. I doubled the biscuity topping (for some reason, I had a box of Bisquik and I thought I'd try to use it up), which I don't necessarily recommend. It's also quite clear I have absolutely no idea how to slice fresh peaches — well, get the peach part off the pit, specifically? I truly mangled these babies, and that just wasn't pleasant. I looked at some directions on the internet that said cut it in half and twist one half off of the pit, but there was absolutely no way mine was going to come off the pit. . . . Oh well, it was still pretty delicious! Tonight we will have our new standby — the chili-lime chicken tacos with the Mexican street corn salad (links in this post). This is just too good, and it goes on the table about once a week, now.

Andy's home, and he's planning some fun activities with Meems for the day. It's cold and raining again, and I'm going to enjoy that — ride my bike out to get some lunch, read my new library book (Us by David Nichols) by myself, make some tea and sew. I don't get a lot of days like this, so I am a little excited. I try to soak it all up, and wait for my loves to get home.


Perhaps they were clingstone peaches?

It IS hard to separate the peach from the pit. I have similar issues with mangoes. What I end up doing with peaches is just cutting several long slices along the whole peach and then try to work them off the pit that way. You know what I mean? the slices would look like the longitude lines on the globe. It's so messy though many times I default to frozen peaches and cook them into a sauce. Here is an old recipe on a blog I don't post on anymore. You could totally use less sugar, too. Like 1/4 cup of brown sugar. http://shrinkingwhimsigal.com/its-peach-cobbler-yall/

Melissa L. says: June 14, 2016 at 10:01 AM

Cling-stone peaches are THE most frustrating things, delicious as they are. I always try to get freestone varieties (the only ones that really twist off). But yours look just fine, no need for apologies!
My goodness, your girl is growing up so fast. <3

There are clingstone peaches (the first to ripen, good for eating but very hard to get off the stone!) and later in the season, freestone peaches. The clingstone may not be beautiful when cut off the stone, but they will taste good and they are ready NOW. Wait for freestone varieties to ripen later, and take your beautiful photos then ;-)

I always love when you go to the Scandinavian fairs and I always wish I knew they were going on and could attend... how do you find out such things? It looks like you all had a wonderful time. Mimi is growing up so fast. My daughter and two granddaughters were here for a 10 day visit - I just took them to the airport to fly back to Ohio. ::sigh:: Enjoy having Andy home today. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

I always find that the cling peaches taste so much better than freestone (at least the one's I buy always disappoint). The cling peaches I've had lately have been delicious! Lovely photo of the celebration. Looks like fun.

I do so love to see a table of children's craft activities. I rather like to sit down and join in. Sometimes I'm still there after the children have left... Off to investigate that chicken lime recipe now, I'm thinking it might be possible to make a vegetarian one. How is the community garden looking? I'm guessing it's green as green can be by now. CJ xx

Cindy Greer says: June 14, 2016 at 01:08 PM

I always wondered about cutting up peaches! Until I learned about the difference between Freestone and Cling peaches. Freestone are the ones that will twist off of the pit. The cling peaches "cling" to the pit.

I absolutely love your blog and I have for years!

I just love your pictures. They always convey such a comfortable, sunny, relaxing atmosphere.

I love your posts.
Such a bright light .

twinkle beverages says: June 14, 2016 at 03:44 PM

Your photographs are so very artistic. If I want a trip to warm light and wonderful layouts...I visit your blog.

Oh, Alicia - it doesn't matter how the peaches look! Be glad you have them. :) xo (I'm not scolding.) In Connecticut, (maybe I said this before?) the peach crop FAILED. It's terrible. We do have them at the supermarket - thank God! - but still, it's so awful. Enjoy your peaches!! :)

Taryn Domingos says: June 14, 2016 at 06:03 PM

Is that an Amon Amarth shirt I spy on Andy? I've met them before! Very nice guys, even if they look so imposing and vikingly :)

sharon stanley says: June 14, 2016 at 06:05 PM

charming festival pics! i am struck at how much amelia is growing! she's a regular little lady! envious of the rainy, chilly weather...i'm already sweltering....

Your words are so thoughtful about this past weekend's tragedy in Orlando. If only more people knew and appreciated how really wonderful our lives are in America. We don't need wealth or expensive cars and gadgets. We need more love and friendship and tolerance. Why do so many of your readers follow you year after year? Because you and your family are so filled with love and friendship and you share it with us. It's the small things in life that are really big. A nice home cooked meal with family. A walk in the woods watching birds and squirrels. It makes us feel good and reminds us to seek out the good in all things.

I love how with kids, one photo can capture how young and childlike they still are, and the next can give you the feeling of being shot straight into the future, like you're seeing their 20-something self looking back at you.

Peaches are tricky. The freestone varieties twist apart easily, yes. The other kind I either end up mangling or wasting a bunch of time carefully carving it off of the pit. Best to just eat those out of hand! :)

I hope you had a wonderful day. It's chilly here in Massachusetts, too, but I'm so happy it's June!

Lovely pictures, as always. Such a beautiful family.

I don't think the link is working for the chicken tacos.

Christine says: June 15, 2016 at 02:42 AM

My kit came and I am so excited to make it. Your food pictures are very inspiring even if your peach cobbler didn't work out for you. I have one of those cutter thingies for peaches that you help you cut and slice. I think I bought it at William Sonoma a long time ago.

You want freestone peaches. Seems like the early peaches are usually not freestone. We LOVE bisquick cobbler but I usually bake the biscuits with the peaches. Mimi gets more lovely as she grows. I enjoy your blog so much. Thank you.

I sew and I think and I pray. How simply put....and how many of us must be doing just that these days. Keep doing all three....

Bonnie schulte says: June 15, 2016 at 08:58 AM

I always wait for your post because I so love the photos you take, and reading about Amelia's adventures, and the beautiful things you create, with needle and thread. I believe the three of you, (oh and the dog too,grin) are one of the most precious families in the world!! When the news on TV is often so sad or horrible, or plain upsetting, your post is just the bright spot all of us need. Thank you for that.

I love how you make every moment Holy. Every day Holiness. All my love to your beautiful family.

Gretchen says: June 15, 2016 at 10:00 AM

We went to the festival too - our first time! It was so much fun & we stuffed ourselves with lefse & ableskivver (sp?). And we caught a glimpse of your darlings dancing round the maypole - adorable. Whenever I feel a bit down on living in the soggy NW, I try to remember to pop over to your blog to remind me of all the lovely things we have here & often take your recommendation on where to visit next. Thank you for that. Really.

Some where I learned to cut them in half perpendicular to the fold on the top. That maybe obvious to everyone else but sometimes it works even with cling peaches. xo

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