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Well, hello there. How are you? We're fine here. Keeping the faith, as you do. I've been knitting like a woman who has time to knit. I don't, but I've made time, and taken time. Andy Paulson, you're the greatest. I got to sit on the sofa and knit and watch movies and listen to the birds sing and drink iced tea and knit and knit and knit. I'm making Ysolda's Strokkur sweater for myself. Myself! I don't have a picture of mine yet. Mine's teal blue (!). The fair isle yoke will be dark blue, mustard, and ice blue. I measured an existing cardigan of mine for width and length (and sleeve width and length) and rewrote the pattern a bit to accommodate those modifications, and also adjust it for the row gauge I'm getting. This was all exciting enough for me. I delved deep into these numbers, and knit so much I actually punctured the pad of my index finger where I pushed the needle tip through a thousand, ten thousand times. I switched fingers and kept knitting. If only the world's wounds could be salved by knitting. I never wanted to stop. I knit the whole body of the sweater (it's bottom up). I started one of the sleeves. I just kept going around and around and around. When Andy and Amelia got home, Amelia sat next to me and watched Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties and Andy made dinner. I was fine with both of those things. I needed them.

Thank you, thank you for the cozy mystery recommendations. Wowee! This next week I am going to go through every single comment and make a list of what I want to start reading. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave those comments. I really had no idea there were so many good ones out there, nor so many good resources to find them. I'll post my reading list once I put it together. I'm looking forward to this. Thank you!

I also started Amelia's birthday sweater, pictured in the basket above. I'm using Blue Sky Fibers Extra, which is lovely yarn, though might be too warm for our climate. I've been too lazy to enter these into Ravelry, but I shall do that soon. For now I'm going to ask you another question, though: What are your favorite very soft, non-scratchy, plied, worsted-weight natural-fiber (wool or alpaca) yarns in solid (not ombre) colors? Amelia has finally started protesting wearing the things I'm knitting for her because she says they're too scratchy. . . . But I do want to find something really soft that's still wool (doesn't have to be washable — I don't mind hand washing) or alpaca, or something that has a slight halo, no sheen, and has a really pretty color palette. In worsted.

The single-ply peachy pink yarn (knitted into another Lil Shepherd) above is from my dear friend Rebekka at Camellia Fiber Company and it is so scrumptious. I love that color so much. Their yarn sells out so fast I always feel thrilled to have gotten some.

I've used Quince & Co. Lark a lot and I do like it (I'm making my Strokkur out of it), but I need even softer than that for her. . . .

I might consider cotton if it didn't actually feel like cotton, but I don't know . . . you know? I like things to have more give than cotton. On second thought, I don't like cotton. Forget the cotton. Sorry about that.

Woolfolk Far is gorgeous, but the palette is just too limited. . . . I need pretty pinks, mustard, grays, pale greenish-blues, mauves, and some warms.

Gee, I don't ask for much, do I. I know. I do.

Should you have need for a very good blueberry muffin recipe try this one. It's delicious.


I love the Morehouse worsteds- they feel like you stuck your hand into a jar of cotton balls! But they do pill a lot. Carol Sunday's yarns are a delight (and remind me of your palette) but I'm thinking she does DK and fingering … not sure about worsted weights. I truly love her yarn- soft as a baby's butt! Cascade does a nice super wash. I've never been able to get Plucky - it's too frustrating and 'precious' in the way that it's distributed.

Good luck to you! And try Juniper Moon's alpacas …. gorgeous.

Ariana W says: July 25, 2016 at 08:08 AM

Oh your blog is so lovely and giving. I was encouraged and picked up the malabrigo and purchased the neighborly and am knitting my first sweater project. I'm having such fun and learning a lot (like how to take out a row that you messed up and how to decrease when you've added two extra rows - yes, I'm a beginner!) Thank you for the inspiration!!

I feel like my visits here are too few these days and I think I must remedy that. Reading your blog is a sort of mediation to me which I'm sure sounds a little crazy, but in fact, feels really normal and good. And necessary.

I'm so wanting to start a new knitting project. I've been searching my favorited projects for something but I'm just not sure yet. I just know I also feel a need to park myself in front of the tv with a cat behind my head, while my hands do their thing and I catch up on Hallmark movies. Or re-watch 3 seasons of Cedar Cove or maybe a cooking show marathon. It just feels like something my soul is craving right now.

Every single blog I visited this evening talked about food and so here I find myself at 10:36 with a rumbling tummy and since I have a pretty strict no eating after 9 rule which I already broke last night (for cottage cheese and kettle potato chips-weirdly delicious), and because my husband is in TX for business this week, I have very little self esteem, I am thinking I better carry myself off to bed and maybe I should make some blueberry muffins to go with my tea in the morning!!

Happy knitting, lovely lady.

This isn't a worsted weight but I recently knit a couple of things for my toddler cousins in Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK and have fallen in love with it! It's so soft, doesn't fray, and flows beautifully over the needles. It would be very sad if you had to stop knitting for Mimi - where would I get my knitting inspiration??

Ronda Kornfeld says: July 26, 2016 at 07:23 AM

All the worsted wool sweaters I knit for kids are made out of Jill Draper Makes Stuff Hudson a superwash that is soft and not at all itchy which is a requirement for kids. Jill currently sells through Etsy and the colors are divine. Buy the yarn when it is available and you will have no regrets. Her color palette is full of many muted shades reminding me of the colors my grandmother would have chosen.

So I just opened my laptop and the window was open from the comment I left last night. When I was really, really tired. And I just wanted to clarify that I meant to write self CONTROL, not self esteem. Ha! I have just the right amount of self esteem. Well, on most days!! I think I just learned a valuable lesson about late night commenting! ;)

Malabrigo merino. Soft as down, or kittens, or whatever thing sits in your mind's eye as the apex of softness. Comes in worsted, plied or unplied, & many other weights. Available at Twisted on Broadway in PDX. It will pill, as all supersoft merino will, but Mimi will never say it's scratchy, and the colors are outta this world.

tracy mchugh says: July 27, 2016 at 09:46 AM

maybe some madelinetosh? so super soft and lots of colors. i think woolfolk is the softest thing EVER but the palette is muted, agreed. can't wait to see what you come up with!

I am going to sit down with pen and paper and take notes on all these great yarn suggestions. Alicia, I am glad you asked!

I love Amelia's hair barrettes! Did you make them?

I'm just dying to know where you got the portrait of your daughter painted! Such a beautiful piece!

Beautiful photographs full of depth and emotion. The checkered tablecloth with cross stitch takes my mind back to our marriage. Every bride at our church was given a cross stitch tablecloth by one dear old lady. That was 1972. I think mine finally died a couple of years ago.
Your photos will make for beautiful memories as the years pass.

Visiting from Sydney, Australia.

This may be of no use whatsoever but look up "Nurturing Fibers" and the "Vinnis" range of yarns.Another favourite site of mine to browse is "Natural Yarns" who stick a variety of gorgeous options!

Alicia: I do not knit, but I wanted to let you know I have been following you for a few years now. I love Mimi! She is getting so big, but I want to come live with you. Your home is the coziest home I have ever seen and Portland and surrounding areas (that I have had the pleasure of visiting)are the most beautiful. Thank you for your lovely writing and your most beautiful pictures.

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