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Well, hello there. How are you? We're fine here. Keeping the faith, as you do. I've been knitting like a woman who has time to knit. I don't, but I've made time, and taken time. Andy Paulson, you're the greatest. I got to sit on the sofa and knit and watch movies and listen to the birds sing and drink iced tea and knit and knit and knit. I'm making Ysolda's Strokkur sweater for myself. Myself! I don't have a picture of mine yet. Mine's teal blue (!). The fair isle yoke will be dark blue, mustard, and ice blue. I measured an existing cardigan of mine for width and length (and sleeve width and length) and rewrote the pattern a bit to accommodate those modifications, and also adjust it for the row gauge I'm getting. This was all exciting enough for me. I delved deep into these numbers, and knit so much I actually punctured the pad of my index finger where I pushed the needle tip through a thousand, ten thousand times. I switched fingers and kept knitting. If only the world's wounds could be salved by knitting. I never wanted to stop. I knit the whole body of the sweater (it's bottom up). I started one of the sleeves. I just kept going around and around and around. When Andy and Amelia got home, Amelia sat next to me and watched Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties and Andy made dinner. I was fine with both of those things. I needed them.

Thank you, thank you for the cozy mystery recommendations. Wowee! This next week I am going to go through every single comment and make a list of what I want to start reading. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave those comments. I really had no idea there were so many good ones out there, nor so many good resources to find them. I'll post my reading list once I put it together. I'm looking forward to this. Thank you!

I also started Amelia's birthday sweater, pictured in the basket above. I'm using Blue Sky Fibers Extra, which is lovely yarn, though might be too warm for our climate. I've been too lazy to enter these into Ravelry, but I shall do that soon. For now I'm going to ask you another question, though: What are your favorite very soft, non-scratchy, plied, worsted-weight natural-fiber (wool or alpaca) yarns in solid (not ombre) colors? Amelia has finally started protesting wearing the things I'm knitting for her because she says they're too scratchy. . . . But I do want to find something really soft that's still wool (doesn't have to be washable — I don't mind hand washing) or alpaca, or something that has a slight halo, no sheen, and has a really pretty color palette. In worsted.

The single-ply peachy pink yarn (knitted into another Lil Shepherd) above is from my dear friend Rebekka at Camellia Fiber Company and it is so scrumptious. I love that color so much. Their yarn sells out so fast I always feel thrilled to have gotten some.

I've used Quince & Co. Lark a lot and I do like it (I'm making my Strokkur out of it), but I need even softer than that for her. . . .

I might consider cotton if it didn't actually feel like cotton, but I don't know . . . you know? I like things to have more give than cotton. On second thought, I don't like cotton. Forget the cotton. Sorry about that.

Woolfolk Far is gorgeous, but the palette is just too limited. . . . I need pretty pinks, mustard, grays, pale greenish-blues, mauves, and some warms.

Gee, I don't ask for much, do I. I know. I do.

Should you have need for a very good blueberry muffin recipe try this one. It's delicious.


Is that heaven? I love those photos! Stunning!

Webs's Valley Yarns Superwash is a buttery-soft 100% merino. I recently discovered Berroco Vintage which is great, has beautiful drape, nice stitch definition and not a whiff of the plasticky feel one could expect from a wool-acrylic blend.

Oh, Alicia! I just ordered yarn to make Strokkur---I using Lopi Lite in the colors shown in the pattern! I hope it's not to hot to wear---I am really going through a gray+yellow phase right now. I think I will wear it allot---I may steek it and make a cardi.

Victoria says: July 20, 2016 at 06:40 PM

Anything by Neighborhood Fiber Company! Their yarns aren't scratchy and they have the most gorgeous colors I've ever seen. Vivid and saturated and amazing. I'm in the middle of the Fort Tryon Wrap right now using their yarns and while the miles of garter stitch are kind of numbing, the colors are insuring I'll end up with a shawl that's pleasing to the eye (and soft to the touch)

I think Blue Sky Fibers has the best cotton (and the best alpaca). I've used both, but can't knit with alpaca for my own use because I live in Southern California. Colors are good, too.

HeatherNicole says: July 20, 2016 at 06:46 PM

Malabrigo is so soft and lovely. I almost won't knit with anything else.

I see that Bliss Cashmerino has been mentioned already. Kiddos like it. My kids also have liked cotton/wool blends and think those may be worth a try.

jennie bosley says: July 20, 2016 at 08:36 PM

Stone Hedge Fiber Mill's Shepherds Wool is the softest I have found and a favorite of Michiganders all over the Mitten state. A quick search on their site lists two yarn shops in Portland that carry it. Check them out - I think it will fit the bill for Miss Mimi!

I'd love to get my hands on some of Camellia Fiber Company's blue faced leicester wool--it looks deliciously squishable. If only it didn't sell out so quickly! Can't wait to see your finished Strokker...

Have you tried Debbie Bliss Mio? I love this yarn. It is soft
50/50 cotton/merino and it is so nicely worked up.

I made a zip up hoodie for my grandson, who is very particular and he loved it. The only draw back is it is DK. I just adjust my gauge and go with it.

Good Luck! I hope you find something wonderful.

My very picky 6 year old daughter will only wear knits with cotton or Debbie Bliss cashmerino. It's not 100% wool but it is so soft that she will wear a long sleeved sweater with only a tank top underneath.

Just got back from a train trip to Portland (from Sacramento) and had a great time. Your picture of those white wildflowers (yarrow?, Queen Annes Lace?)reminded me of the flowers I saw on the roadside everywhere in Oregon (so pretty! It's brown, dry and dusty here, wah!) I also saw pink ones that looked something between a sweet pea and a tiny orchid. They were everywhere! Do you know what kind of flower it is? I wanted to scoop them up and take them home with me.
Also Sublime extra fine merino comes in lovely colors,and it's really soft, but don't know if they make a worsted.

My LYS carries Big Bad Wool weepaca- 50% merino/50% alpaca, which might sound scratchy, but it's really heavenly! I haven't knit with it yet, but the owner did a sample of one of my baby vest patterns and it's so squishy and soft! Comes in lots of pretty pastel colors too.

Everyone's suggestions here are awesome. I am also in love with Debbie Bliss merinos. If you have a wool that isn't very soft, try using hair conditioner when you give it a good hand wash. It really softens the wool up and makes it smell lovely. I've done that with fairly scratchy wool and it too the scratchy right out.

Spud and Chloe all the way! Although some kids just don't like the heavy feel of any knit garment and will describe it as "scratchy" ... I would love for you to knit something in SaC just to see the outcome of your fabulous, magical, ability with colours!

I really like Debbie Bliss cashmerino. Super soft!! I've never had a complaint from a little one wearing a hand knit garment with this yarn! And the color pallette is right up your alley!!

Stephanie says: July 22, 2016 at 09:13 AM

Aslan Trends Invernal.

Might be too halo-y and too "luxury" too/$$$ for everyday children's wear, but ooooh is it soft.

I am not much of a wool expert, but I just wanted to throw in that there are a few cotton blends which feel different than pure cotton (although I don't know if they feel different enough for you?). I can't think of but one example: "Wakame" of the series Linea pura by Lana grossa. It is 75 % cotton, and 25 % seaweed extract, which I think is pretty cool. On the website of Lana grossa they display only one color (, but I have seen it in many different colors in my wool shops here in Germany, e.g. this lovely blue: Even if they don't sell in the US, maybe there is something similar?

Take a look at the Outlaw Yarns webpage (it's a New Zealand company but I think they have US stockists?). Their Bohemia Worsted is really nice - a mix of Polwarth, alpaca and brush-tail possum. I've just knit myself a sweater from it and it is soft and non-scratchy. It has a wee fuzzy halo to it, courtesy of the alpaca and possum.

White gum wool is amazing! So soft, not a scratch in sight. Beautiful Merino from Oz. otherwise at amid fibres is lovely too.

I second both Swans Island Natural Colors worsted. Super soft and beautiful colorways and
Berroco Vintage is a wool, acrylic, nylon blend not scratchy, have even made socks out of it that my kids will wear.

Malabrigo Worsted, the colorways are more solid colors than Malabrigos other yarns, amazing soft! I have found it pills like crazy when used for active kids sweaters. I love their Rios yarn...more variance in color though some of the colorways not as much, but it is washable.
Manos Maxima I hear is increibly soft...personally have yet to try it.

After your book list, will you please make us a nice soft yarn list too? Love the sweaters you have made. I only want to buy yarn that is soft - even for myself. I get tempted by other yarns, but once I feel them, I change my mind if they are not soft. Malabrigo is soft, but too pricey for the most part. Anxious to hear what you will find!

I love Romney Ridge it is very soft and comes in great colors

Plymouth Select, 100% wool...I've made newborn things with it...smooth and soft in your hands...I'd stop to admire, with amazement, the yarn as I was knitting with it.

Miss Babs Yowza Watt Skein - soft,merino,washable, incredible colors, tremendous yardage.

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